Daily Suede Shoe Care How to Use a Suede Cleaning Brush

Hi, I'm Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project.

The purpose of this video is to discuss the differences between different types of suede cleaning brushes and to demonstrate their use.

Suede shoes are incredibly easy to take care of.

It's actually one of the most robust materials that you can have a pair of shoes made out of.

You really can't damage suede which is one of the reasons I love suede shoes so much.

Perfect for travel.

Perfect for casual wear, and very easy to clean if you're using the right products.

The most important thing that you can do for the regular maintenance of a pair of suede shoes is to simply use a suede cleaning brush to just brush the suede on a daily basis before after you wear the shoes.

So there's basically three different types of suede cleaning brushes.

You have a Natural Bristle Brush.

The second type of suede cleaning brush you have is a Combination Brush that features some type of combination of brass bristles and either natural or synthetic bristles.

And then the third type is a Crepe Brush, right which uses a soft gummy, you know rubber to clean the suede.

Crepe Brushes are really more designed for more delicate nubuck then they are suede, but you can certainly use them on both.

So my preference is to use a Natural Bristle Suede Cleaning Brush.

The reason is that I find that the natural bristles have a little bit more flex in them, and they're at varying lengths, right.

You can kind of see some of this subtle texture here.

And so I just find that Natural Bristle Brushes do a better job getting into the suede, and then personally I feel like it's less likely to damage the suede.

But really any suede cleaning brush that we're going to sell here in The Hanger Project you really don't have to worry about damaging the suede.

So a suede cleaning brush really couldn't be any easier to use.

There's really two purposes of using a suede cleaning brush.

The first purpose is to really just brush the suede.

What you're doing is that you're getting the bristles into the pile of the suede to remove any type of dirt or other stains that may have accumulated just during normal use.

The second purpose is to really re-fluff the pile.

So just like with a nice carpet, you know as you walk and use the suede shoes you're just going to see the suede begin to kind of matte down and not look even.

So just simply brushing using a suede cleaning brush is going to re-fluff that pile and kind of restore the natural, even texture.

So as I said I prefer using the Natural Bristle Suede Cleaning Brush just because it does a better job in my opinion getting into the actual pile of the suede.

So take your suede cleaning brush and you know it's really simple.

Basically you just want to brush the suede.

Now use moderate to firm pressure.

You know you don't want to use too much pressure because you can actually damage the suede.

You know so using light to moderate pressure is certainly sufficient.

And so just brush the suede.

Anywhere that you see any type of discoloration due to the accumulation of dust or dirt you know just brush those areas of the shoe.

Especially on the back of the shoe, you know where you naturally have a lot of accumulation of dirt and debris just because of you know driving or other things.

So let's just spend a little bit of extra time here, and just brush.

So as you can see using a suede cleaning brush really couldn't be any easier.

You know I really recommend using a suede cleaning brush after every single time you wear a pair of suede shoes, but you don't have to.

You know as with most all shoe care, I mean it really just comes down to your personal judgment.

I mean use the suedd cleaning brush as you feel that you need to.

And certainly you know any time that you see that your suede shoes are accumulating some dust or that the pile isn't looking particularly even, then just simple brushing them over the suede cleaning brush is going to fix that.

So the suede cleaning brush is really just one component that you're going to use in the overall total care of suede shoes.

Saphir Medaille d'Or has an entire collection of fantastic suede cleaning products.

Now your suede cleaning brush you're going to use the most often, but the other products are incredibly important for the overall care.

So just give you a quick overview of these products even though we really didn't discuss them in detail.

You know we have Omni Nettoyant Suede Shampoo which is really phenomenal at total, kind of intense cleaning of the suede.

And then we have the Gommadin Suede Eraser which is going to help you remove dry stains.

And then you know Saphir has a line of suede conditioners.

The Renovating Suede and Nubuck Spray.

This is available in neutral, and then also in several different pigmented colors.

That's going to help kind of renew the patina, you know help renew any type of color saturation, and then it also contains an almond oil that will actually condition the suede.

And then most importantly is any type of waterproofing or protection.

So then, so Saphir has a Super Invulner Medaille d'Or, which has absolutely zero resins in it to help waterproof and protect your suede shoes.

So for more detailed use on how to approach total care of suede we have an actual video on how to clean suede shoes that details all these products.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at shoeshine@hangerproject.

com or ask your questions in the comments section below, and we're always happy to answer customer questions.

And you know stay tuned for more shoeshine videos.

Thank you.


Will It Shoe?

Today we answer the sole question on everyone's mind.

– Will it shoe?- Let's talk about that.

♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooooooooood Mythical Morning!- We have what has become a tradition on this show of finding out if something “will.

” – Right.

– And today we're gonna find out – if a shoe will.

If something will shoe.

– Yeah, I mean.



we've done a lot of foods, so why not branch out? Just for any of you who were wondering.



– 'Cause shoes are not food.

– A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities.

– Mm! Thanks for that definition.

– So, yeah, we're getting creative here.

A number of shoes have been engineered and, honestly, I'm excited about this.

I think we're not only breaking new ground, but we are gonna discover some answers to questions that no one knew they were asking, including you.

Well, the question is always going to be.



(in unison) Will it Shoe? Okay, here we are in the shoe testing laboratory.

We've removed our desk and we rolled out a carpet.

There's gonna be some rigorous – testing happening with the shoes.

– We have steps! Look at– we have steps! All right, let's go straight for the firstone.

We thought, why not take an item that you always step on and get really upset and make an entire shoe out of it? That's right, the ubiquitous building toy for children of all ages.



(in unison) Legos! (in unison) Legos.



Will it Shoe? Check this out, ladies and gentlemen.

We have crafted a shoe– two shoes out of– – Completely out of Legos.

– Purple Legos, because I like.



– (Rhett) Because you like purple!- (Link) purple shoes.

All right, so far so good.

Lemme put these on.

(Rhett) Now, Link, the way that these things work, just so you don't– These are not glued together.

These are just– – No cheating here.

– These are just Lego'd together.

However, there is semi-removable tongue piece.

– (Link) Imma get my.



– (Rhett) Look at that.

– .



my foot right in there.

– Link's wearing the Mythical Sock, – available at RhettandLink.


– (Link) Imma go ahead and put this one on too.

Oh my goodness.

Imma make my way to the runway very gingerly.

(Rhett, laughing) I'll start by saying, some of the best-looking shoes I've ever seen you wear, Link! A little larger than the typical shoe that you wear.

A little slippery, and I don't mean traction-wise, I mean they look like slippers.

(Link) Look at this.

All right, here Icome.

I'm gonna come across the – runway here.

– Just walk at a ginger– like a 90-year-old man speed to start.

That should be the– okay, yep.

(laughs) (Rhett) Okay, all right, both the soles have come off.

– (Link) Whoop!- (Rhett) All right.

– What happened?- You went about 85-year-old man.

– You didn't go 90.

That was your problem.

– (Link) Look at that.

(Rhett) Are your feet completely exposed now on the bottom? (Link) Yeah, I'm feeling a little draft on the bottom here.

(laughs) Hey, but listen.

Now it's like a Halloween costume.

Nobody knows.

– (Link) Hey, hey.

– (Rhett) Hey, look at those Lego shoes – that guy's got on.

– (Link) Woohoo! Ah.



(Link) I don't wanna destroy 'em too much, because I– you gotta walk gingerly.

– (Link) They look great.

– And the best thing about these is they leave a trail.

I mean, look at that.

You went from there to there and you know – how I know that?- 'Cause they're there, there, and there.

– (Rhett) There's a trail.


– Will it shoe? (in unison) Yes! The best invention of humankind next to the corn dog is meatloaf.

– And there's shoes called “loafers, ” so.



– Yeah.


(in unison) Meatloaf.

Will it Shoe? Okay, here they are, the Meatloafers.

Now, I'm taking off the Mythical Socks, not because they're uncomfortable but becauseI wanna be able to slide my feet into the Meatloafers.

Link, could you anoint my feet with oil? – (crew laughs)- Um.



no? I mean, I'll douse it, but – you're gonna have to rub it.

– (Rhett) Oh! That's nice.

(Link) Rub your own feet.

So you're gonna make some meatloafers, here, Rhett.

There is a foot-sized cavity – inside of that meat.

– (Rhett) Oh.

– (Link) Oh, goodness.

– (Rhett) Hm.

– (Link) Now, how does it feel so far?- Meaty.

– Does this feel like it's gonna happen?- No.

– Why not?- (Rhett) Well, it feels like it's really – firmed up when it was in the oven.

– (Link) Go ahead and stand up there.

– (Rhett groans)- (Link) Oh, goodness.

There you go.

– (Rhett) Okay.

– (Link) Now, just take a nice little step – forward onto the.



– (Rhett) Okay.



– (crew laughs)- (Link) Okay, and now the other foot.



– (Rhett) Whoah, hey!- (Link) A little balancing act, there.

– Look at that.

– (Link) Oh, wow! – Look at that shoe, Link!- (Link) Turn around.

Give us a little– – a little sashay on the carpet.

– (Rhett) Hm.

Boy, it stays– – A little cha-cha-cha.

Oh!- Oh, there it goes.

It stays right on your foot if you balance it right.

(Link) Ladies and gentlemen, the Meatloafer! (Rhett) I bet you I can go right up the stairs.

(Link) Mm.

Now let me taste a little bit.

See if you can keep it on your foot.

I am willing to taste it off your foot.

All right.

– (Rhett) Okay.



– No, no, no, stand there.

Stand there – and feed— Hold on.

I'll feed it to you.

– (Rhett) It's completely edible.

– Mm.

It's kinda.



– (Rhett) How's that, Link?- Chewy and meaty.

It's kinda like eating – a shoe, though.

– (Rhett) Really? – Yeah.

– Did you think you were gonna do that – when you woke up this morning?- No, but I didn't look at my calendar.

(Rhett) Okay, well.



and then you just put 'em right back– whup! (Rhett) Right where they were.

– (Link) Okay.

– (Rhett) How is that? – Hm.

That's crispy on the outside.

– It's edible.

– It's not bad.

I'll save this for myself.

– So the Meatloafer.



will it shoe? (in unison) No.

Okay, let's continue our efforts to createan edible shoe.

Since that was such a – fail, why not try.



– (in unison) cheese? (in unison) Cheese.



Will it Shoe? (Link) Here we have Cheese Wedge Wedges.

This isn't the first time I've been in heels in an awkward situation.

Aw yeah! Cha-cha-cha.

Whoa! (laughs) It is kinda slippery.



(lowers voice) and kinda naughty.

– (Rhett) Wow!- (Link laughs) Kinda naughty.



that wasn'twhat I was thinking.

– (Link) Look at this, y'all!- (Rhett) You know, you could almost fool somebody into thinking that you had on a cool pair of heels.

(Link) Yeah, I'm pushing it more to the heel 'cause it's really painful otherwise.

(Rhett) Now, but these are definitely the kind of thing that you're gonna have to take to the club, you know? So you need to walk up the stairs to the club, all right? Yeah.

And then you get on top of one of those pillars in the middle of the club and you need to do a little jig.

(laughs) Wow, that's very compelling.

(Link) Look at this, I'm doing a jig now, baby! Okay, and then every once in a while you gotta jump from the top step, or the– – Eugh!- Those things are holding up like crazy! (Link) No cushion in that.

Look at that.

(Rhett) They didn't seem like they absorbed much of the shock.

(nasal voice) These are wedges.

Hey, you wanna bite? – (laughs) Oh gosh.


– (laughs) It's got, like.



(Rhett) It's picked up some stuff from the club.

I'm not into that.

I feel like a horse.



in Cheeseland.

Will it shoe? (in unison) Yes.

Now moving right along to the most indispensable item for every middle school recess in America.



the kickball.

(in unison) Kickballs.



Will it Shoe? Okay, as you can see, I've got some cake toppers strapped to my feet, and underneath there's not a cake, there's a kickball.

(Link) Well there's two kickballs.

All right, let's see if we can.



(Rhett) There's a lotta spring in my step, but I don't feel very confident about – standing up.

Can I just stay seated?- All right, lemme– no! Hey, it's shoes! Hey guys! (Link) You gotta walk on the balls, man! Just use my shoulder and use that.

(Rhett) This is like when we get old, Link.

(Link in an old man voice) All right, c'mon.

(old man voice) I gotta walk on these new ball shoes.

Hey, I got these new ball shoes at the Footlocker.

(wheezes) (Link, normally) As if you weren't tall enough.


– It's the year 2075.



– (laughs) – and I've got ball shoes.

– (both laugh) (Link) Do you need me to stand in front of you? I need to make it to the restroom.

Where's the restroom at? (old man groans) Go that way and hang a left on the carpet.

(Rhett groans more) Oh man.


My ankles aren't what they used to be.

– (Link giggles)- I gotta take Lurlene to the ball.

Hey Lurlene.

I got balls on my feeeeet.

Ohhh! (all laugh) (Link) All right, stand back up! – (all laugh)- (Link) Stand back up! (Rhett) Oh, oh, ah! Hold on, I'm– (laughs) I really lost the back one.

(Link) All right, here.

Put it back on there.

– (Rhett) The structural integrity.



– (Link) Don't give up, man! – (Rhett) Okay, hold on.

Watch this.

– (Link) Put the feet in front of you.

(Rhett) I gotta get in this position.

Oh! – (crew laughs)- Okay.

I lost a ball, Lurlene.

(Link) Here.

C'mon, man.

Don't give up.

This is a great idea.

We're gonna be patenting these.

So, like, squat like this.

– (Rhett grunts)- (Link) There you go.

And then.



– Oh, this is good!- (Link) And then I can do this.

– Ohhh!- (crew laughs) They don't have any more integrity.

They're good for standing.

They're not real good for walking.

But listen, I'll just stand in the corner.

– (Link and crew laugh)- (Link) Lean against the wall? Yeah, look at that guy with ball shoes! Then I wait 'til everybody leaves, and – then I take 'em off and walk out.

– (all laugh) (Link) So, will it shoe? (in unison) No.


Those might have been a little too mushy.

A little too much.



– Not enough stability.

– Okay.

But let's go with another mushy one.



gummy bears.

(in unison) Gummy bears.



Will it Shoe? – This is a dream of mine.

– He's splitting a little bit.

– (Link) Oh, oh!- (Rhett) Just get your foot in there – and I'll.



– Hold it together.

Hold it together, bear! Go sideways.

Go profile, go profile.

No one will ever know.

– (Link) All right.

– (Rhett) Look at that, Link! Slid right in there.

– All right, lemme try this one.

– (Rhett) The thing that you're– (Link) Ooh! Look at that.

Slide right into that bear.

– I don't— There's nothing I can say right now – that's appropriate.

– I don't think that that bear's – gonna hold up.

– (Link) This bear is having a bad day.

– (Link) All right, let's see what.



– Let's see if you can walk around.

Ooh, let's take a little walk in the woods, bear! – (both laugh)- (Link) Here we go, left foot.



– (Rhett) Link, I know where this is going.

– (Link) right foot.

– (Rhett) Hey, you left some behind here.

– (Link) Where did the bear go?! – (Rhett) Oh, look, it's a gummy bear.

– (Link) Now, hold on, no.

You still have – to eat it off my foot, though.

– Oh gosh, really? (Link) Put a little.



whup! Whup! Here you go.

– That's gonna be demoralizing.

– (Link) In either one of us.



You know what? There's some over here.


Just lick that off the toe, here, look.

Here you go.

There's plenty – to eat, Rhett!- Oh.

– (laughs)- Mm.

There's a lot of– Oh! (laughs) I missed the seat.

All right, here we go.

– There's a lot of gelatin in there.

– (Link) Mm.




– (Rhett) Mm.

– (Link) Mm.

Will it shoe? (in unison) No.

Why read one of the most popular book series of all time when you can just wear it on your feet? Harry Potter.

(in unison) Harry Potter.



Will it Shoe? All right, Rhett, slither in here.

Get it? I'm Slytherin! (cheesy laugh) – Whoa!- Hey! – You cannot be contained in the wide shot!- Hey! Ask me about my shoes! – Tell me about those shoes.

– They're all seven books of the Harry Potter series on each foot! Fourteenbooks total.

Ha, ha, ha.

Where'd I get 'em? – Made 'em.

– (Link) How heavy is that? – I'd say about 20 pounds each.

(laughs)- (Link laughs) That is great.

– (Rhett) I'm working out my quads.

– Are your feet getting more literate? (Rhett) Ask me a quote from a Harry Potter book! Page.



and book! – Give me the Sorcerer's Stone, page 253.

– I can't do that.

Come up here and let me analyze it.

(Rhett) Hey, is this the Harry Potter convention? – (Link) Yeah, right up these two stairs.

– (Rhett) Oh, these two stairs? – (Rhett) Whoa!- (all laugh) I'm gonna use the wheelchair entrance next time.

(Link) Harry Potter, will it shoe? (in unison) No.

Okay, for this next one, we wanted to harness the power of walking to make a – shoe that creates something.

– Huh.

And the best thing we came up with was making butter using a shoe butter churn.

(in unison) Butter Churn.



Will it Shoe? – All right, Link, churn your way in.

– (Link) Here we go.



– Hey, what's that on your feet, man?- (Link) Oh, some Butter Churn Shoes, dude.

I'm gonna get some butter made while I walk around.

And yes, they are as – comfortable as they look.



not very.

– Okay, well, you can't make butter – without cream.

– (Link) Right.

You add the cream into the churns, and then I just walk around and.



theoretically it makes butter.

(Link) I'm just gonna pour this down the back of my leg there.

– (Rhett) How is that?- (Link) Oooh, daddy.

– (Rhett) Comin' in left shoe.

How's that?- (Link) Ooh, that's nice.

We've been told if you use room-temperature cream, you make butter faster, and these are butter-churn shoes.

We wanna make real butter.

– (Link) All right.

– (Rhett) Churn a little bit! (sloshes) I can churn in place, kinda like running in place.

(Rhett) Whoa, whoa, whoa! We got a lot– whoa, whoa, whoa! – (Link) Whoa! What happened?- (Rhett) Whoa, whoa, whoa.

We can call these shoes “The Dairy Accident.

” (Rhett) I think you were just doing it a little too aggressive.

You need to– (Link) Somebody ran over a cow with a car.

(Rhett) You need to go ginger.

You need to go ginger.

– (Link) Here we go.

– (Rhett) See if you can.




– (Link) This is not gonna work.

– (Rhett) Oh.



(laughs) – (Link grunts)- (Rhett) You need some help? (Rhett) You want me to put some weight on this churn? – (Link) Oh, wow.

– (Rhett) Okay– – (Link) Oh!- (Rhett laughs) What do I need to– – (Link) Ohhh, my ankle!- (Rhett laughs) – (Link) All right, I'm back.

– You got a little cream on the ground.

– (Link) No, that's butter right there.

– I don't think so.

I don't think you spent enough time yet.

So why don't you stay in place and just move your toes around? There you go, yeah.

Just like you're– oh, oh! You got a little spill– – (Rhett) I'll press down.

– (Link) That doesn't– that's just for show.

There you go, he's making butter, everybody! See how simple this is? (crew laughs) ♪ harp strums ♪ (Link) Okay, I'm tired.

I can't churn anymore.

(Rhett) It looks like it's firming up in there.

Let's check it.

– (Link) Take the back off there.

– (Rhett) Okay, slipped it off.

(Link) And pull that.

Ohh! Wow! (Rhett) Link, look at that! That's butter.

(Link) Taste it.

This is the test of a shoe right here.

– (Rhett) I got some bread.

– (Link laughs) The bread looks great, by the way.

– Foot butter straight from the foot!- (Rhett) That is some good foot butter! (in unison) Will it shoe? (in unison) Yes! – That's the best butter I've ever tasted!- Woo! Look at that.

Now get me out of – these, because they hurt a little bit.

– Seriously.

Thanks for liking and commenting on this video.

You know what time it is– butter time! (in unison) We're the Yube (?), we're in Boston, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! (cheers) Remember the camo Mythical Show is still available at RhettandLink.

com/store and we're excited to announce a sneak peekof the 5-year anniversary Mythical Shoe! This puppy is gonna be available only in the month of April.

More information about that next week.

Look at that thing.

It's shiny and sleek.

Click through to Good Mythical More, where we subject the crew to walking – What?- on balls.

– See if they can do it better than Rhett.

– Bing bing bing bing bing! – ♪ (bell ringing, happy music) ♪- Whaaaat? WinFaaaaaaaace! Who is it? (Link) Pull it off, Rhett! It's Nick_mcvea! From Twitter! He's from Twitter! Nick! You get this crazy.



what do we call this? – That's a beaver fish.

– Beaver fish from our second installment of Weirdest Things on eBay.

We actuallybought this after that episode and now – it's coming to you.



– Your very own beaver trout, Nick McVea! along with some Rhett & Link merch! Congratulations! WinFace! [Captioned by Caitrin:GMM Captioning Team].

10 creative DIY projects that will revamp your shoe storage

Sneakers, high heels, boots, and flat shoes are scattered around the entryway and mudroom.

And they are increasing, creating a veritable mountain in your house.

And, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about the clutter.

Do you love being stylish, but loathe the mess? Well, today is your lucky day because I’ve got 10 creative DIY projects that will revamp your shoe storage like a charm.

This list is crafted for you by simphome.

com and if you have little time to spare, check it out.


DIY PVC Pipe Shoe Storage A nice shoe storage doesn’t have to be sophisticated Even a simple idea like this PVC pipes can be a nice solution for anyone.

They might not the best and most beautiful shoe storage you’ve ever seen, but it may be something that you need to get rid of clutter as well as saving more bucks and time.

All you need to do is getting a few PVC pipes from a hardware store near you.

It would be better if you have them cut in the store.

If you are wondering how long the cuts would be, you just need to measure the longest shoe and make the cut a few inches longer so they will fit perfectly.

Once you cut the pipes, assemble them using special glue for pipes.

Just glue them all together and clamp them using clothes pegs.

They’re quite sturdy despite the look.

You can even put the shoe rack on a floor without mounting it to the wall.

Tip: Some cuts probably contain printed brands or labels.

So, you’d better place this part to the join to hide them.


Hang Your High Heels How many high heels do you have? 10? 20? 30? Or maybe more? I know they’re pretty, and they can complement your OOTD for sure.

But they can add some mess to your closet too.

Well, I guess you need some additional shoe racks advice.

For that reason, move your gazetoward awkward space on your bedroom’s corner.

You can follow this idea.

First, you’re going to need tension rods, 1” masking tape, tape measure, and level.

Make sure the spaces between each rod allows you to hang your high heels.

to do this, measure the space using tape measure.

Lastly, to protect your wall from scuffing, you can use masking tape.


Floating Copper Shoe Rack A small house or apartment requires you to tap into the space effectively including the corner between two walls.

If you are looking for a simple idea to use up an unwieldy space, give this shoe rack a shot.

To make this rack, you need floor flanges, copper fittings, 90-degree angle adaptor, T adaptor, copper pipes, and wall anchors.

You’re going to like the copper finish as it adds the touch of industrial look to your room, make your interior’s more elegant.


Easy Wooden Shoe Rack This wooden shoe rack is what your mudroom needs.

It is simple, functional, and followable idea It can help you hang dry your wet shoes faster because it allows you to upside down your shoe.

To make this rack, you’re going to need 8’ 1”x2” sheets, 36”7/8” craft dowels, and 1 ¼” wood screws.

Tip: It’s always good to have a few extras.

First of all, cut your 8’ 1”x2” into two 26” lengths and two 12” lengths.

Cut the dowels into six 12” lengths and six 18” lengths.

You might need to remove any splinters remaining from the cuts by hitting them with sandpaper.

Begin to mark six spots for your dowels on the 26” pieces.

Once you’ve done, drill into the pieces to attach the dowels.

After assembling the other boards, you can attach the dowels to the boards.

To make it sturdier, you can screw them.


Rustic and Portable Shoe Rack Having a portable shoe rack is awesome since you can store the rack anywhere.

And even more fantastic when it comes in a rustic well-worn boards rack style.

To make this shoe rack, you’re going needan old dresser drawer, obviously, four swivel casters, two galvanized iron flanges as the handles, 90-degree galvanized elbow, and galvanized pipe.

Besides storing shoes, this portable rack can also be used to store other stuff like gardening equipment and mini plant pots.

Also, it will be a nice mobile house for your favorite flower plant at porch that you raise since it was a baby.


Affordable Shoe Rack Do you have unused cardboards in your storage room? Retrieve them after this video end because you’re going to turn them into an affordable shoe rack with a stunning geometric design.

Cut the piece of the cardboards to the size you need.

Score it into 3 and make sure they are equal in size.

Next, use your basic crafting skill to make a triangular tube out of them.

Secure it using duct tape.

Repeat these steps as you need and lastly connect the units.


DIY Grid Shoe Storage Display This DIY project may be the easiest one in this list since you won’t need a hammer, drill, screw, or any your carpentry skills.

You only need to get wire mesh from the hardware store near you and simply lean it back against the wall.

And, complete! You can hang your high heels there.

Easy, isn’t it? 3.

Repurposing Old Jeans Storing shoes in an over-the-door shoe bag is a mainstream Let’s try to do something new this time.

Let’s upgrade the challenge.

Instead of purchasing those plastic bags, let’s scraps your old or undersize jeans? All you need to is simply making some cuts to your trousers and sew the bottom parts of each cut to secure it from worn out.

Lastly, get a cloth hanger to hang it behind the door and done.


Built-in Shoe Storage This idea is unique and that’s means it will demand your carpentry skill, planning, and budgeting.

With this built-in shoe rack, you won’t find any bulky drawers that take up valuable space of your home anymore.

Basically, the steps of making these drawersare just the same as making the ubiquitous ones.

You need to make some space inside your wall to place them which requires extensive work.

If this idea scare you already, hold your breath for one last idea.

Before we get to number 1, I suggest to press subscribe button if this channel is new you and bell icon beside it, that’s way you’ll received new notification directly in your mail box every time I published a new video.


DIY Hexagon Shoe Rack These bee-hives-like shoe racks are unique.

They will fit your closet and adorn it.

To make these racks, you need to get 1 x10, wood glue, finishing nails, wood stain, And, a little clue inside description area.

It is waiting you since this video published.

Go there and good luck with your project.

So that’s all my 10 creative DIY projects for your shoe storage.

They are pretty cute, challenging, and it comes with a blog post that you can read, revisit, bookmark, and shares unlimited time.

I hope you’ll like it too.

Before you leave, like this video, comment it, or share it with anyone inside your close friend or family’s list.

Come back again next time with more home or decorating ideas, and until that time.

Thanks for watching.

How to Choose Climbing Shoes || REI

– What's up, everybody? I'm Miranda with REI.

Having the right pair ofclimbing shoes can make or break a sending session.

So let's talk about howto choose your shoes and how to fit them.

(upbeat music) So there are three maincategories of climbing shoes.

You have neutral shoes, moderate shoes, and aggressive shoes.

We're gonna start with the neutral shoes.

So neutral shoes like theseguys have a straight last so they're constructedbasically being flat from the heel to the toe andthey're either gonna have a nearly symmetrical toebox or just a slightly asymmetrical toe box.

Neutral shoes are great for beginners as they're generally gonnabe the comfiest shoes that you'll find butthey're also really good for slotting your toes intocracks and they're also great for all-day comfort.

So if you're doing anymulti-pitch climbing or where you're gonna haveyour shoes on for a long period of time, definitely neutral shoes are the way to go.

Generally speaking, the rubber is going to be a little bit stifferon these shoes as well.

Neutral shoes, great for all-day comfort, generally good for beginners.

Next we have moderate shoes.

Moderate shoes cover thewidest range of climbing shoes.

They're gonna be a littlebit less comfortable than a neutral shoebecause they have a slight downturn at the toe and they're gonna have a slight asymmetry inthe toe backs but really good option for just awide range of climbing.

There are a lot of differenttypes of moderate shoes.

So some of them are goingto have the strap closure, some will have lace closure, and they're gonna come with all sorts of different features.

So last we have aggressive shoes.

When we talk about aggressiveshoes, we're looking at an aggressive downturnat the toe as well as a lot of asymmetry in the toe box.

This is going to pushyour toes into one point that essentially has yourtoes act as one big toe, just gonna give you abetter point of contact on the rock and gives you more stability whereas if you have five likeindividual toes moving around you're not going to get as much stability when you're climbing.

These are really great foroverhangs or for bouldering in caves as they're justgoing to give you a lot of hold on small holdsand they're really great in an overhang as wellbecause that downturn will help you grip onto things.

I like to call aggressiveclimbing shoes a sending shoe.

These are the shoes that youpull out of your climbing shoe quiver when you'reready to send the project because they're not verycomfortable and these are generally shoes that you will rip off as soon as you are done with a problem or done with a route.

The next thing to considerwhen you're picking out your shoes are all the features.

So the first thing we're gonnatalk about are the materials.

So shoes are generally madefrom leather or synthetic or a combination of bothand they're generally lined or unlined or a combination of both.

Leather shoes like theMythos here have a benefit of being very comfortableas well as not as stinky as synthetic shoes butthese are going to stretch sometimes up to a full two sizes whereas with a syntheticshoe or especially a lined synthetic shoe, you're not gonna get very much stretch.

Instead, you're just gonnaget the shoe to break in a little bit.

So when you fit the shoes, you'll wanna make sure you're getting it to fitfairly close to how you want it to fit when you're climbingwhereas with a leather shoe you can size down pretty significantly.

The next feature to consider are closures.

So some shoes are lace-uplike these guys here.

The benefit of a lace-upshoe is that you can really fine-tune the fit along the whole shoe.

So if you need it tobe tighter in the toes you can do that.

If you need to have, withthese I specifically need it tighter in the back of the shoe.

You can actually tighten upthe heel rand on a shoe there.

And so this makes these reallygreat for putting them on for a long day of climbing.

So say you're doingmulti-pitch where you just want your shoes to be on and fitcomfortably and not change for the entire day.

There are also moccasins like these guys.

So slip-on shoes like theMoccasyms are really good just for the ease ofpulling them on and off.

Another type of shoethat you'll come across are the strap shoes orhook-and-loop closure shoes.

So sometimes they'll havea single strap like this or two straps, sometimesup to three or four straps.

These are also reallygreat for putting your, or pulling your shoes on and off quickly.

They're not gonna haveas much adjustability as you get with laces butthe ease of getting them on and off make them agreat option for moderate or aggressive shoes where you'll want to take them off after climbing.

My preference are straps.

I prefer the hook-and-loop closure just because it's easierto take these shoes off.

One thing to consideris that if you do take your shoes off in-betweenclimbs, you'll actually make them last a littlebit longer if you're not walking around in them.

So these shoes are reallygreat for a single pitch, for a sport climbing, cragging, for bouldering, which is why they're mychoice 'cause I don't tend to do very much multi-pitch.

The next thing to considerwhen you're buying your shoes is the rubber.

So you have thickerrubbers or thinner rubbers and then stickier rubbersor not-as-sticky rubbers.

Obviously, we want theadditional stick from rubbers but there's a wide variety to choose from from Vibram to justproprietary brands of rubber for different shoes.

A thinner rubber orthinner outsole is going to give you more sensitivitybut it's not going to be, it's not gonna last aslong as a thicker rubber.

The benefit of this is that you can feel all of the holds andso you can really rely on your feet more that way.

But it's also a downsidebecause you can feel all the holds and that cansometimes hurt your feet if you're not used to it.

Thicker rubber or a stiffersoles such as these guys like the Katanas is going togive you really good edging but you won't necessarily beable to feel it on the rock and so you have to reallyrely and trust your shoes without being able to feel it.

Thicker rubber is definitelygonna last longer as well so a lot of shoes that aredesigned for beginner climbers are going to have a thickeroutsole so that you can extend the longevity of the shoe.

Thinner-rubbered shoesare also really great for slab climbing or smearingas you can really get more rubber of the shoe on the wall.

There are a couple otherfeatures to consider when you're picking out your shoes, things like the rand on thetoe as well as at the heel.

So shoes like these guys thathave the additional rubber on the toe rand are gonna bereally great for toe-hooking.

And then some shoeswill have this slingshot heel rand as well.

And what this does is itreally engages your heel when you're heel-hooking onthe wall and this will help keep the shoe on your footwhereas a shoe like this that doesn't have that, if you heel-hook with this you'll basically just heel-hookthe shoe off of your foot.

So once you've decidedwhat type of shoe you want as well as the types of featuresthat you're looking for, the next thing is to finda shoe that fits you best.

A climbing shoe thatfits properly should feel like a glove or likethere's a bandage wrapped around your foot.

So your toes should betouching the front of the shoe as well as slightly bent, not fully bent, not so your knuckles arepressing up into the leather but also not totally flatand able to move around in the shoe.

This is just so that we canpush your toes to the front so you get more poweron the wall that way.

You also don't want anyhotspots so you don't want the shoes so snug that youhave parts where the shoe is rubbing and youmight develop a blister.

You also don't want them soloose that if they break in or stretch out at all, you're basically wearing slippers on the wall.

Climbing shoes fit verydifferently from brand to brand.

So be prepared to try ona lot of different shoes.

You might find thatthere's a brand that works really well for you in onesize but then a certain style where you need tosize down or size up.

So just be prepared tohave quite the session of trying on shoes.

When you do decide togo in and try on shoes it's a good idea to do it later in the day when you've been walkingaround for a while, maybe you've gone for a short hike, gone for a run, or best-case scenario you've been climbing all day as your feet are going to be swollen soyou'll get the best idea of how those shoes willfeel after a long climb.

I generally recommendwhen people try on shoes that they find a shoe thatfits right and then they try one size or half-size smaller than that.

This is just so you can compare those two sizes differently and hopefully avoid having any dead space aswell of having any hotspots between those shoe sizes.

There is no comparisonto coming in to the store and trying on shoes because like I said they're all gonna fit differently.

So come into your local REIand talk to the experts there.

See you later.


Nicole Laeno Makes Custom Shoes at Nike

– I hope they'reeverything that you wanted.

– Oh my God! Oh my God! Wait I'm tearing up, They're so cute! (Punchy music) – Hey guys I'm Nicole Laeno and this is Take it to the Max whereI'm going to get a chance to head inside the Nike Builder Lab to learn all about how Nike'samazing innovators made the new Air Max 90 sneakers.

Thank you Nike for making this happen by sponsoring this video.

All right let's head in! (Punchy music) (Fast paced synth music) (Laughs) – Hi I'm Elizabeth Raissian.

I work in engineering simulations.

We work on how the newestcushioning innovations like the Air Max 90 might feel, but we can do that beforewe even make the part.

It's hard to tell when you're just looking at it what it is.

– [Nicole] Yeah.

– [Elizabeth] Most ofthis would be covered by the foam.

– Is it this part? – Yes exactly! – [Elizabeth] So it gives it that squish or bounce that you want – [Nicole] Got it Yeah I know when I put these shoes on I was like oh my god I feel so light! (Laughs) – Perfect that's what we want – Next step! – I'm Margarita Cortez, and I'm a senior innovationengineer here at Nike.

My job is to lead teamsof engineers to develop new air soles for our Nike shoes.

– I'm Melanie Moteberg, and I'm an engineeringdirector here at Nike.

One of the things that we work on is how do we go from making one, to a hundred to a thousandto a million of these.

– It's definitely differentfrom what I felt earlier the other one was like hard but then this isobviously filled with air, so yeah how is this made? – You can imagine it's kind of like if you put two cold things together they don't always sticktogether very well.

In the case of this we tend to try and apply heat, pressure and time, change the way it formsand get these together.

Every one of these air soles is made of 60% recycled material.

– They're made with two moldsand two sheets of plastic, the plastic is heated up and then formed into those molds and then themolds are pressed together to make this final air sole.

Then we fill it with air, shut it and you have a Nike air sole.

– Awesome! – So guess what? You can make an air sole like this at home – No way – Yourself and we'regonna do that right now – Yay! – [Margarita] All you need is press and seal saran wrap, scissors, a mold, a straw and a marker.

Go ahead and cut off twosheets of saran wrap.

(Energetic music) – [Margarita] Now you'regonna use the stencil to draw onto the plastic.

Draw some kind of tubecoming off of the wrench.

Lay the sticky side down now, trace again around theline that you already drew.

Now we're gonna cut it out.

– How do you make so many? – We're the only peoplein the world that do it so it's a really coolsecret way of making air.

– Can I have an insight on your secrets? – No.

(Laughs loudly) – Okay, well that's okay.

– Here we go the moment of truth.

(Drumming on table) – Fill it with some air – Blow a little hard, harder get – Uh oh (Laughs) – You know what you're not always gonna get it on the first try.

– That's true, and this is some of the same problems that we face everydayas we try to make them.

An example it took us five years to make the Vapor Max in production.

So you've got a few years to practice.

– Okay good thanks.

(Laughs) – Are you ready to moveon to the next step? – Yeah let's go! (Funky music) (Electric guitar music) – I'm Cara Jackson, I am a materials innovatorwithin the Nike explore team and we're here in the cutting section.

It's just like a fun jigsaw puzzle, in order to kind of placeeach piece perfectly and kind of expertly so thatthere are less and less scraps that fall onto the floor.

Now let's pull out theleather and actually cut it.

– Okay.

Oh my gosh! (Machine whirring) This is crazy.

– [Cara] Yeah so now you canjust poke each piece out.

– Oh my god they're literally perfect.

– So now you have all of the ingredients to start to build the shoe physically – [Nicole] This is crazy.

Okay let's go put these together! (Funky music) – I'm Jill Murfin, I lead a group ofengineers and innovators, really trying to figure outwhat the future shoe is.

So what we're gonna do hereis about top stitching, so we're gonna get to see basically how you take all these piecesand bring them together, not just for like the function and actually to make sure it stays together, but also for the look of it.

So these you can kind of start to see when you actually take the shoe apart, that this side isdifferent than that side, so you again get to see how you start to layer things on top of each other.

– [Nicole] Isn't that the swoosh? – [Jill] Yeah it's weird looking huh? So what it is like in herebecause you're doing the overlap we'll have these linesdrawn on ahead of time so based on the patternthat you cut over there, some of these shoes, to create that dimensionand create the fine lines you'll actually stitchover the top of that and so you get the look ofthe swoosh even though your parts starts out witha kind of a long extra line.

We think we've got thiskind of figured out, right where you're gonna line these up.

– Mhm.

– So do you want to see if you can actuallystitch the shoe together? – Um, sure? (laughs) – Orawan's been doing this for 10 years so she's gonna show you kind of the mastery of really howto crop stitch these shoes.

– Okay.

– [Jill] Don't worry it won't stitch your fingers or anything butyou can see like the way, how fast the machine goesyou'll get an idea of, (laughs) It'll make you appreciate allyour stitching on your shoes.

– I know oh my gosh, you have to stitch like every one of them.

– So no problem? You ready to give this a shot? (Laughing) – Sure! This is what I'm gonna try to stitch.

You know what I had some sewingexperience in sixth grade.

– [Jill] See perfect! – So I'll be okay! – [Jill] It's all coming in handy.

– Here I go! Okay slow oh no! (Chuckling) Wait.

– [Jill] Oh there you go! – Woo I got it! (Laughing loudly) It's not straight but I'm doing better! – [Jill] You're doing great! There you go! – Woo hoo! – [Jill] You're on your final stretch.

(String synth music) – Woo! Okay let's compare! (Laughing) – [Jill] Almost exactly the same! – You know I'm feeling great cause then you can practice it again and hopefully it'll look like this next time.

Aren't you glad you're not wearing my shoe that I top stitched? Let's figure out how tomake the rest of the shoe.

(Funky music) – Hi my name is Brianna Ross and I'm a footware developerin Air Max category.

Right now we're at theStrobel stitching machine.

We've just done the back molding which helps make the shape of the shoe.

So it's starting to look like a shoe, but we're not quite there yet, we still have some parts to put together.

This is the Strobel whichwe'll be using on this machine.

You need to stitch thatpart onto the bottom so that you have enough surface area to bond it to the outsole component.

Strobel stitching is actually a very difficult stitching process so Dayna here is a veryskilled technician and she'll be able to walk us through that.

So this is kind of a dangerous process because the needle'sactually coming at you which is why you need avery skilled technician as you can see she pullsit at different angles because this is a 3D form.

And I know you were able totry stitching over there, – Oh yeah – But this is, (Laughs) next level stitching, so.

– Good thing I'm not stitching this one.

(Laughs) Oh wow! It does look like a shoe now.

Here's the stitch that Dayna just did, very precise very good job.

So keep on watching you're gonna see the full Air Max 90 soon! (Funky piano music) – Now in this shoe making process we've gotten all the wayup to the upper is lasted it is ready to receive glue and now it's time to take that bottom and attach it to the upper.

– Yay! – I've mixed up some shoe glue for us and take some glue we're gonna justfollow that line all right? – Thank you.

– Of course.

(Squeals) – I'm painting with shoe glue.

This is satisfying oh my gosh.

– So then you can just fill in right here.

(Funky music) You're a natural I thinkyou've got a new job, you know? – You know what I'm justgonna become shoe gluer.

(Laughs together) – An assembly engineer.

(Chuckles) Next you can glue this up.

– Let's see if I canget this flick mastered.

– You've been such a helper for today.

– No I'm having so much fun now.

Look at the air sole! I saw it in like a computer form and then a model form and then now it's here.

– Isn't that crazy? – Yeah.

– There's so manydifferent teams at Nike and it's kind of fun to seeall those different people you met today and how itall turns into the shoe.

– Yeah it's crazy.

Let's go! (Hip hop music) – Next step, after the glue is dried webring it to our massive oven.

And the massive oven bakes that and activates that glue making it so that the glue on the bottom unit and the glue on the upperwanna be married forever.

I pull it out of the hot oven and then using that bite linemark that we made so carefully I know exactly how toregister those two together, so you won't see anyof the marks below and it's very well hidden.

Then after that we stickit in the deep well press, which presses those witha huge amount of pressure to make sure that there'sno air bubbles and that they're truly locked in together.

After that we stick it in the chiller and usually standard weleave it on the last and in the chiller for 24 hours.

(Hip hop music) – All right Nicole so after today going through all the steps we're gonna finallyget to see all the work that went into making these shoes.

I hope they're everythingthat you wanted and more.

– [Nicole] Oh my god! Oh my god they have my name on it! Wait I'm tearing up.

They're so cute can I touch them? – [Rachel] Yes they'reyours, they're yours! Take a look at those! – Goldilocks! – Thank you for helping ustoday you were wonderful.

(Laughing) – Oh my god I'm so happy.

I'm gonna go put these on.

All right guys I'm gonnaput my new Air Max 90's on! They're so pretty.

Perfect fit.

Look at these! (Funky music) This was such a cool experience, I really love seeing howthese shoes were made from start to finish.

These may be the shoes of the past but I definitely say they're more like the shoes of the future.

Thank you everybody forwatching and thank you to Nike for letting us go intoyour headquarters and see how the magic is made.

[Nicole] If you like thisvideo be sure to like, comment and subscribe tothe Goldilocks channel.

See you guys next time!.

7 Types of Shoes to Wear With Shorts | Best Summer Shoes for Men

What's up guys.

My name is Brock.

You're watching The Modest Man and today we're talking about, what kind of shoes to wear with shorts.

All right, whether you're one of those guys that wear shorts like nine months out of the year or if you just wear them occasionally during the summer, it's important to know which kinds of shoes you should wear, when you're wearing shorts.

Now, the good news here is you have tons of options.

If you haven't seen my video about how to wear shorts and how your shorts should fit, I recommend watching that one first.

This video is all about shoes.

Quick thanks to my friends at Thursday Boot Company for supporting my work by sponsoring this video.

You guys know that I don't do a whole lot of sponsorships here on The Modest Man, so, you know, I really only work with brands that I 100% believe in and can recommend to you guys and Thursday Boot Company is one of those brands.

I've been wearing their boots for a couple years now and they recently launched shoes.

Just like their boots, the Thursday Boot Company shoes offer a lot of value.

So, they're priced, very, very reasonably for what you're getting.

The shoes are made with a Goodyear welt construction, so they're very sturdy.

They're resoleable, they're gonna last a long time.

They're made from really high-quality materials, like for example, these loafers are made from natural Horween Chromexcel leather.

This is from the Horween tannery in Chicago.

It's a world-famous source for leather.

The shoes have a full glove of leather interior lining, cork bed midsole, leather and rubber hybrid outsoles.

They're handcrafted, so if you need a new pair of shoes, I highly recomend recommend checking out the new linefrom Thursday Boot Company and thanks again, Thursday Boots for supporting my work.

Okay, let's talk about, what kind of shoes you can wear with shorts.

We'll start with the most formal and then we'll work our way down to the more casual options.

So first up, we have loafers.

Now, loafers is a huge category.

There are many different types of loafers.

Since, shorts are inherently casual, I recommend going with a more casual loafer.

Stay away from your velvet Belgium style slippers.

Go with something more like this, you know, a leather or a suede penny loafer.

Now, out of all the different types of shoes that you can wear with shorts, loafers, I'd say are the most mature, they're the most, almost kind of preppy traditional, compared to some of your other options.

So you know, keep that in mind.

Loafers are perfect for wearing with button-up shirts or polo shirts.

You can wear them with or without socks, depending on your preference.

If you do wear socks with loafers, I recommend wearing loafers socks, also called no-show socks.

That way it won't look like you're wearing socks.

Either way, you can't go wrong with a classic penny loafer and pretty much any shade of brown or tan.

I also really like navy blue.

Okay, the second type of shoe that you can wear with shorts is the moccasin.

Moccasins are great for wearing with shorts and like a polo or a t-shirt, again just like with loafers, you can wear them with no socks or no-show socks.

There are a few different types of moccasins.

You have driving mocs, which are the ones, they're kind of like slip-ons and they have that, that rubber tread on the back heel.

So, they kind of have a very recognizable look.

Very versatile shoe, I highly recommend having a pairin your wardrobe .

And then there are also camp mocs and these are also called like, ranger mocks or blucher mocs.

This pair is from L.


Bean and I actually found that, I'm getting a lot of wear out of these.

And what I like about camp mocs, is they're kind of like boat shoes for the rest of the year.

So, while boat shoes are very much a spring or summer shoe, camp mocs can be worn without socks in the summer time or with socks in the fall and winter.

So, I'll even wear these with like thick wool socks during the fall time and they look great.

So, if you're looking for something that can be worn all year around, I'll probably go with camp mocs first, as the driving mocs is more of a warm weather shoe.

Okay, next up we have the boat shoe.

Now, boat shoes are definitely kind of preppy and they're not for everybody.

In fact, I know some people who hate boat shoes.

I got these years ago and you can see, they're totally beat-up.

At this point, they're more like house slippers.

I don't really wear them out too muchbecause they're so beat-up and my style has gotten a little less preppy over the years.

But, I still think that the boat shoe is a great summer shoe.

It is way more casual than the loafer so, you know, don't make that mistake.

A lot of people think the boat shoe and the loaferare kind of the same.

Loafers are definitely more formal than boat shoes.

Boat shoes are really meant to be worn without socks and that they're very much a summer shoe.

You can wear boat shoes with button-ups, short sleeve button-ups, polo shirts, t-shirts, so they're kind of right in the middle of the formality spectrum and it's a very versatile shoe.

I actually think navy is a great color for the boat shoe but, also any shade of brown or really any other color will do.

Probably, the most popular brand is Sperry Top-Sider but you know, you can find cheaper boat shoes, more expensive.

There's tons of options out there.

These are from Sperry Top-Sider and I found that these lasted for many years before starting to kind of fall apart a little bit.

Okay, next up, we have espadrilles and I actually don't have a pair to show you but I will link to some options down below in the description.

Espadrilles are kind of like boat shoes and there're in sort of middle of the road in terms of formality, but they're very much a warm weather shoe.

So, they're meant to be worn without socks.

Although, you could wear no-show socks.

And you know in my mind, they're very much like a summer shoe.

The thing about espadrilles is you don't see them nearly as often as boat shoes.

So, if you want to stand out and be a little more unique or if you're styled.



it doesn't lean as preppy then I think espadrilles are a great option.

Okay, the next type of shoe that you can wear with shorts and probably the most popular category is the sneaker.

Okay, just like loafers, sneakers is kind of a big category.

So, there are so many different types of sneakers.

I think they're best to wear with polo shirts or t-shirts.

You know, they're definitely a little more casual than like moccasins or loafers or espadrilles or even boat shoes.

That's not to say that you can't wear them with button-up shirts and stuff, you can.

There's just a little more casual, so they're best to wear with no-show socks.

If they are fully lined with leather, you can wear them without socks but I think most guys prefer to have a low-cut, low-profile socks with their sneakers.

There are so many different types of sneakers.

You know, everything from your kind of minimal leather sneakers, all the way to your canvas sneakerslike your Vans old school, your Flyers, your Chuck Taylor's and then there're like athletic sneakers.

Like your Flyknits and your Ultraboost and stuff like that.

So, you know, it's really up to you.

I personally, I like this style of sneaker better than the more athletic shoe.

I just think it's more versatile, but most guys are probably going to have a couple different sneakers in their collection.

So for me, it's, you know a pair of these and then maybe a pair of like Vans Canvas sneakers.

And again, these aren't hard and fast rules, so you know, I think that sneakers are great for wearing with t-shirts and polos but you can definitely play with formality by mixing more casual elements and more formal elements.

For example, my friend Khoi over at Gentlemen Within, does this expertly.

He'll wear like Nike Killshots with shorts and then, like a button-up shirt tucked in and it looks great.

So, you can definitely kind of play with formality like that.

I'm just giving you some basic guidelines here.

Okay, and last and possibly least, we have sandals.

Now, there are different types of sandals.

You have everything from the chunky and controversial Birkenstock to the flip-flop and everything in between.

There's like more strappy more dressy sandals.

The gladiator style.

I don't wear sandals a lot.

You know, I do have these Birkenstocks and then flip-flops for me are really just for the beach and the pool.

So, I personally don't think that flip-flops should belike your go-to summer shoe.

I used to wear them all the time like back in high school and stuff but I think that, especially, as you get older and your style matures a little bit, I think, it's better to wear like espadrilles or loafers or boat shoes or sneakers versus flip-flops.

That said, they can be very functional, they're easy on and off, they're usually waterproof so, you know, great for the pool, great for the beach and then you know there are some sandals that are more functional, like for hiking like, you know, Tevas and Birkenstocks and stuff like that.

You should never wear any type of sock with any type of sandal and know that when you're wearing sandals they are way more casual than any of the other options including sneakers.

Pretty much anytime your toes are exposed, it's a very casual look.

Okay, let's summarize real quick.

So which kind of shoes can you wear with shorts.

We have Loafers, Moccasins, Boat Shoes, Espadrilles, Sneakers, Sandals and Flip-flops.

I don't think you need to have all these options in your wardrobe.

Maybe two or three, you know, if you're a sneakers guy just have a couple pairs of sneakers, if you don't like wearing loafers, you know, you don't have to buy them, if you think boat shoes are too preppy, that's fine.

But all of these shoes are very much appropriate to wear with the shorts.

So, if you stick to this list, you're never gonna look out of place or like you don't know what you're doing.

All right, big thanks again to Thursday Boot Company for supporting my work and sponsoring this video.

Check the link down in the description to shop their new shoe collection.

Thanks as always for watching.

If you guys have any questions, as always leave them down in commentsand until next time, stay stylish!.

9 Business Casual Shoes for Men | What to Wear to Work

– This video is sponsored by Skillshare.

What's up guys my name is Brock, you're watching the ModestMan and today we're talking about the best business causal shoes.

(mellow music) What kind of shoes shouldyou wear to a business casual office? That's exactly what this video is about.

So the business causaldress code has been the most popular dress code, especially for professional environments for a long time now.

And event though offices aregetting a little more casual, business casual as a dresscode isn't going anywhere.

Now if you haven't seenmy business causal guide, go check that out.

Because we talk about thewhole history of the dress code and what the dress code means right now in modern day workplace.

But this video is justgoing to focus on shoes.

So, first of all do you evenneed business casual shoes? If you work in a casual workplace, a place that is okay with like jeans and t-shirts, then you might only needone pair of dress shoes.

Just something for likeweddings and funerals.

But if you work in a more typical office that has a business casual dress code, it probably makes sense tohave two, three or even four pairs of shoes that aregood for the office.

First up let's talkabout what not to wear.

You know great style islike a great referee.

It might go unnoticed butit doesn't make mistakes.

So if you want to avoidlooking out of place in a business casualoffice, avoid these shoes.

Athletic shoes like runningshoes, sandals or flip flops, espadrilles, work boots, boatshoes, patent leather shoes and velvet slippers.

I hope that one's obvious.

Now note that some workboots are dressy enough to wear with business casual.

For example the AllenEdmonds Higgins Mill Boot is pretty dressy versussomething like a Doc Martin is not appropriate for the office.

So we talked about what not to wear, let's talk about what you can wear.

So we'll go over eight typesof shoes that are perfect for business casual settings.

Just to run through them real quick, we have Oxfords, brogues, derbys or Bluchers, loarers, Chukkas, ChelseaBoots, Dress Boots and Monk Straps.

All of these work fine withbusiness casual attire, keep in mind though justbecause they all work, doesn't mean that they're all the same level of formality.

So let's look at each type of shoe in a little bit more detail.

First up, the Oxford.

The Oxford is a very formal shoes.

It's great for formal business settings and formal events like weddings and interviews and funerals.

The main things that sets the Oxford apart is this closed lacing construction.

It has a very clean, polished silhouette and that makes it the mostformal business casual shoe on our list.

And really aside fromlike patent leather shoes or velvet slippers, stuff that you might wear with black tie or tuxedo.

The Oxford is prettymuch the most formal type of shoe that you can buy.

And the good news is if youonly had to have one pair of shoes that would work fora business causal office, the Oxford is a great choice.

Number two is brogues and wingtips.

So these are still dressy, but they're less formal than a plain-toe Oxford.

And due to the decorationand that is the defining characteristic of a brogue or wingtip it's this perforation and this decoration either on the toe oralong the entire shoe.

And because of that decoration, it's just a slightly less formal shoes.

Now although the termbrogue is used these days to define a type of shoe, it really just refers to that perforated decoration.

Sot he whole Oxfords versus brogues things is actually kind of misleading, 'cause broguing is justsomething that a shoe can have.

It's a characteristic, it's not a type of shoe in and of itself.

In other words, some Oxfords are also brogues, but notall brogues are Oxfords.

All that confusion aside, brogues and wingtips are great for businesscasual because they're not quite as formal and asstuffy as a plain toe Oxford.

Wingtips actually havean extra piece of leather on the toe that forms aW shape over the upper and these are considered much more casual than just like a captoe Oxford or an Oxford with some broguing on the toe.

Third type of shoe we have is a Derby, also called Blucher and thedefining characteristics of this is an open lacing constructions that's what makes itdifferent from the Oxford.

It ranges from formalto a little more causal depending on the othercharacteristics of the shoe.

But in general derbys areless formal than Oxford.

So derby feature eyeletsthat are sewn on top of the vamp, unlike Oxfords.

And this leads to a lessstreamlined, more causal profile.

Derby shoes and Bluchersare also said to be more comfortable for people with high insteps.

So if you always find Oxfordsto be a little constricting or a little uncomfortable, you should try a derby.

The fourth type of business causal shoes is the loafer.

Just like derbys, loafersrange from pretty formal to pretty casual.

But in general most loafersare great for business casual, especially theclassic penny loafer.

Of course a loafer is a slip on shoes, it doesn't have any laces, so it's very convenient.

Most guys find loafers to bepretty comfortable as well.

You can wear loafers withjeans or chinos or slacks.

Some loafers even look good with suits.

So there's a wide rangeof loafers, wide range of formality, but you'reclassic brown leather penny loafer is perfect formost business casual outfits.

Business casual shoe numberfive is the monk strap.

A monk strap is dressy butit can be worn with smart causal outfits.

It's less formal than the Oxford because of the buckles andyou can definitely wear it with jeans.

Defining characteristics area single or double buckle strap and no laces.

Now monk straps haveexploded in popularity over the past few years.

I don't think they're goinganywhere anytime soon.

And it's just a cool looking shoes.

Now a lot of guys assume thatmonk straps are very formal but they're actually a little less formal than something like a plain toe Oxford.

This makes them extremelyversatile kind of like derbys.

Very perfect for business casual settings and you can definitelywear them with jeans too.

I would just make surethat they're not like distressed baggy jeans.

Make sure that they'reslim fit, dark wash jeans.

Monk straps are definitely for guys who want to stand out fromthe crowd a little bit.

It's not a blend in type of shoe.

It's not as popular asother types of shoes, so most guys don't owna pair of monk straps.

So if you are the type ofguy that wants to stand out from the crowd and sortof make a splash at work then definitely the monk strap is for you.

I have one pair of brown double monks and I get a lot of wear out of them.

All right, shoe numbersix is the dress boot.

Dress boots are prettyformal because they're basically just like a dress shoe, just with a higher ankle.

So if your pants cover the ankle, if you don't have likesuper cropped pants, most people aren't even gonnaknow that you're wearing a boot and not a shoe.

Defining characteristics, dress boots can have an Oxford or a derby construction and just above ankle height.

Now of course, these canbe worn all year around.

But they're a great choicein the fall and winter and when you just want alittle bit of extra warmth and coverage and protectionfrom the elements.

Now if you are gonna wear dress boots in a more formal setting, like if you have a big meeting or you're wearing a suit.

Make sure they're actually dressy.

So you know go with somethingwith a polished finish, as opposed to a matte finish.

And probably an Oxford construction.

And also make sure theyhave a proper leather sole and not like a thick rubber sole.

Shoe number seven is the Chelsea boot.

And again, this is atype of shoe that ranges in formality, you can havevery casual Chelsea boots and very formal dressy Chelsea boots than can be worn with suits.

Chelsea boots have anabove-the-ankle height, elastic side panels and no laces.

They typically have apull tab at the back, hence they're easy to get on and off.

Of course it's a slip on shoe.

It doesn't have any laces.

If you're looking for amore formal Chelsea boot.

Look for something witha sleep, kind of polished silhouette and a glossy finish.

You know look for somethingfrom Beckett Simonon or Paul Evans, Allen Edmonds, Ace Marks something that has moreof that Italian silhouette and maybe even something witha Blake stitch construction versus Goodyear welt.

And number eight our last boot on the list is the Chukka boot.

So a Chukka boot is reallyjust an ankle high boot, it usually has two tofive pairs of eyelets.

Open-lacing, it's usuallymade from leather or suede.

You know you have like onone end of the spectrum you're very causal Chukka boots, like your desert boots, your Clark's Desert Boots, your J Crew McCallister withkind of like an unstructured upper and on the otherend of the spectrum, you have like Paul Evansor these more Italian silhouette, high polish, hand-painted, hand finish really dressy Chukka boots.

So it just kind of dependson what you're going after.

I like somewhere in between.

You can't go wrong with justa brown leather Chukka boot.

I think it a very versatile boot, you can wear it with jeansor chinos, even trousers.

And if you don't have a Chukkaboot in your collection, I recommend giving it a shot.

And a bonus round, number nine is the minimal leather sneaker.

Formality level is smart casual to casual.

It's not appropriatefor formal environments.

But I wanted to put this in there because as offices kind ofloosen up their dress codes and really embrace casualFriday or even a whole casual week, the minimal leather sneaker can have a place in your wardrobe, even if you work at an office.

Defining characteristics, these are uniform in color, typically like all white or all black.

There's no decoration, no branding.

They have a streamlinedkind of narrow silhouette.

And they're made fromhigh quality leather.

So we're not talking aboutlike Adidas Stan Smiths.

We're talking about likeGreats Royale, Common Projects, Achilles Low, that tier of sneaker.

Granted, if it's your first day at work, don't wear sneakers.

You know wear a proper dress shoe and then make sure it'sokay to wear sneakers with your manager.

Maybe it's only okay for casual Fridays.

Maybe it's okay for the whole week.

But my advice is if youare gonna wear a minimal leather sneaker with abusiness casual outfit, make sure the rest of theoutfit is kind of polished up and refined.

So if you're wearing jeans or chinos.

Make sure they're nice and fitted and there's no distressingand they're in good shape.

You can even wear a jacketor a blazer with sneakers.

But the full suit look isnot that easy to pull off.

So unless you really likeit and are very confident with your style, just tread carefully.

So how many pairs ofshoes do you really need? Like most fashion-related questions it really depends on your situation, but if you're a typicalbusiness casual office bro, I think you can get awaywith three or four pairs.

Hypothetically let'ssay your week consists on Monday you have a big staff meeting, where you're doing a presentation.

Tuesday through Thursdayare just normal days, no big meetings and thenFriday is a casual Friday.

In this case three pairsof shoes would be plenty.

So for example on Monday, you could wear your dressiest loafer, maybe throw on ajacket for good measure since you have that big meeting.

Tuesday through Thursdayyou can rotate between derbys and Oxfords or bootsdepending on your outfit and your mood.

And then on Friday youcan bring out like a suede Chelsea boot or a minimal leather sneaker for a comfy casual lookthat will carry you right into happy hour.

So, now that you knowwhich shoe's the best for a business causal office, take a look at your office and see ifmaybe you have any gaps.

I'll link to some of myfavorite business casual shoes down in the description.

If you have any questionsfor me, let me know in the comments.

Thank you as always forwatching, until next time.

Stay stylish.

Hey just wanted to say thankyou for watching this video and a big thank you totoday's sponsor Skillshare.

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One more time that's twofree months of Skillshare premium membership byclicking the link down below.

Thanks for watching and I'llsee you in the next one.


ORGANIZE + DECLUTTER WITH ME | Coats, bags, and shoes oh my!

– Hi there, it's Laurahere from I Heart Planners and today I'm gonna take you along as I declutter my entryway slash mudroom.

This area has just beenpiling up with junk for a couple of weeks, as it tends to do.

The entries of our home oftenjust are the dumping ground for whatever, and so I'mjust gonna take you through and show you how I declutterit and put everything away.

And I would actually highlyencourage you to go ahead and declutter something whileyou're watching this video.

And if haven't already, make sure you subscribe, turn on your notifications andgive this video a thumbs up.

(bright music) All right, so let's dive in.

As you can see, thisarea is a bit of a mess.

It's been accumulatingfor a while and we're just gonna get started with decluttering it.

I think I'm gonna work from the top down.

There's a lot of stuff thatdoesn't belong in here.

So we're gonna start with the purses.

So, this is a purse thathas been hanging there probably for four monthsand I haven't used it.

I actually don't love how narrow it is.

It's hard to get things in and out, so I don't think I'm gonna use this again.

So I'm gonna go ahead andtoss this into the donate bin.

Okay, next purse.

This one actually has stuffin it, and oh should I save? I really like this color, I like the size.

Right now I'm using a really small purse, so I think this is one I coulduse, so it's worth saving.

There is probably somejunk in here that could be thrown away like areceipt, random Altoids, so I need to go ahead andget some stuff thrown away.

Ooh, I found a money.

You never know when youdeclutter when you might find a dollar bill, so itdefinitely pays to declutter.

All right, so this I'm gonnaput with my extra purses in my closet, so I'mjust gonna set it aside and it'll be taken up to my closet.

Next, I have this little purse.

I have another little pursethat I like much better.

So there is no reason for me to keep this.

And as I look through it, Isee there's nothing in it.

So I've already taken everything out.

So, this one is gonna gettossed into the donate bin.

This is literal just, somethingI need to return to someone.

This part, the actuallanyard is not necessary, but this needs to be returned.

So I'm gonna make a littlepile of stuff that I need to return to people, and wewill open up this trash bag.

When you're decluttering, you should always have a trash bag handy.

Next up, we have this coat.

So, we have another coatcloset but we don't use it very much because weactually turned it into our craft closet, so thisis really where all of our coats go, but this is notmy husband's everyday coat right now, it's really a rain jacket.

So I think this could bebetter for now in his closet that has plenty of space than taking up prime real estate inthe winter right here.

So I'm gonna put it with the purse that's gonna go to our bedroom.

Next we have this reusable bag.

It needs to be foldedup properly and really we keep these in our carso that when we go to Aldi and shop we have our bags with us.

So I'm gonna toss it over on the table so that I can get it folded up.

I actually love these bags so much.

Then you do like this.

They can fold down smallenough to fit in your purse.

Since this one hasn'tbeen folded in a while because Jason never foldsthem and I always do.

I like folding them.

Do that, this, and then you go like this.

Had these for years.

And then they snap so they stay.

And there's even a littlecarrying case for one of them.

Next, this is my daughter's preschool bag.

This needs to stay, I'm double checking that there's nothing extra in there.

We usually keep it in the car.

She was off school recentlywhich is why it's out here, so I'm just gonna hang it on the door handle and go put it in the car.

We want to make sure she alwayshas it when she needs it.

Here's another one of the reusable bags that I need to fold up, and what do you know? We have a couple more bags in here.

They fold up really tiny.

And so we'll fold these up and put them in the car where they belong.

Next up, we have a bag.

Tote bags are trickybecause I do use them, they're useful, but inexcess, they just go a little overboard and I feel like I have enough so I'm just going to declutter this one.

This is one of my daughter's coats that she actually wears pretty frequently, so we're just gonna hang it right up.

These are Command hooks by the way.

These large ones willhold up to 12 pounds.

Like we've held a little twostep step-stool on it before and even heavy coats will be fine.

This holds up to five pounds.

So my daughter's smaller coatis fine on a hook like that.

This is my son's coat;however, I think this is not, like I think this is anadditional coat for him.

He has a heavy winter coat, and so he doesn't really use this one, so I'm gonna put it down with the stuff to go to our bedrooms.

He has plenty of roomin his closet, but here is prime real estate so I don'twant this taking up space.

This is my big, heavy winter coat.

I wear it all the time, so it's going to stay.

And these two places arefor my son and daughter, they're not here right now sothey have their winter coats with them, but I want thisspace for their winter coats.

And I have had an idea, I may try this.

One thing I don't like aboutthis, my son and daughter are five and three, and theycan't put up their own coats.

They have to give it to me to put up.

So even though it's not ascute, I'm thinking about putting up Command hookslike really down low so that even though it'snot as nice looking, it would be really nice if they were able to put up their own coat, they can easily put up their own shoes, so we may try that, and it'll also free up some space up here.

All right we have more tote bags.

That's why I got rid of the other one.

And oh my goodness, who knew? There's food in this one.

I think we went to thechildren's museum recently.

So we're gonna go throwthese snacks in the pantry because there's no reasonto have them in there.

They're still good, they'rein Ziploc bags and it's only a couple weeks ago sincewe went to the museum.

So let's throw these here inthe snack bin in the pantry.

And this will actually be handy next time we need to go somewhereif I want to grab a snack, they're already packaged up for me and then this is almost empty, we just have some wipes, and we'll go ahead andput those with the snacks because we would want to takethose wherever to take snacks.

And then we have this bag empty.

I am gonna keep thisin here because I think storing these in the entryway is helpful because you never knowlike if you're going on a little day trip oryou just need a tote bag for something, so I'll keep this.

And this one right hereis completely empty.

A lot of times we use thisfor the library books, so I'm gonna go aheadand keep this here handy.

I'm just gonna add it to this hook.

And then we'll keep goingto this area down here, which is a little bit scarier looking.

So, first up I'm gonna grab this purse.

This is a purse that I actually love.

I love the color, I might use it again, so I'm gonna throw it withthe purses that's gonna go with my extra purses in my bedroom but I don't want to store it here.

Random Command hooks, so these need to go with my other Commandhooks in my laundry room is where I store those, so we're gonna go ahead and throw those with thestuff that goes elsewhere.

And definitely afterthis decluttering session I'm gonna go immediatelyput these things away, otherwise they would end upstaying here who knows how long.

So your declutteringsession is not complete until they are putaway, ask me how I know.

So, this I was actually trying to donate and somehow it justfound its way over here.

These are the kinds I don't use anymore so it's gonna go in the donate bin.

This is a toy for my kids.

We were playing with it, likeit was in our church bag, but they've kind of gotten over it, they're not that interested in it anymore, so I think I'm gonna put itupstairs in my daughter's bedroom in the toys thatwe kind of rotate out.

So that's gonna go in the pileof stuff to take elsewhere.

Huh, okay, so a random thing of yarn.

I was teaching Bible classand this was some extra stuff that I brought back when I was done.

And my question to myselfis, do I need this yarn? I might use it someday ifI teach another Bible class or the kids do a craftwith yarn, but unless I have a specific planneduse, it needs to go.

It would take about five minutes and two dollars to replace, so it's gonna go.

I actually do use this tapeand I have a spot for it upstairs in my office, so we're gonna put that with the stuff we need to put elsewhere.

So obviously we can throw the trash away and then we'll throw this bag away.

All right, we'll keep on going.

This is another one of the fold up bags, so we're gonna toss isover to be folded up.

Keeping on going, theseare bins of winter stuff, but it's just gotten allmixed up and I don't even know what's here, so we'reactually gonna go through it all.

This first of all is a little pouch that I use when I used a bigger purse.

I'm gonna see if there'sanything important in it, not really, so I'm gonnaput it in with the purse because that's when I would use it.

Next, let's go throughthese bins and give them some sort of order, and Ialready see that there's who knows what random junk in here.

My son's hat, so I thinkI'm gonna do one bin for each kid, or eachperson, there's kids and, oh, I have been looking for this level.

That actually goes in withthe tools in the garage.

So, we have a giant pile ofstuff that doesn't belong here.

That tends to happen a lot in entry ways.

It's just kind of a dumping zone.

This goes with my children's art stuff, and this is something that Ithink is like a Happy Meal, Chick-Fil-A toy so we'regonna throw that away.

All right, so this binis gonna be for my son.

So I'm gonna put his winter hat in it.

Then we are gonna empty out this next bin.

Sunglasses, I don't thinkthey're anything special, I think they're myhusbands and he has gotten prescription sunglassesnow, so think I'm just gonna put them in the donate because I don't think he's gonna use those.

A shoelace.

I really don't know whatthe purpose of it was.

I wonder if my husbandlike, has a damaged shoelace and needs to replace itor something like that.

I know I didn't buy itso I'm gonna stick it in his shoe and try to remember to ask him when he gets home if it'ssomething that he actually needs, if not we'll toss it and ifit is we'll obviously use it.

Okay, so this is myhusband's hat, so I think I'm gonna make this next one his bin.

This is one of my son's gloves.

And another reason I wanted to do this is I can't tell you how manytimes I've sorted through here and I can only find one glove or mitten.

So this should help us pair down and be able to find what we need.

This is mine.

So I'm gonna do this onenext so I have a empty bin.

I also keep socks here for my kids because this is on our lowerlevel and I don't like when we're ready to go out the door then they have to runupstairs and get their socks, so I like them to keep that.

This I know goes with purses over here, it needs to go with my travel stuff.

So that's gonna go there.

This is, huh, a bunch ofextra keys and key cards.

I actually think one of thesemight be a key that we need, so I'm gonna stick them on our key hook.

Hair bow for my daughter, needs to go in her room with all her bows.

Another big bunch ofloyalty cards, and really when I get another minute, I won't do this here, I will go through and seeif these are loyalty cards that I even need, I imagine a lot of them I don't use or I have on my phone.

Now this bin is empty and I think we will let this hold my items.

Well, I think these weresupposed to go together, but they're kind of a painbecause they come apart so I'm just gonna donate these.

My husband's gloves aregonna go in his thing.

My daughter's gloves are gonna go in hers.

These, I got but don't fit so I'm gonna toss them in the donate bin.

I actually think I actually know someone who might be able to use these.

I'm gathering up all mine here and then I'll sort through them.

Here's the other glovefor my son, goes in here.

My husband's hats and gloves, and my daughter's socks.

And then this is my bin, so I've got my socks, a pair of gloves for myself.

This glove, oh there's a match down here.

Wow, I really have a lot of gloves.

I really didn't know until I did this how many like, gloves Ihad, so I might pair down.

Like I think three pairsshould be sufficient.

Like having one in the car, this goes to the other one thatI didn't like as well.

So having one pair in the car, one in here and an extra I think is sufficient.

I shouldn't need a bunch of other gloves.

Now I'm going down tothe floor and picking up some of this junk on the floor.

So my son's gloves go here.

These are, you know what? These look used, I reallydon't think that they are, but just in case, we're justgonna go ahead and wash them.

So this is gonna go to the dirty clothes.

So other stuff that needs to go.

We have more tote bags.

This is an empty bag, Ialways check to make sure they're empty, I actuallyrecently washed this.

All right let's keep goingthrough the tote bags.

So I'm trying to decidehow many I really just need to keep in here versus juststoring somewhere else.

I think a couple in hereseems plenty for me, so I think this one I maystore in the car because I often find myself when I'min the car needing those, so I'm gonna put it righthere to go to the car.

This is some activitiesfor my daughter to do, she went with somebody the other day and just needed some quiet activities, so I actually like keeping thisbag packed and ready to go.

So we're gonna hang it onthis heavy hook right here.

And my son has one too butI think it's in his room.

Okay, we have a big bin ofcoloring books, crayons.

I think we used to playwith these in the car or at church, but we don'tneed them there anymore, so I think I'm just gonna goput them in their craft closet with all of their crafts, so I'll put that in with stuff to take elsewhere.

We have a plastic pumpkin.

It's not Halloween anymore, so that's gonna go.

I'll save out the wipes, they were probably just in the car but they don't go in here.

This was something I meantto get out to the donate bin just out the door in thegarage, but for whatever reason, I didn't make it that far so now I'm gonna toss them in this donate bin.

Now we have quite a bitof shoes, and I'm guessing there's some that don'teven fit my kids anymore, and I think I can reallypair down a little bit.

So, let's dive into that because I don't like this wholemess of shoes in front.

It makes it hard to get to, hard to put your shoes in.

These are a little bit small for my son so I think we're gonna donate them.

These are definitely too small for him.

I love these, but they're just too small so they're gonna go, and hehas a new pair for this year, so we'll put these right here.

Also, you can't see thisbut here in the corner he has some rain boots andthese may still fit him in the spring, theystill fit him right now, so we're gonna hang onto these rain boots.

And these are my daughter's snow boots and they still fit her, she uses them, so we'll just put them right there.

I have two pairs oftennis shoes down here, and I really don'tthink that is necessary.

These are really just an oldpair, like if I was gonna go paint or do somethingmessy, so I'll put those in my master closet thathas plenty of space.

I think we just end up with a lot of shoes that don't even fit and there'sno sense in storing them.

I'm trying to find, oh there'salso a random sock in here.

I think we're gonna wash that.

You never know what you'regonna find when you declutter.

Oh another sock in here, Iguess, ew, ew and there's sand.

Okay, so these need cleanedwhatever happens to them.

I guess she wore these in thesand sometime in the dirt.

She probably does stillfit them, but we're gonna have to figure out some wayof getting them cleaner.

And my kid's shoes I canprobably fit two in one thing.

These are actually slightlylarge for my daughter so I'm gonna push those back.

These I know do not fit her anymore so we're just gonna trashthose because they're so old.

And these probably do fit sowe'll put those right there.

These don't fit anymore.

These are obviously sandals that she's not wearing this time of year.

These are definitely too small for her, they need to go, and they're almost new.

Okay, now we need to get this bag.

Wow, this has a lot of stuff in it.

This used to be my diaper bag.

I haven't needed a diaperbag in a long time.

This is my kid's clothes likeI always send them with extra pairs of clothes, but I reallyshould take this upstairs, wash all these, repack it andI usually keep it in the car just in case we ever needan extra change of clothes.

So that's what I'm gonna do with this bag.

These are boots that dofit her and she wears them pretty frequently these days so we're just gonna put them in the cubbies.

Snow boots that are asimilar size to these, so I just don't see my son wearing these.

They're in pretty good condition, so I think we'll just donate them.

These are boots that mydaughter does wear fairly often so we're gonna keep them accessible.

These do still fit her, she can still wear these, so we'll keep those.

These are too small andthey're kind of old, so we'll go ahead and throw those away.

I just really don'tdonate anything if I think it's like in not greatcondition for someone to use.

I'm okay with just getting of it.

These I think are gonna be too small for her next year, sowe'll get rid of those.

These are going to be too small for my son next spring so we can get rid of those.

So we opened up several cubbies.

I will tell you, I reallydon't love that we have to have all these boots here, but I don't really have another solution.

If you have any ideas, letme know in the comments.

But we really need thatfor these things up here, we can't put them all upthere because we really need a spot for like glovesand hats and winter gear.

There's not really a coat closet down here because we turned it into a craft closet, so this is the best solution that I have at the moment for boots and things.

And we do wear thesepretty frequently because there's a decent amount ofsnow here in Indiana at times.

And the little corner that you can't see, we're keeping on going.

Like you would be shocked how much stuff we were able to fit in a small entryway.

A random bag is trash, and then this is gonna go to my daughter's room.

Another coat for my son.

I'm feeling like this one ispretty small for him right now.

Here's another one of the bags.

No wonder I haven't beenable to find my bags when I've gone to Aldi recently.

I'm glad I'm doing this, so we'll fold this one up.

Okay, so this is a bookthat we need to re-record.

We recorded it for my niece and somehow we accidentally forgot toget it to a locked position so they recorded over it, so we really need to take action on this, and then, like I kind of wantthis in a special place.

I'd like to go ahead and do it tonight.

There's no reason whywhen my kids get home, because I have them readpart of it, and my husband, there's no reason why wecan't just get it done and get it in the car to go back to them.

So I think I'm gonna put itwith the items I am returning.

So putting it with the stuff that goes with the car makes sense to me.

One more random item.

This is like a sash that goes with one of my daughter's rain coatsthat's up in her closet.

We're gonna just putthis in the pile of stuff to take to other locations in the house.

We're looking much better.

We opened up severalcubbies, a lot of cubbies.

I'm actually pleasedwith how much of that, of course my son anddaughter are wearing shoes that'll go in there right now, but still we've opened up quite a bit, that's good.

Now we each have a bin.

I would like to label those bins so we clearly know, otherwise we just end up tossing stuff in thereand then when I wanted to find gloves the otherday I literally thought I didn't have any and I find out I have three pair plus some that I decluttered.

And then I'm going to go takeall of this where it goes.

It's definitely not done until all of this gets where it goes, thereis a lot of stuff in here that just really did not even belong.

(bright music) So here I am in myfinished decluttered space, and let me tell you it feels amazing.

Now every time I walkin instead of looking at a bunch of junk and clutter, I have a refreshing space and every time I want to find something, I actually can.

Now leave me a commentbelow and let me know what did you declutter whileyou were watching this video, or what do you plan to declutter next? And be sure to hit the subscribe button.

(bright music).

Mizuno Wave Cadence Golf Shoes – First Look – New for 2020

hi everyone Kevin here from golf guyreviews and in today's video we're gonna take a look at the brand new for 2020Mizuno Wave cadence golf shoes now these are a spikeless golf shoe from Mizunothat currently retail in the UK for a hundred and forty pounds nowunfortunately we are in

lockdown here in the UK at the moment still so I hopeeveryone watching this video is staying safe and staying at home but in the meantime it means that unfortunately I can't actually get out on the course to testthese golf shoes so what I thought I'd do is actually

just give you a quickrun-through of the shoes let you know some of the design points up in a bitcloser detail I've worn them around the house I've worn them walking out on thestreet and around the park so I can let you know what they feel like on feet

butI'm not going to give you a full review so this is just gonna be a quick videoand then once we're allowed back out on the golf course I can actually not letyou know what they're like to play golfing so if you liked the video todaymake sure you hit

that like button and please don't forget to subscribe to mychannel so you can keep up to date in all the latest reviews of golf shoesclothing and tech right here on golf guy reviews so Mizuno have got a greatpedigree when it comes to making top quality golf irons and

their drivers andtheir woods are actually incredible and even their putters now they're reallystarting to try and get in on the act and kind of make a name for themselveswith their partners as well so when it comes to golf clubs they have got itabsolutely locked down but I think

there is fair to say that they're you know abit less well known when it comes to their golf shoes and Mizuno have got ahuge pedigree when it comes to their running shows especially their waverunning shows which will come into that tech and a little bit so what Mizunohave

done here is actually taken their you know their technical expertise andtheir design qualities of their running shoes and put it in a golf shoe and sowhat you've got here is the new wave cadence and so the wave is in regards tothe wave technology that you have in the

midsole of the shoe and cadence I'm notreally sure but it's just a cool name but it regards to the actual look at theshoes you end up with this very sporty looking spikeless golf shoe now there'sa lot of different types of spikeless golf shoes out there on the market

atthe moment for example you know you've got the new adidascode chaos which has got a lot of similar qualities to these shows but look veryvery different and the code cows is very trying to you know disrupt the marketMizuno I don't think I've gone for that look with these

shoes these are verymuch looks like one of their running trainers you know you wouldn't besurprised to see these just on someone out running in a marathon or on thestreet or down the gym and I really like that about the quality so if you'relooking for something that perhaps is

a little bit more understated in aspikeless golf shoe but still giving a lot of comfort and a lot of interestingfeatures and qualities then these could be a shoe that you want to take a lookinto now Mizuno have launched these shoes new for 2020 with five differentcolor options and

I think they all actually look really really goodso I've got this navy and red color pattern here which I think makes it looklike a traditional running shoe and it looks really cool you've also got a fewother color options you've got a pair with knocking lime color which I

meanlook great and also there's a pair that are darkest very and navy is the maincolor option on the whole upper and it's got a kind of hint of orange running throughoutit so Navy an orange always looks classy so yeah definitely something foreveryone there I think so let's take

a closer look at the materials used in thenew wave cadence and first of all the predominant material here on this upperis this kuraray I think that's how you pronounce it kuraray syntheticmaterial and so the reason why Mizuno have used that material is because it'slightweight and they say it's

breathable as well I haven't had a chance to reallytest that out and of course and also it's got some really good waterproofproperties to it as well so Mizuno are giving you a two-year waterproofguarantee with these shows now in regards to the upper there is a mixtureas well so

you've got this as I say pure açaí synthetic upper material right theway around the top and around the sides of the shoe there and but also you cansee here in the ankle area this is just more of a padded textile material sameon the tongue as well and the

tongue goes kind of right down under there sothat material goes right under the laces I'm not entirely sure whether that isactually water repellant itself so I definitely want to check that out when Ido the full review but what I would say is thatis a very very comfortable shoe

what they've gone for is this kind ofone-piece construction so if you can see here actually the tongue isn't separatefrom the shoe the tongue is actually put it on that angle there that's how he'sconnected to the inside of the show there you go you can kind of see thatthere

and then you've got this material on top of this bootie construction thatruns right the way for the show what that means is is that you get a nicelockdown feel and very kind of tight comfortable fit when I say tight I don'tmean tight as in these uncomfortable I mean

that it's this kind of soft rightfit that everyone's going for and what I do like about the fact that it's justgot this one-piece construction is that in this part here where you have thetongue going through to the ankle connection it does feel kind of reallycomfortable and lock down

so there's a real good amount of padding around theankle and the heel area and so when I've been wearing these out and about so farhad no problems with these whatsoever these feel to me comfortable straightout of the box is there's kind of no breaking in period in this

area at allanother benefit of the kuraray upper is that actually it gives the shoe quite adecent amount of stability without kind of having to have any plastic elementson it so this is still very much a trainer style show and whereas someother trainer style shoes can suffer from a

lack of stability just becausethe upper material is too soft this material actually gives you a decentamount of structure to the show so you shouldn't have too many problems inregards to lateral movement in the show if you kind of hold it out to the camerathere you can kind of

see actually the way that it is a separate layer ofmaterial there compared to the soft upper that goes throughout and actuallyas well if I hold the shoe up again there you can kind of see that it's gotsome layers to it so you've got a single layer of the

material the top but thenyou've got a bit of another thicker piece layered over to the top there andagain on the toe box of the show you've got kind of here we go you can see itthere on the camera you've got a thicker piece down kind of laid through

andagain for structure and support even the way that the material is kind of beenmolded you've got a slightly thicker piece there on the inside too in regardsto stability as well what I would say is that you've got aan internal heel counter in this so although you've got some

additionalmaterial that's not a plastic he'll counter and the kind of cancer is on theinside of the show so again it just means that this is kind of in keepingwith this running shoe style look of the trainer one other design element I justwanted to kind of highlight as well

is that actually the laces are really quitethick and chunky now that's not an issue for me whatsoever I don't particularlymind I think it goes with the style of the show and it'll be interesting to seeactually whether having these thick laces adds anything to the performanceand the lockdown of

the show one other element that I will let you know aboutin the full review when I've come to film it as well is actually the briefability of the show something I'm really interested in because more and more ofthese shows these days are actually coming up with this kind

of plastic ecoating that goes over the whole entire upper which is great for structure whichis great for waterproofness I'm just not entirely sure about thebreathability of it um that said you know you've still got the textile tonguerunning through the top here and so that might give us enough

breathability forthe show but I can't see any kind of holes or anything or or how this shouldremain breathable so I will let you know because that's something I'm reallyreally keen to find out on the show moving on to the midsole and this iswhere the shoe gets part of

its name from because you can see here Mizuno areusing their wave plate technology now this is really really unique to Mizunois in so many of their running shoes and it's kind of what they were renowned forwhat it is effectively is that with the midsole you have two pieces

of foams youhave a piece of foam on the top of the plate and then you have a piece of foamunderneath it as well and then running throughout the hill and into the midfoot of the shoe you can kind of see the end of it there you have this

waveshaped plate but just hold that right up to the camera you can probably make itout start in there it rises and it falls and it goes to the midsole and the wholepurpose of that is to give the shoe a really really decent amount of stabilitynow I've not personally

tried a Mizuno golf shoe before so I'm really reallyinterested to see the amount of stability that these shoes provide andkind of let you know how I get some of them so definitely in the review I'll beletting you know all about that from wearing the shoes out on the

street whatI would say is that they're not the softest foam of aso definitely these shoes feel nice and comfortable to me and I don't think I'mgonna have any problems at all wearing these over 18 holes but if you arecomparing them to something like the adidas boost midsole phone

which ispretty much the industry-leading phone when it comes to softness and thatcloud-like feeling these definitely feel considerably firmer compared to the postso I will let you know how I get on in the full review out on the coursebecause I actually think that there is a good balance to

find in regards to thesoftness of the trainer as well as that kind of springiness and theresponsiveness that you can give you as well taking a look at the grip of theshoe and you can see here we've got a spikeless construction and you have allthese separate lugs sticking up

right the way across kind of the whole of theshow and here on the hill section as wellwhat I would say is that these lugs are quite aggressive actually in theirtraction they do seem to kind of stick out and protrude quite a good amount soI think these are actually

gonna give you some really really good grip whenthe conditions get a little bit tricky out out on the course let me know downin the comments what you think of these do you like the look of them and willyou be considering picking up a pair and as soon as

I've done the review I'll puta link in this video so you can see the full review but I'm really really keento actually get these on the coast and see how they perform hope you enjoyedthis video today so make sure you hit that like button if you did and

pleaseif you haven't already make sure you subscribe to my channel so you can keepup to date in all the latest reviews of golf shoes clothing and tech right here ongolf guy reviews

AOA-Pretty Shoes Cut


Jiyeon, sugar Fighting! Ms, Chanmi.

You don't need to do that, I told you you're beautiful Drink coffee, fighting There are two types of women Beautiful women and ugly women And men don't care about ugly women like me But there is someone I like But Haeu probably ignores me because I'm ugly Pretty shoes? I'm not interested Uh Don't you want to be pretty? I'm Yuna, the store manager of “Pretty Shoes” If you wear these shoes it'll possible for you to have a beautiful face and body Pff, nonsense What kind of shoes can make your face change? In fact, this is not my real face Your feet got bigger! This is my real self Oh my.



You're really ugly, hmm, sorry If you wear this shoes you'll be able to change even your body First, try this three hour free trial Three.




So that's how I endep up wearing “Pretty Shoes” Wow, men are staring at me There are no seats I want one caffe mocha- Here it is Thank you Whipping Cream- Have you signed up for an agency? We are working on an idol group with a band concept An acronym for Ace Of Angels, AOA I don't like the group name I'm not interested Please give us a call Excuse me This is for a beutiful woman, it's on the house Everything? Thank you Wow, this is the life of a beautiful woman Yuna! Look at all the card I've got I want to buy those shoes Very well, what kind of style do you want? A completely feminine style These are the best shoes Try them on Awesome Do you think I'll be able to seduce Haeu like this? But remember, These shoes'll change not only your body but also your personality Don't take them off Ok Hi I'll take care of Seyoung's work for a while because she is not feeling well My name is Hyejeong Ah, I drank it all Sunbaenim Thank you Hyejeong This lace is really cute And this'll give you strenght, fighting! She is an angel She is crazy.



Hyejeong, give me the report Wow, a pink report! Hyejeong's report This is my favorite font The director will love this These are the mask we used until now Hmm, Hyejeong, can you give me the new mask? I hope the company likes it Now we will throw away these simple masks, we added a ergonomic design Isn't it prettier? Do people use this at the hospital?! Wait a second, please This is driving me insane, seriously Yuna, I failed! I couldn't confess (my love) to the person I like, I was fired Oh my god! We'll have to change (the shoes) The feminine style was pretty bad An easy-going and bold style? Try these Why isn't it working? You can fix it if you kick it like this It worked You have a pretty bold personality There is no more water 🙁 Haeu, I'm thirsty No problem, I'll do it 🙂 Oh, Jimin, you are so cool She helps us so much I will announce Haeu's female partner for this project Congratulations, Jimin! You got an overwhelming amount of votes from the male workers Thank you! Congratulations, Jimin This is not right I think they don't like me I've been working here for more than 10 years and you choose the new employee? Nonsense What? Don't worry about her, Jimin Seriously, you… I can't stand this anymore (Jimin sings Puss) Jimin, yay! You've gone crazy Come at me I said come at me! Ugh, I'm so angry, all of these shoes What's the problem? I punched him in the face Then, take these This will do it This I've got a good feeling about this (see comment section) Today is Choa's welcome party, the bill is on me! (Choa singing the Choa Song) Haeu sunbae, let's go inside Don't take them off This is driving me crazy Our agency's lucky charm, God Choa, welcome! (see comment section) Wait a second, Choa! Did you come inside without taking your shoes off? Do your feet smell bad? Does your stocking have holes or something? A woman's heels are her pride Isn't it, director? It's all right because Choa is beautiful You took your shoes off?! chanmi's face lmao I think Choa has a kind of charm that makes everyone around her happy Thank you But, I have something to tell you Something? I am.



One more drink and I'll tell you Choa, why are you so nervous? I am Seyoung I… I like you One more and I'll tell you Drink slowly Choa, slowly Are you okay? What do you want to say to me? One more drink and I'll tell you I hate that song Where are you going? I'll walk over to you like a cat I'll go to the bathroom Please buy gum Bathroom etiquette – Please wear slippers ^^ Why is Choa taking so long? She is coming I'm here Seyoung! I'm sorry Why am I like this? At least tell us you are coming Where is Choa? Why did you come here now? I like her being here Take care of you health and don't call a substitute It's late, let's go Goodbye Hey, Seyoung Ah, Haeu I heard that many beautiful women went to the company while I was sick Now I'm back and I feel a bit guilty, huh? What are you saying? You are the one who takes care of the work, the one with the bigger sense of responsibility You are the most beautiful Huh? While you were sick I was very worried Where are your shoes? I'll carry you to your house on my shoulders Where is your house? Incheon Incheong?! I'll buy the gum! Business is going well.

How to Polish Shoes | Leather Shoe Shine Tutorial

Hi, I'm Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project.

This video on how to shine dress shoes teaches you the basic steps on shining shoes using Saphir shoe polish.

This routine can be completed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes and is perfect for both new and old shoes alike.

It is really meant to be kind of the basic daily maintenance shining routine that you would complete on a weekly basis, just to keep a pair of shoes looking great between the more intensive shoe shines, like our presidential shoe shine.

The first step is to gently clean the surface of the shoes using some water, just to remove any type of surface dirt.

So I am going to use a spray bottle.

You could dampen a cloth, but the purpose here is just to provide a really light cleaning to remove any type of superficial dirt that is on the surface of the shoes.

So after you've cleaned your shoes using a damp cloth, the next step is to begin polishing them using a cream polish.

Here we're using the Saphir Medaille d'Or Pommadier cream polish which is probably the best cream polish available anywhere on the market place.

And what this is going to do is it's going to condition and recolor the shoes.



I like to use a cotton chamois to apply my cream polishes because I feel like I can do a better job controlling the amount that I'm applying.

Less is more.

So I'm going to apply a little bit of cream polish on a cotton chamois and then massage it into the leather using circular motions.

Now one of the nice things about the cream polish is it does act as a gentle cleaner because of the turpentine and solvents that you find in the polish.

So again, it's going to be helping to remove any type of surface dirt that you didn't get in the first step.

After you've applied a thin coat of the cream polish, you really want to allow the leather as much time as possible to absorb those nutrients.

We recommend allowing at least three to five minutes for the leather to fully absorb the polish and for the waxes to dry, but you can certainly leave the polish on much longer than that.

We have some shoemakers that I know actually saying that they'll leave their cream polish on overnight to allow that leather to absorb as much of those nutrients as possible.

After you've allowed the cream polish to dry for a good three to five minutes, the next step is gonna be to buff the polish off using a horsehair brush.

Now, normally we recommend having two brushes a black brush for your black shoes and kind of another brush with a lighter bristles for your brown shoes.

The purpose is just to basically keep you from using a brush that's got residual traces of black polish to buff your brown shoes and then end up with streaking.

So this is our Hanger Project horsehair brush 100 percent tail hair and basically just buff the polish off using moderate to firm pressure.

Now what you're going to see here is that one, the brush is going to remove any excess polish that built up on top of the leather, it's going to smooth that polish out and then the friction between the horsehair bristles and the polish is actually going to cause those waxes to begin to develop their shine.

You can see with the high quality Medaille d'Or Pommadier Cream Polish that after just one application when buffing, we're already getting a really nice shine out of these pairs of shoes.

You can absolutely do more than one coat of a cream polish, you know, if it's been a while since you've polished your shoes like it has been with these Grensons then I would probably recommend two to three different applications of the cream polish in order to build that finish.

Wow so you can see with just two applications of the Saphir Medaille D'or pommadier cream polish, these Grensons are looking absolutely fantastic.

You could honestly stop here if you are happy with this level of shine, but I'm going to go ahead and apply one more coat of the Saphir Medaille d'Or wax polish just to show you how we can elevate the shine even more by adding some hard waxes.

Now, with the cream polish what we've done is we've nourished the leather and we've recovered it.

Now the wax polish is going to further help elevate that shine and add a little bit of protection with the higher concentration of hard waxes.

I've got some of the cognac Medaille d'Or Pate De Luxe Wax Polish here.

I am matching the wax polish to the same color cream polish I used, but there's no reason that you couldn't use a neutral wax if that's all you had because again, in this step we're really less concerned about pigment than we are about adding that higher concentration of hard waxes.

So I'm going to apply a light amount of the Pate De Luxe Wax polish to my cotton chamois and then I'm just going to apply this the same way that I did the cream polish in small little circular motions.

Less is more whenever it comes to the wax polish.

You don't have to apply a ton.

The more you apply the harder it's going to be to buff off.

So after you've allowed the wax polish a good two three minutes to dry, then simply buff it off with a horsehair brush the same way you did the cream polish using moderate to firm pressure.

OK, so you can see that with the Pate De Luxe wax polish we've elevated that shine even more.

We've also added a little bit of a higher amount of hard waxes to the surface of the leather.

What that's going to do it's going to provide additional protection against you know any type of water spots and just anything else that could damage the leather of the shoes.

This shine is actually quite fantastic.

I'm not going to do a second coat of the Pate de Luxe because honestly I think these more casual loafers would be too shiny.

But one note for someone that is wanting to elevate the shine even more: you could do a second application of the Pate De Luxe on the entire shoe, that hat would be completely fine, but you want to be careful about applying too much wax across the vamp because when that bends as you're walking these hard waxes, if you have too much built up, are going to crack and leave a white residue.

If that happens it's very easy to remove- just buff it off with a horsehair brush.

But just again because the Saphir Pate De Luxe Wax polish has such a high concentration of hard waxes, you do want to be careful about building too much across the vamp.

So there we have, just with two products: the Saphir Medaille d'Or Pommadier cream polish and the Pate De Luxe Wax polish we've totally renovated and restored the shoes and they look fantastic.

So that's it for our basic shoeshine guide.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at shoeshine@hangerproject.

com or feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below.

We love hearing from you and we look forward to teaching you how to shine your shoes.


Triathlon Shoes Vs Road Cycling Shoes Which Are Best For Triathlon

– See, when I started out in triathlon, I got myself a pair of triathlon shoes.

And then it wasn't until a few years later that I got myself a pair ofroad cycling specific shoes and I couldn't believe whatI'd been missing out on.

Nowadays, I do all my cyclingtraining in my road shoes, and then I do my long-distancetriathlons in my road shoes, but then I do short-distance triathlons and draft-legal triathlonsin my tri shoes.

Those are just my options, my preferences.

There are so many pros andcons to each of the shoes.

So I think it's time weput them head to head in a triathlon shoe verses road shoe.

[Pulsing whoosh] Now some of you may be watching this now scratching your heads and thinking, “Triathlon shoes for triathlons.

“That's what they're designed for, surely.

“You wouldn't see the Brownlee Brothers “wearing road shoes fordraft-legal triathlons.

” True, but in the same score, we quite often see thelikes of Jan Frodeno, Ben Hoffman, and Sebastian Kienle wearing road shoes.

But before we get stuck into all of that, I think we should quickly run through the two different styles of shoes.

First of all, the pure road-cycling shoe.

They're built for comfort and they're designed to keepthe food secure in the shoe and for me, when I firstswitched to road shoes it was the support within the shoes that I really noticed.

It just felt like it held my foot better, particularly through the arch.

And I've actually heardathletes reporting that it's helped to minimise injuries and also get rid of injuriesall together for them.

Whereas, with a pair of triathlon shoes, they're designed to get your feet in and out of them quickly, so they tend to have acouple of Velcro straps across the top to help that, but that does also mean theydon't always hold the feet quite as securely as a pair of road shoes.

And then you will often find a little loop on theback of triathlon shoes and that's to help withgetting the shoe on quickly and you can actually use that loop for attaching elastic bands to if you're doing a flying mount out of T1.

And then another reallynoticeable difference is with the materials used.

So, obviously, you're comingout of the swim with wet feet, so they use materials thatare slightly more breathable to reduce the moisture within the shoe and then you will actuallyfind on some of the shoes, a small hole in the sole of the shoe and that is to drain out any water.

And then finally, thematerials used within the shoes are there for comfort, particularly for those that are opting to race without socks.

The obvious difference with these shoes comes down to the transitions.

And this is where the triathlonshoes are in their element.

So whether you're doing a flying mount or you're putting your bike shoes on and then running out of your bike, they're quick and easy to get into.

And in draft-legal racing, where every second countsthrough transition, to make those bike packs, you pretty much only seetriathlon-specific shoes.

They're relatively short races compared to an Ironman, for example.

So whether you're doing adraft-legal race or not, if you're only on the bike for a relatively short amount of time, you might welcome a few savedseconds through transition.

And for long-distance races, transitions are still important and time is still preciousfor many athletes, but the odd second lost getting your feet into some road shoesisn't quite so obvious.

In fact, for fans of road shoes, they would argue thatthose few seconds lost getting your feet into, andfastened into some road shoes is far outweighed bythe performance benefit and the time made upover a long bike course.

But you know what? I think we should just go and see how much time someone might be losing through transitions getting their feet into some road shoes versessome triathlon shoes.

Right, we're gonna start the clock when I grab my bike from here.

I'm going to run up tothe mount line up here which I've drawn out.

[Beep] [Rock Scratching Pavement] [Beep] Obviously, mount after the mount line and then, we're gonna stop the clock once I've got my feet into the bike shoes and fastened into the bike shoes.

First up, the tri-shoes.

Alright, ready, go.

[Light Music] Okay, next up, the road shoes.

Ready, let's go.

[Light Music] Alright, that was really fun.

We saw a seven second difference in time, obviously, the triathlonshoes were quicker than the road shoes.

No surprises there.

But I do understand noteveryone is doing a flying mount out of transition.

[Beep] [Beep] So, let's do somethingslightly different here.

We're going to do the same again, but I'm going to put the bike shoes on before I grab the bike, run to the mount line and then I'm just going tostep over my bike and clip in.

Compare the two, first up, tri-shoes.

Alright, clock starts assoon as I grab the shoes.

Ready, let's go! [Upbeat Music] And finally, the road shoes.

Ready, let's go! [Upbeat Music] Ah, interesting.


Okay, so there wasn't actuallyquite as much difference between the final twotransitions as I expected.

And they also weren't that much slower than the flying mounts, either, so I think that it comes down to quite a short run through transition and I'll make the excuse ofa new bike, too.

Why not? Either way, the triathlonshoes worked clearly quicker for the transitions, however, it would be hard to argue against the road cycling shoesbeing better for cycling.

I mean, otherwise, we'd see pro cyclists wearing triathlon shoes.

They don't do that.

Either way, I think they'vegot their place for triathlon.

But the main importance, I think, comes down to being comfortable.

The more comfortable we are, the better you're going to maximise your performancewhen you're cycling.

It's worth rememberingthat we all have different size and shape feet and also our bio-mechanicsare very different.

So, my biggest recommendationwould be to try a number of different bike shoes in a similar way to when you're picking a new saddle for your bike.

If you pop into a local bike shop, I'm sure they'd be very happy to help, and you can weigh out that comfort over the distance thatyou're planning on racing.

If you'd like to see more videos from GTN, just click on the globe to subscribe.

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Complete Shoe Shine Routine

Hi I'm Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project.

The purpose of this video is to showyou the Presidential Shoeshine.

This is our most thorough and extensive shoeshine here at The Hanger Project and we recommended it for once or twice a year total rejuvenation of a pair of shoes.

The first step to the presidentialshoeshine is to use the Saphir Reno'Mat tobasically strip off anything that's beenplaced on top of the leather.

Now this is a great component of this president shoeshine becausethis is something you're only going to doonce or twice a year.

It is not something that we wouldrecommend really using any more often than thatbecause it is a pretty strong cleaner.

And as with anything we always recommend that you first test this on a hidden area of the shoe just to make sure that it doesn'treact in any unintended ways.

Now the Saphir Reno'Mat you know wasdesigned to be used on the highest qualityleathers.

So you really shouldn't experienceany problem with high quality expensive shoes.

You know really where we seeproblems are on lower quality shoes that might have used different type ofdying techniques.

Sometimes the Reno'Mat can can remove that.

But after you've tested and I have it's fine.

You know basically what you're goingto use is you know the cotton chamois tobasically just pull the wax finish off of the shoe so you're going to use moderate to firm pressure in small circular motions and you're going to see you know that the Reno'Mat'sactually pulling the wax even some of the pigment from prior polishes off of the leather.

So the Reno'Mat really does require a little bit of elbow grease here especially in the areas of the shoewhere you have a lot of buildup of hardwaxes particularly the toe-box.

So I've been going at the toe-boxyou know probably for three or five minutes.

So I'm pretty satisfied with you know having pulled off all the waxes off of the shoe.

I've got it to where I wanted to be.

So the last step that I like to dois that you know just a little bit ofwater on the shoe and then rub it with a clean chamois.

Now the purpose of this is as you can see is removing any of the residual buildup of the Reno'Mat that's left in theleather.

So you can see now whenever I sprayed the shoe with water and Iuse this clean chamois I'm not getting any you know white suds and so basically that's telling me that I pulled all of that off theshoe.

So now that we've used the Reno'Mat to pull any of the accumulatedresins or polish off of these Cleverley's I'm just going to allow them to dry probably you know 30 minutes an hour.

What we're going to do is we'regoing to provide deep conditioning and nourishment usingthe Saphir Dubbin.

Now the Saphir Dubbin is a mink oil based you knowdubbin graisse.

It contains a high concentration of fish and animal fats and what this is going to do is it'sgoing to really penetrate the leather to provide that nourishment to keepthe leather soft and supple which prevents cracking and then just keeps it hydrated.

So just apply with a cotton chamois.

You know less is more and just apply it using you know small circular motions using moderate to firm pressure.

I'm going to take it across the vamp and around the sides.

Now the purpose of the dubbin again remember is the conditioning.

So we recommend is that actually after you've applied the dubbin you allow you know at least a day for the leather to absorb those really deep nutrients.

You can see almost immediately theleather you know really being fed by this dubbin.

I'm going to take this all the wayaround the back of the shoe because of this leather you know really needs some of thisdeep hydration and there you go.

So I'm not going to buff this off like I would a traditionalcream or wax polish.

I'm going to allow the leather toabsorb this.

You know the longer the better.

Up to a day or two.

So we've allowed the dubbin to dry overnight basically giving thedubbin or the leather as much time aspossible to absorb the nutrients of the dubbin and so before we move on to applying the Renovateur we're just going toback off any excess dubbin using a horse hair shoeshine brush.

So here's the shoe that we applied the dubbinon and using you know using light to moderatepressure we're just going to buff any excess dubbin off of the shoe.


So the next step in thepresidential shoeshine is to begin building the foundationof our finish using the Saphir Renovateur.

The Saphir Renovateur Medaille d'Or is arguably Saphir's most popular product.

It's like liquid gold.

It's a water based mink oil cleaner and conditioner.

So I'm going to put a little bit ofa Renovateur on the chamois and I'm going to massage it into the leather using moderate to firm pressure.

Now just like with any creams thelonger you leave the creams on the leather the more nutrients the leather is going to be able toabsorb.

This is especially true with the Renovateur since it doesn'tcontain any solvents or turpentine.

It's water based.

So it just requires a little bitmore time to absorb you know as many nutrients into the leather as possible.

OK so after you apply the Renovateur allow it you know a good two tothree you know five minutes to dry.

Essentially the longer you can leavethe Renovateur on the leather the more nutrients the leathers can absorb.

But because it's not as potent it's more of an all purposeconditioner than say like the dubbin you know you don't needto leave it overnight.

You know you can if you want to it'snot going to hurt the leather for sure.

But after you've allowed it to dry you're going to buff the Renovateuroff of the shoe using a horse hairbrush.

This just removes any excessRenovateur and then also it's going to bring you know kind of a massage over the waxes you know to buff them to a niceshine.

After we've begun to build up thefoundation of this fetish using the SaphirRenovateur.

The next step is to introduce apigmented cream polish and there's absolutely no betterpigmented cream polish on the marketespecially for high end luxury shoes like thesebespoke Cleverleys than the Saphir Pommadier Medaille d'Or CreamPolish.

So I like to take some out of thejar and then rub it on the top of the lid or the bottom of the lid to help me further control theamount of polish that I'm rubbing on the leather.

So to begin you know simply put some of the cream polish on your chamois and then you're just going to rub and massage it into the leather.

Add more as needed.

Again you want to be massaging this into the leather.

You're applying a thin layer but you don't want so much that it'sclumping or gunking.

It's not a problem if it occurs because you can buff it off but it just makes it buffing easier if you apply a thinner coat.

One of the questions we always getis like you know how important is theperfect match? And you know there's really no such thing as a perfect match.

One of the things to keep in mind isthat you know this isn't a paint.

It's not an alcohol based leather dye.

I mean you know I could apply black polish to these burgundy shoes and it would darken the finish but it wouldn't make them black.

So you're not going to ruin anything by using color that's you know slightly different than the natural color of theleather.

And the other thing to keep in mindis you know part of the beauty of shining your own shoes is that you know the more you shine them you know the color and the patina of the shoe itselfevolves.

One of the other things that'sreally important about the Pommadier cream polish and this step is that you know we're introducing pigment and so the pigment is going torecolor any types of scuffs or scratches that may occur.

I've allowed the Saphir Pommadiercream polish to absorb into the leather for aboutfive minutes.

So next I simply take a horsehair shoeshine brush and we're going to buff off any of the extra cream polish and work that wax to a nice soft shine.

OK so now that we've applied you know two coats of the Saphir cream polish we've really renewed the finish.

We're beginning to build thatprotective wax finish with the waxes.

The next step is to take the Saphir Medaille d'Or Pate de Luxe Waxpolish.

Now the Saphir Medaille d'Or Pate de Luxe polish.

The higherconcentration of hard waxes.

The carnauba wax.

The montagna wax.

And what that's going to do is it'sgoing to build up that hard protective wax finish.

So I'm just going to apply some ofthe wax onto my cotton chamois and then begin massaging this into the leather using small circular motions.

So using small circular motions to apply the wax polish again you know you just want an even coat around the entire shoe after you've achieved an even coat allow it to dry and then you're going to buff it off with the horsehair brush.

So we've allowed the Pate de Luxe wax polish to dry you know for a few minutes.

You really just want the waxes todry and then it's OK to buff them off.

So I'm going to take a horsehairshoeshine brush using moderate to firm pressure and kind of brisk brushing.

I'm going to buff those waxes off.

OK so you can really see that theseCleverleys are looking fantastic.

So now that we've spent time makingthese uppers look fantastic.

We don't want to forget about therest of the shoe.

Most importantly you never want to ignore the edge.

So what we're going to use here isthe renovating repair cream which we use as an edged dressing.

I really liked the renovating repaircream over a standard liquid dye based edge dressing because I find that you do a betterjob or that you're able to do a betterjob controlling the application and because this is essentially just resin and pigment you know it does a good job of fillingany type of scuffs or indentations to smooth thesurface off.

So you can simply apply this using your finger.

So I'm just applying a little bit ofthis dark brown edge dressing on my finger.

And then you're just going to smooth it across the edge.

So again, you get a little bit on there and then just take your finger and smooth it across.

So I'm going to allow this a fewminutes to dry.

The edge has been recolored.


So the last step of the presidential shoeshine is touse the Saphir Medaille d'Or sole guard to condition and waterproof the soles of hisshoe.

The most overlooked part of a high quality dress shoe is most often the sole.

And so this is the sole guard is a highly refined vegetableoil that is going to condition the sole and that has been modified in the laboratory also to provide waterproofing and so what that does is it just helps prevent you know the sole becoming you know really waterlogged.

It helps prevent salt damage.

And it's just going to preventpremature wear of the actual leather dress sole.

So I'm going to just apply it to my cotton chamois.

You can see that here and then just kind of massage it in.

So it takes several applications.

Just because again the leather sole absorbs this you know pretty readily.

After you apply this you're going towant to allow at least an hour if not a little bit longer for the leather sole to fully absorb the sole guard and for it to set.

It is a non slippery formulation and another thing that's nice about the sole guard is it's beenmodified so that it doesn't rub off once it's dried.

Allow this at least an hour to dry.

You can come on with a second application but if you do a second application you want to allow that at least six hours to dry before you actually try to wear your shoes.


So now that we've allowed the Saphir Sole Guard to dry overnight I just wanted todemonstrate the difference so this is the soul where I applied the soul guard and you can see the water just bead up and roll right off.


And so what that is that'sthe waterproofing that you get with the sole guard.

On this shoe, I didn't apply the sole guard just because I wanted todemonstrate the difference and you can see how the water really kind of soaks in.

It doesn't bead up like it does on this one.

So you can see after having appliedthat water you can hardly see any water penetration on the sole that weapplied the sole guard whereas the one that didn't have the sole guard thewater saturated the sole.

So the difference that that makes ofthe lifetime of the shoe is it just prevents the premature wear of the leather sole by reducing the amount of water that's reallypenetrating into the sole and that's it for the presidentialshoeshine.

Now you can see that thepresidential shoe shine is a really thorough rigorous shine that really is only meant to be done once a year maybe twice a year depending on howoften you're wearing your shoes.

As you can tell from theseCleverleys I mean they've really been given a completely newlease.

They look fantastic I can't wait towear them.

If you have any questions aboutanything we've talked.

Please ask them in the commentssection below.

I get back to all those questionspersonally if you like this video give us thethumbs up or better yet subscribe to ourchannel and turn on notifications so that you can learn whenever we postnew videos.

And of course please take a momentto visit HangerProject.

com where we have the largest assortment of luxury garment care and shoe care accessories in theworld.

I'm Kirby Allison founder of TheHanger Project and thanks for joining us.


10 Shoes Every Woman Needs!

– There's essential shoes we all need for the fall/winter season.

Hi ladies, it's Erin andwelcome back to my channel.

My goals for my channel, make style simple.

And really help you getyour style back on track.

One of the ways that I'vealways done this with clients and with you all here on YouTubeis by talking about basics.

There are certain basicsthat your wardrobe needs in order to function.

So you also should have some basics for your shoes and boots.

I wanna focus in on 10 pairs that I think you should have forthe fall/winter season.

These are all shoes and boots that will be theheavy-hitters in your closet.

They're the ones you'd reach for again and again and again and again.

And so they're reallyimportant shoes and boots, and I'm gonna talk about different ways you can modify along the way.

I'm also gonna talk about, if you wanna step upyour game a little bit, some things you mightwanna consider adding.

Shall we get started? Let's do it, talk about shoes.

It's like one of my favorite topics ever.

I love shoes.

The first essential pair of shoes that we all need are a pair of flats that are comfortable that we can walk in.

A lot of you had recommended Rothy's.

This brand that I had not heard of before.

So, I went ahead and I got a pair of black knit-textured Rothy's.

They are pointed toe, so I felt like they looked pretty modern.

I also like the texture, they are very comfy.

They do come with these separate insoles that you can buy to makethem even more comfortable, and they do have a rubbersole so you don't slip around.

They run really narrow, so just be aware of that.

I have a narrow foot and they'reeven a little tight on me.

Are they my favorite flats? I don't know, I think I'd still go with the Sam Edelman Felicia or the Sam Edelman leopard print flat that I featured during the Nordstrom sale.

I think that would probablybe my all-time favorite, but a black pair'sgonna be more versatile.

So thinking about gettinga pair of black flats that could be ColeHaan, that could be AGL, that could be Sam Edelman, that could be Rothy's, that could be Tieks.

Whatever brand that you prefer, I happen to think theones I just mentioned are the most comfortableand, if you missed it, I did a whole video on flatshoes and the most comfortable and what's really invaluable in that video besides the content itselfare all of your comments.

So you all had great suggestionswhen it came to flat shoes.

So if you missed that oneand you wanna know more about flats or do a littlebit more research on flats.

Definitely go back and watch that one.

The second pair of shoesthat I think we all need is a pair of black heels.

Let me add a caveat to that.

If you can't wear heels, obviously, you're gonna skip this one, right? You're gonna do something different.

You're gonna add anotherpair of black shoes to your shoedrobe, butif you can wear heels, I have two pairs I wanted to talk about.

The first is this pair.

Low heels are really hard to find, especially low, cute heels.

I love this d'Orsay cutout.

You see the cutout right here? By Sam Edelman, these areso comfortable, so lovely, so chic, so classic butstill feel modern and cool.

The other pair of pumpsthat I love are these.

These are by Jimmy Choo, they're called the Romy pump and I've had them for a couple years.

I wear them all the time.

I wear them on date night.

I wear them to a party or a dinner party.

I'll wear them during the holiday season.

They're always occasionswhere I wear my black heels.

So if you work in an office, I think you're gonnawanna go with this one.

If you want one forholiday party, date night, that kind of thing, Iwould go with this one but again, if you can'twear heels, I'd put another black flat on your listbecause you're gonna need at least two pairs of cool flats.

So maybe do one black flat and one of the leopard print flats I talked about before.

The third pair of shoes Ithink we all need is a pair of neutral, skin-tone, leg-lengthening heels.

Shall I say it again, if you can't wear heels we're gonna swap these out for flats.

These pumps are by Ann Taylor.

I love this scalloped detail.

I hadn't really bought shoesfrom Ann Taylor in a while and then I loaded up this summer 'cause they had so many cute options I'm blown away by these.

I love the way they look, I love the way they fit, I love the way they feel.

They're comfortable for heels.

There's like a disclaimerthere: comfortable for heels (laughs) You know, they're not likesomething you're gonna run around town in, run errandsin, but you need a great leg-lengthening office pump.

These are awesome; theseare also awesome, again, for those date nights, forthose dresses and skirts where you want something thatreally elongates the leg.

Another option that mightbe a bit more modern and less classic, is something like these.

These are a suede, thecolor is called mushroom.

These I wore a ton.

Again, leg lengthening, comfortable for heels and cool, modern, fresh, exciting.

Not just the same old, same old.

So you could go either direction, or you could do both, right? 'Cause I said you might wanna do the basic and then add a coupleof fun things in there.

The next pair of shoesthat we all need to have in our closet is a pair ofblack, low-heeled booties.

I remember people asking meif booties were just a fad and if they were gonna stick around.

Here we are, still talking about booties.

I have three pairs ofbooties I wanna show you.

So when you're thinking about your bootie, obviously, I would getsomething with a low heel.

That's a pre-requisite, has to have a low heel, has to be comfortable.

For me, it has to have a side zip.

I don't want to try and slip on, slip off a bootie that'sa little bit taller.

What I wanted to show youare three of my favorites.

So this one is actually a comfort bootie, it's by Ecco, E-C-C-O andI like about this bootie that it's both black and brown.

You're covering allyour bases there, right? Totally versatile, neutral.

This is not a waterproofbootie and it's not warm.

Which could be an issuefor you if you live in a cool climate, but I thinkjust in terms of a great fall bootie that you can weareveryday, that you know you don't worry about your feetand the comfort level.

It also goes with everything, these are really it.

The second pair of bootiesI wanted to show you is this pair by Everlane, anotherlow-heeled Chelsea bootie, side zip, you see that'sa pre-requisite for me.

And then these are justa beautiful leather, it's really soft, it molds to your foot so it's a little bit stiffwhen you first put in on, but it really doesn't takethat many wears to mold.

You can see it's already molding, it's got my bunion right here.

Which is just a bone people, it's not gross, it's a bone.

Anyway, so it molds to your foot and it's just a beautiful bootie.

Third pair of booties I wanted to show you is this pair, it's got a hidden wedge and it's a shiny, patent leather.

These are by Aquataliaand these are waterproof.

So if you really needsomething that's waterproof but also chic and sophisticatedthat will go with everything in your wardrobe, I wouldsuggest this bootie.

And then, if you need a bootiethat's warm, waterproof, that you can extendinto the winter season, you must look at the line Blondo.

I will put a couple ofrecommendations below, but those are lined withwool, and they're comfortable so they're warm, comfortable, and waterproof, okay? So those are like the perfect rainy, fall, into winter type bootie.

And we talked about thelow-heeled bootie, but now I wanna talk about the dressy bootie, and I think this is another must have.

Dressy booties are differentthan your regular, every-day Chelsea bootie or low-heeledbootie because you can wear them with skirts and dresses.

That's the key distinction.

They're gonna be dressier, they're going to be elevated and you wear them withthings that are dressier.

So this would be the traditional, dressy, side-zip bootie.

Gotta love a side zip, andthese are by Louise et Cie, Louise et Cie is the wife of Vince Camuto.

Her shoes are very comfortable, just like his shoes.

These are a great dressy bootie, easy to get on, easyto get off, comfortable This is the pair I probablylove the most to dress up in.

I just love the sleek stilettoheel, so sexy and fabulous and then I love the pointedtoe, I love the sock bootie aspect, it really clings tothe leg and so, if you wear it with tights, I think it's a really sleek, sophisticated, sexy, look.

You can also wear it withouttights, but I feel like it's more of a lengtheningeffect when you do wear it with tights and skirts or dresses in the winter or the fall.

With these, you're just gonnahave to have your husband drop you off at the door.

They are not super comfortable, but they're also manageable.

You can walk in these, you just can't walk for blocks and blocks and blocks in these.

The next must have pair ofshoes is a pair of sneakers and I love that sneakersare very trendy right now.

I think, in terms of function, it doesn't get better than a sneaker.

So if you haven't embraced this trend yet, I highly recommend you tryit and I know a lot of you feel like (sighs) makesme feel frumpy and shorter and stockier and all that, so I have a work-around.

These, it's like a threeor four inch wedge.

I love these sneakers, theytake a little bit of breaking in, I would say six to sevenwears but they're awesome.

So I wear these all the time to travel in.

So I have this pair oflighter camo and then I have this pair that's black and blue camo.

I feel like it's casual butit also gives me some height, which I love but, if I don'twanna wear the wedge heel, I cal always pull my Veja's and these are really chic and lovely for sneakers.

The only thing with these is that the leather is really stiff.

So it takes a long time to break these in.

We're talking about weeks, maybe months.

Keep that in mind, you'regonna need to give yourself some time with these in orderto properly break them in.

Like I still feel likeI am breaking these in.

So I would say one pairof sneakers is a must.

Just be thinking about what you want and what makes the most sense for you.

Do you want the wedge, or not? Do you want white? Do you want black? Do you want trendy? Do you want classic? I would go with something thatyou're very comfortable in that you really are drawnto and work around that.

Next, I wanna talk knee-high boots.

This is not one of thosethings that you need to have loads of them, youreally only need one pair.

If you're only going to getone pair, there's certain things I would look for in the bootie.

I would look for somethingwith a modern toe.

I would look for a stacked, short-ish heel like this one, and I would look forone in a neutral color, like this brown tone.

This color will go withboth blacks and browns and that's one of thereasons why, if you're only gonna do one, I would do this color.

Kinda like a cognac or honey brown.

If you wanna add an extrapair, then I would consider getting also a black knee-high pair, and you could do the samething with the stacked, chunky heel, or you can go more like this route where it's more of a specialty boot So this one is stillsurprisingly versatile, but it's definitely moreof a sexy, statement boot because of the texture, it's that croc embossed texture and also the stiletto heel.

These are by Shutz, butfor maximin versatility go with that small-ish, stacked heel, almond toe, brown toned color.

I think it's great to havea pair of statement shoes in your closet that youcan pull out when you're really wanting to look abit special, you wanna wear something that is sexy orjust festive or for a special date night, or for traveling and you wanna really step up the game.

It's nice to have a pair ofstatement shoes, something that really pops and stands out asbeing different and unique.

I probably have a lot of statement shoes.

I only brought two pair to show you.

This is one pair that Ilove, it's by Aquazzura and this is called theAmazonian, so it's like a full lace up shoe andyou can also do something like this in black, or youcould do like a cool gold tone.

It's something that has some pop.

So these are really standout shoes, I also love that they're leg lengtheningfor me because it is really my skin tone color, but youcould also go this route.

Where you just do an animal print bootie.

These are by Halogen fromNordstrom, they're under $100.

Really sexy, reallyfun, sassy, interesting, stand out, pop, not gonna break the bank.

Reasonably comfortable for heels.

Aquazzura, by the way, makes gorgeous flats.

So if you're looking for a stand out shoe or a statement shoe that isa flat, I would definitely look at that line, and Iwill put a couple suggestions below and definitely I'll put a suggestion for flats in a lower price point, too.

The next pair of shoes that Ithink is important to have or consider adding to your shoedrobeis a pair of rain boots.

This is especially trueif you live in a climate where it rains a lot andthen it rains all day.

They're great if you walkto work and it's rainy.

They're also just greatwhen you're out and about running errands and it'swet and damp and rainy and yuck and there're puddles.

It's just a very chicway to keep your feet and your body protected from the rain.

I have a Burberry pair ofrain boots I invested in about five years ago, butyou don't have to spend that much on your rain boots, you can get a great pair, even from Wal-Mart, just be aware that rain boots tendnot to breath that well.

So you may wanna size up a halfa size with your rain boots just to give your feeta little breathing room.

I feel like sometimes ifyou get your regular size, you foot is claustrophobicin the boot and it doesn't breath and so it getsreally hot and sweaty.

So that's just something to think about.

The last pair of shoesthat I think we all need, unless you live in a really hot climate, like southern California, Florida, parts of Texas.

You may need a pair of snow boots.

One of the heavy hitters isjust a pair of slip-on Uggs.

I actually, these are asmall wedge, I actually wear my bigger wedge Uggs more often, but they're slip on/slipoff, but they're low enough where it doesn't bother me and I don't need a side zip forthose, but these are warm, cozy, comfortable, and they add height and I really appreciate that.

They're easy to get on and off.

I also wanted to show youthe newest pair of snow boots that I bought because I'm just really excited about the color.

I know, they're white, you're like what.

They're gonna get so muddy.

Yeah they might, I don't know, but they're waterproof right.

So I'll them out this winter.

I just love the way theylook, I think they're so cute.

These are Sorel's, as you can see.

They have great treads, they have a huge wedge, it's like four inchesand they're very warm, they're very comfortableand they are lace ups, which, usually, I don'tdo because I don't like to lace up boots, but I canactually just slip my foot on and off if the laces are alittle bit on the loose side.

Again, if you can't wearheels, we're gonna modify and we're gonna choose a different pair of flats for the heels I mentioned.

If you live in a super hotclimate, you may not need the rain boots and you maynot need the snow boots, but, in general, for most ofus, that is the top 10 list.

You wanna add to that, great, but these are the basics that you need to have andwhen you're thinking about what pair of bootiesshould I buy, or what pair of knee high boots, Ihope you'll think about the criteria that I talkedabout during this video.

Let me know if you guyshave any questions.

You can comment below.

If you like this video, Ihope you'll subscribe to my channel, hit that red buttonand also, you should go back and watch that flat videoif you missed it the first time around because I thinkthat's really helpful.

I did do a video, if you'relooking for more snow boot suggestions, I did do a snowboot video, I think it was a couple years ago, butit's really still relevant.

So that's another videoI'll put a link to below in the description box andof course I'll put links to all of these boots belowin the description box as well as some othersuggestions as I talked about for the flats and maybeat a lower price point.

That's it, thank you somuch for watching and I'll see you next time, bye.

(upbeat music).

JBU by Jambu "Coco" Embossed Adjustable Bungee Memory Foam Demi Wedge Shoes | Fashion Must Haves…

Cocco embossed adjustable bungee memory foam wedge sand shoes so comfortable feeling almost 3,000 spoken for we're down to the final 25 percent they are 41 40 or a value pay of six dollars and ninety cents a at these home we'll go through colors real quick this is going

to be your champagne so a nice neutral kind of a Goldy kind of champagne color really really pretty look at that Bungie detail get that perfect fit then of course this is going to be your caviar so this is like really really deep charcoal I would say I

would say black it's a very much a black or a true black right and then this is rose look at the rose gold that's my favorite what I love about this rose gold is it's not overly pink some rose gold shoes can go a little overly pink this

is that perfect subtle pink 7 4 1 2 7 7 is how you're going to order there's six dollars and ninety cents on that interest free value pay that price expires today though so Becky let's talk about details with these demi-wedge shoes let's talk about the importance of

that demi-wedge what does that mean in fashion really smart so this is a great way to get back in the heel game about two and three-quarter inches on that heel but notice the real estate this is not a precarious you know sort of stiletto this is giving you

a really gutsy heel that you can stand on Sport wedge technology is partially recycled materials so that kind of speaks to John boos heritage of being outdoor inspired but yet feminine and ladylike and a woman driven design company that gives you all of that technology beautiful kind of

a vegan leather that gives you a nice alternative to leather it's easier this time of year to wipe clean and then that adjustability right there what you're seeing on me that's that bungee which we absolutely love so if your narrow cinch it down you simply push that little

deployment you can kind of create that toggle shape to give you a narrower fit if you're a narrow width or else a wider fit if you have a high arch or a higher instep like so many of us do it is very true to size we've got whole

and half sizes for you but the difference with jeonbu particularly when we dive deep into the details is the memory that's what matters here is that really cushiony comfortable footbed that's kind of the heart of every dumbu shoe and its wife has become such a really number one

Footwear choice here at the network because cuts comfort and fashion blended together well over 3000 sold I know a lot of you are loving the shoe another really great customer choice rated reviewed item seven four one two seven seven is how you're going to order that memory foam

Becky I just feel like when you are when you're talking about more foam we're talking comfort I mean it doesn't get better than that because you're getting that great wedge but then you're getting all that cush in there and that's what it's about it's about that easy in

and out a really deep dive of that tour gives you that cushiony comfort the footbed is the magic of a jeonbu shoe I always diggle I wish I had a sawzall so I could get in there and show you layer upon layer of air and comfort and memory

foam to give you that cushion the technology it also rises up to meet your arch and that's really important when you're on your feet all day maybe it's a dress shoe for you but maybe it's an everyday shoe that you're gonna be on your feet for eight and

twelve hours you want to trust a John boot so we have about 500 left is that you said Dave in the rows in the rows 500 left in this champagne is the most limited just so you know so if you're shopping for that champagne make sure that you

get your size grab it those are must-haves buy is one of my host picks for the night tonight it's 40 140 we're talking about a value pay of 690 and as I mentioned before this is a customer choice check this out from Boca soccer mom look at her

how cute yeah fountain wearing her shoes I love that great yeah but a little elegant they can get you know they could be casual or yeah really really elegant very comfortable and stylish I love these shoes they are beautiful I love them and she's somehow managed to get

a heart up in that and I've never seen that before very comfortable best heels I have ever worn beautiful look great and feel great so Becky I think that's really important because we're talking I know a lot of people out there myself included I have a hard time

wearing I heal yeah my feet aren't the same feet I had 10 years it's not true well yes I mean we've really done a number on our feet and those of us that are you know a little bit older a little bit wiser trust jeonbu to get that

heel but notice that it's really stable I mean I'm on a ton of platform a ton of real estate so it feels very safe and secure and let me just show you how easy it is to push that button so this is it that's all I did I

opened up that toggle but look at that if you're at home and you're saying oh I have such wide feet don't worry this is gonna accommodate you if you're saying I have such narrow feet cinch that down I mean it couldn't be easier at the push of a

button you've got that customized fit love that I mean this is a great shoe it's great for anybody it's great for if you want a heel if you want that height of a heel but you don't want the uncomfortable instability you're getting stability you're getting memory foam you're

getting that beautiful elevated look that you can really dress up or dress down right you've got me really with especially with that I mean with all our color choices here the two kind of that have a little bit of shimmer that champagne and that rose and then you're

looking at the caviar which is the black they're all elevated in their own way and really you can dress them all up or dress them down that's really cool so if you've loved jeonbu and you've loved Mary Jane's and some of the casual options I would love for

you to try a he'll get it home it's just worth giving a go on the carpet just get them on feeling in the house kind of get feel that memory foam underfoot yeah seven four one two seven seven it's our host pick it's a must-have by tonight of

4140 you're saving 40% tonight saving $27 the price does expire tomorrow by one of our very best selling brands here at the network Jambu this is our spring into summer fashion event we're kicking off tonight here's a quick recap for you we kicked off the hour from one

world with their micro jersey knit