High Heels of Bitcoin – episode 13 – Laurianna

[Music] hello everyone it's Mike here let me welcome you to another episode of high heels of Bitcoin and my guest today is loriana you can find her on twitter but i want at reduce her because she will do it herself better much better than me so dams up and let's go I actually my Bitcoin via email on eBay it was it's a great story I do remember the numbers I just it was 0.

86 Bitcoin that cost me about 98 dollars and I still do not have access to that because such a long time ago but that's how I remember purchasing my first so we thought it was a while back when you found out about Bitcoin how was it did someone introduced you or you just found our internet knows where my longtime friends and they were very techie let's say and always innovations and one of them we mentioned Bitcoin and to me was something that I picked up on but really had no idea all the technology behind it anything else but I was interested there was like a bell ringing somewhere that I shouldn't look into it a little bit and then I did as I mentioned I actually even purchased a little bit of Bitcoin on the eBay but had no idea what to eat it with I didn't know anything about it so it was really hard to actually justify having it that was around the time I was a tiny bit interested in into second life and Bitcoin was actually quite frequently frequently mentioned on Second Life and you could buy it with Linden dollars and I don't know if you remember but second life at that time was supposed to become this huge thing so pretty much everything that was on there or being mentioned there was was treated something that you should look into and that was second source for me to get interested oh I have to tell you I have no idea what the second life is can you tell me more about it it was almost it was you could build you could create on that platform and sell things and it was supposed to be huge but then it kind of died off and I guess the boy here didn't catch on yeah I think I may have heard about it many years ago or maybe in some computing magazine or something like that but I wanted to ask you because you have a beautiful painting behind you it was it is your creation as far as I know so can you tell me more about painting paintings and art and how did it happen because for me it's like a black magic eye I I can draw something like a square or our circle nothing more when I was first and and I during my college years I actually created a couple things and let's just say that I was at the right time in the right place and some of the hunters were really interested for me to create like a light wildlife piece and Dan actually was very successful and after that I got another request to created that's why I got back to do to painting and usually the wildlife is is a common theme in my creations I sense the cryptocurrency interest I'm trying to change a little bit of my style so these colorful ones are just a little bit different than the very natural naturalistic drawings that I do on the regular basis but these is just very very new so I'm hoping that my viewers will appreciate that I'm trying to change change up my Styles too and does your dirty of painting have any name it how do you call it and I'm usually against putting logos in the creations although in this one it just it was just perfect perfect match and I wanted to put Bitcoin it's just I've never created one with the logo so this was this was something that I wanted to do and I think it actually as far as the composition I must say I admire you because I always had many many ideas but as I said I cannot paint I can draw some basic objects and is it for sale or is it just for for you all right we will talk about it later can you tell me does it have any special meaning for you is actually very interesting interesting and it's very dynamic in my opinion I have a lot of respect for the two animals the bear and I also need that putting them together it actually creates like an entity that the market represents how vicious it can be and how rewarding it can be on the other hand so obviously I'm not sure if everybody knows but it is something that is very interesting the bull always attacks by throwing his horns upwards and the bear always attacks by slamming his paw downwards so that's where it comes from I did a little bit more research on it and I actually there's a second explanation for why bully bear is connected to markets in general in the olden days the bear fur traders were actually trying to assume the price before they actually they had fur for sale so again before they actually had the per per sale they were speculating on the price in order to make their money and their profit so that's where it comes from to do and it's then connected to the very it's really fun fun thing to look into a technology of the bull and bear expression right I didn't know that is it thank you very much for your explanation I I never found thought about why it's called bear market on bull market now I know so it's very good explanation that's why I said I have a lot of respect for both animals at the same time I actually have a lot of respect for both situations in the market so and bear market so it's very and it's usually the bull market usually it's it's assumed then it starts when the prices go on average 20% and that in itself is rewarding obviously because you're making money simple as that but but the bear market I do believe that in every bear market you can find yeah a crypto market has so many projects so you can earn every day every day can be your new project yeah but you have have mentioned for Mohan's so I wanted to ask you about your projects or how can I call it you have told me that you you participate or you are a member of correct project and former Honda and Roxton can you tell me more about it I would say at the beginning of this year it's been a while and they absolutely had faith in me and warning for me to be on their team I believe oh my heart is going to make it huge because they invest in people and I absolutely love about them they are very honest hard-working team that just can you cannot stop them so so it's it's a pleasure to be a part of that project originally fall moment actually started as blocking events website so the original idea was to list all the blockchain events that are going on all over the world but then they decided to add the market to it where they sell crypto art crypto gear crypto swag coming all know first and foremost I do believe and I'm very thankful to be on that team because fun moments really is a pioneer in what they're doing the golf slang is a fantastic idea and in my opinion a very unique idea in the market right now which is a hard copy magazine that it's also available online but the team at work's gourd steam is is working on on having that little piece of tangible magazine that you can actually have in your hands they are a little bit upscale in my opinion so that's that's like to its you know creating a different niche in a crypto market and they do cover news and they do present introduced they're really worth reading because they do a very in-depth research on and everything that they present so I am very very excited to be a part of their team as well and help them with the art section the fine art section at the magazine ok so last but not least great project can you tell me more about it the part and on to curate project the website is curate dot style and it is the first style discovery decentralized app which obviously is a yeah it uses smart contracts and enable platform in order to curate different styles and fashion and at this point without you know a lot of advertisement they actually sign with really become Zara and conversations with Nike are being held pretty much as we speak so huge companies are going to be on board and to make it very simple how how this project is awesome work you do have three tiers of parties participants the their style creators that share the content and pretty much started off from Content taken from the big fashion companies then you have curators who are people who uploaded engage with it making it more popular and then you have the buyers the people at the very end of the on the cycle all these participants are actually rewarded in tokens and it can be in Bitcoin aetherium or our all curate so to me it's something that is it a little bit different because it brings crypto to to people who have no idea about it and that's why I do believe the potential is is just is huge second of all there's a lot of very very well-established fashion and I think this project has a lot of applications it's 3.

0 web 3.

0 it's decentralized and it is an open source where I I believe it's the only way to build nowadays to be honest so they have their own tokens to write so we can invest correct exchange exchange I will have to check it out because if you if you tell about the companies like Louis Vuitton or Nike or something like big giants of international giants international companies also it's good is good to invest in projects such as does just the process we are making so when you clients and when you have behind yes of course people don't realize how many applications that last blockchain have and how many new people will invent in the future I think blockchain is another Internet and it will be everywhere of course it doesn't it isn't a solution for every problem in the world but but it's new technology and I dare to say that it's it's it's another just like I said it's another Internet is a revolution right now let's be honest when you you know the money supply being controlled from one central entity it doesn't have any future and neo think know that so this is very very important but I don't want to take everyone down the rabbit hole and my conspiracy theories but I do believe that the end of centralization is yeah I I agree I think I think even Baxter's know that their time is up and they will be gone in many in I don't know 5 10 maybe 20 years there is need for a new financial system somewhere so people won't lose their money and banks won't want steal their money because because I don't know how it is in the United States but in Poland if you have something like more than one hundred thousand euros when bank collapses you don't get anything about 100 thousand like a No so so we have it's just the power should be are pretty much at the end of their life cycle at this to mean just because it's the nature of box and I think – maybe not destroy it but to make the change so we are not relying and the weaving and centralized system or controlling all the money supplies of course of course I agree Bitcoin can die but blockchain will stay so so that's why I always I always encourage people to try to create their own projects or their own businesses using blockchain because it's the future is the future it's here now and it will be with us in the next 10 20 30 years so so so it's a good time to start now when it when it it starts not when it's everywhere all right so when we have mentioned investments I wanted to ask you do you invest in crypto yourself do you buy I do I'm mostly at this time of hosting invested in Bitcoin there's couple little little projects that I invest in I always been a huge fan of engine which is a platform pretty much for for gamers I do believe that the gaming world will have their own currency in a sense and I do believe in teams that work really hard it's you know I you know do a little bit of day trading and I sometimes find a coin that I can make I believe I can make quicker money on so obviously I have a pool of money to use to do that but I'm still learning so it's not something extremely good so yeah so I think you have failed few times just like everyone or you do are just genius and you always no one no one knows everything okay next question is what do you think about a crypto or block train events do you participate in events conferences on do you travel a lot do you try to meet new people I enjoy it very much it was very there's always new things that you regularly bases on the regular day that you're you know looking at research it's very nice to meet people I am a little bit of an introvert so it's a little hard for me to do have a small talk and to start it's just in my nature there I'm a little bit reserved but it's definitely a good good way to break down these walls for me so I do enjoy them and I'm planning on being the Vegas conference or my advice a glass of wine can help in relations of course of course we in Poland drink more more powerful stuff all right all right so an expression is womaning – well because I think you agreed that most of of the of the blockchain world of crypto is men I think the statistics say that about I don't know 95 percent of this world is from the from the very beginning I used to work with men and I believe that I kind of think like them so it's actually really easy for me I'm not interested in in dramatic events that women do tend to create some time but the CEOs of the you know crypto companies and doing these crypto offends you actually see really smart women so so going back to your question I feel very okay I actually find crypto target market very intriguing very much into e-commerce about eight different crypto stores and and I run those for almost six years now and I believe that the target market which is men in crypto is a very interesting target market it likes very good products and it will only buy products there are high quality so it's actually very easy if you want to make it in the e-commerce or crypto you provide good products they are very well made the men will actually buy it so it's very different than the woman's market and that's what I've been exploring as far as intrigues me to see how men react to certain products yeah I think men are pretty simple Sam wanna have told me or I have just watched it somewhere so many three things one is sex another is food and the third is to be left alone women are much more complicated than that it's very interesting men buy into I think it's it's because when men go shopping they they usually buy the first thing they they find find fittings it's like me I go to shop I check one two or three things I buy one and I am happy and when my woman goes shopping she will have to check everything and then check and recheck and recheck recheck again but to be to be honest and they do I enjoy that question I don't really see any difference between inter reacting with men or women I do believe that we are all equal if we think you know we're not trying to create divides and I think there's a smart man and we all should complement each other and and work together I think that's the only solution to the solution only way to make this yes of course I agree I think blockchain or Bitcoin doesn't care about your gender it doesn't care if you are a man or a woman or something else in this modern world it's just if you are an expert in your area or you are just someone someone who doesn't doesn't know anything but I want to ask you one more thing so did you have any bad experiences because we hear a lot about behavior or Fieger maybe that's a little bit too much but when you have the old mindset I think other people react to you as you as you vibe so if your vibe is very positive but also very strong nobody's gonna you know treat you differently because you're a woman so so then you know that's going back to your question and and I think that's where the whole wolf idea comes from and I feel very empowered when I when I can actually put it on the paper when I create this it's just different type of magic behind it but that's because I almost tried to feel like oh you you do have to you know the whole crypto world is a little bit like we're always fighting for something because I believe that that's the whole idea so having that mindset yeah I think I think crypto world is a bit different than other areas but I think the general idea is that you need to have confidence confidence in yourself confidence in your abilities and if you have confidence no one can use you and that's very important because some people are too easily offended and then it's very difficult to talk to them because you always trying to try to find if you have offended them or not or okay okay one more question I have for you about your clients about your future do you have any future plans or projects you want to over new paintings good crypto art artists I do not want to close myself and just create crypto art but I would love to be maybe at some point recognized and and have my creations to be you know even more salable so to speak but that's what I'm striving to become but overall I would like to work on a lot of projects that I do believe have good applications and useful applications I'm definitely excited about the partnership work curate that is one project that I'm very excited about and I would like for my water unfortunately I know I know what are you talking about I think it said because it's true I thought it was a joke but then I did a little research and I found out that she she is posting very brave pictures I think she could she could use some size like red to perform happy yeah of course and as far as I know Twitter doesn't doesn't do censorship so you can you can post nude pictures on on Twitter and I think I have seen one crypto girl and she started even following me all right you cannot forget what you have seen they can use their looks they are cuteness their presence to to certainly bring attention I do believe that if it's done in a very classy way and in a very tasteful way it actually can work in your advantage but when when it starts to break everyone has different boundaries but I do believe that the universal countries are I said somewhere where you have the feeling is it's a little over that but all you know all power to the women who are using their looks but I do believe it has to be together with a little bit of the knowledge yeah there is sustaining in Poland maybe it's international if I had if I had breasts I will get further in life everything is tasteful within the brackets of good taste I think it's it's it's something that should be allowed to be out there and Twitter is a little bit you know it's a platform to express yourself in a way but there's other ways to promote yourself and to become yeah I think I think people have two ways men have two ways one to do something wise or like Express knowledge try to educate people or do stupid things like like all those failures or time and they will get much more popular and woman women have two ways also one way is to be wise and maybe use the body a bit or just post bikini pictures or even I don't know if you have heard but there is something going around Twitter about posting in crypto Twitter about posting bikini pictures so I really have no idea all right okay I wanted to test one thing because I have one special block trade decentralized application it has never been used before I have never tried it because it's called universal translator it might sound amazing but it really translates in English to polish or other other languages in the real time so so I will start talking to you and polish and I think you should hear me in English and then you will talk to me in English and I will hear in Polish so it for our viewers it will sound like we are talking polish let's write okay okay I think I let's let's try it it may be something funny okay okay now I will try its universal translator yeah it's like in Star Trek they have those little little communication devices to to speak to Elian races so okay okay let's write okay just wish me Emmy Rossum is super know if you see a movie that you a purple school a suicide she betters poeple school no applicati idea but a pastor a fella thing it tells Muslim is a big fella stuck in Menasha same features 20 attack dogs Amish Maupassant ConAgra Olivia to Paul school too much tak tak tak tak tak them to Nashville to esta cat estava applicati actor understand Modena goes the spoke he only th e Digital Java in fact opinion too much against the Polsky language if trashy TV stem know about yahwah not a super no to super top are so fine yeah Bardot fine yeah a fashion extreme she's up attached so Cassie technicon yet Chiaki : obras plumber yes malawach pasta got savvy important then is control Naja started optional chest reach moving or sudden or celeriac them now stem pleasure tree among yet new sneakers to permanence anxious neutron star in Australian in an oven shabby tristan study was through the block train katsu Guru Gita Benji Fudo block technique Iraqis to Toyota the cultural elite War II – big that he should be ions is shared with Justin star system beyond sort of inviting some super Apophis piano good phenomena phonetic ego Brazil is the try we are Nigel SuperSpeed who yet personally so much European sheets now what's even form Archer if those of you know Miyoko Whitney appreciate whose Nairobi bars and a bit computer swamped and its retail puts table of a caloric correct usage to depend on niver G we don't yet but I have to be okra but ago she said he appeared on a hej yep how it going so good haha so no thank you later Sammy table refused thought yes Robbie tags you want a Tom applicati a terrible job of Cisco fania is posted Nami she's Vidya me tax returns your Papa Veej tinium Angie's dolly sous-chef on girls qualify Java mando mando tests was a fiasco alright okay I have turned off the application so it works perfectly so I think it's time to say goodbye to our viewers yeah that's amazing I think it's amazing because it's you read who looks like in Star Trek and it's fiction and now it works I heard you in Polish it was but it was a bit like Russian accent so yeah of course of course of course but but it works perfectly so so I will I will said say good job to the team all right all right so you can say I don't know you can say goodbye and I will of course publish in the you have thank you so much for your for your kind words thanks so much for your time and of course I would like to encourage every every woman in crypto or blockchain or fin tech because I know it's called high heels of Bitcoin but we can talk about anything basically so encourage every woman to contact me via email you can find my email in the video description and we can hope we can work something out so so once again thanks so much for your time and I hope I will see you in the future.

Tips for Wearing High Heels ❤️👑

good morning everyone it is a national holiday in Canada it is Remembrance Day how do you remembering say everyone it is no school today and today is when we remember those who have fought in the war so you were probably wondering what does miss Tina Britta Club doing

today well I have been recently crowned as your Miss Teen Canadian petite international 2020 so that means I am preparing for my international competition in El Salvador this upcoming March so I'm really excited and I've never been and I'm really excited so I am going to be preparing

all of my gowns getting started on my national costume my heels my jewelry and everything like that Queens and title holders in order to be prepared for the runway or the stage or both they have to get ready and prepare their gowns their jewelry their makeup their hair

and everything like that but most importantly their heels so Queens and title holders they would have four-inch heels six-inch heels or higher now most girls I know they can't walk in these heels but I had that same problem before entering pageantry and now I don't have that problem

because I know how to walk and shoes like these so today I am going to teach you guys some tips in order to feel more comfortable in wearing heels tip number one make sure that you get the proper shoe size when buying heels because if you have a

size too big there is going to be lots of room on the heel or the or end or the toe toe and if you have a size too big then your heels are going to fall off often or there is a risk of breaking your ankles and if

there is a size too small you can barely fit in the heels let alone walk walk in them and your feet are going to hurt so make sure you have the proper shoe size and a major tip tip number two wear nylons and also make sure that your

nylons are your proper skin tone otherwise it's gonna look super awkward but nylons will help reduce the swelling on the bottom of your foot especially on the bottom of your foot right here because in the pageant that I recently competed in the Miss Teen canonical pageant a lot

of the girls didn't wear nylons when they're walking on stage and they had to take off their shoes a lot because their feet were swelling up and they their their feet hurt so wearing nylons is very useful if you are rehearsing on your heels walking in heels or

being on your heels all day these really help these are a lifesaver now if you are going to wear nylons make sure that you cut your fingernails and your tongue nails because when putting them on or taking them off the nylons have a risk of them running if

you are not being careful enough and that has happened to me a lot of times so I have experience it's actually happening to me right now so just be very careful with nylons but these are a life saver so when you have high heels put on some nylons

or tip number three if you don't have access to nylons put on some band-aids so putting on band-aids you would put them on the heel right here and you would put them in most likely and this because in some shoes like these ones right here the strap will

rub against your heel when you're walking or standing in your heels and that will cause blisters right here and some blisters and right here and this part of the foot so wearing band-aids really really help and that will also reduce swelling but there is actually another tip if

you just got to be very careful with the shoes you're going to need to buy because in the long run maybe your shoes are not going to be so helpful to you when you are walking in them so and they might cause some blisters while you're wearing them

so make sure that you have a good pair of high heels and if you want your feet to be extra extra protected wearing nylons and band-aids in certain areas that I have shown you really really help


Attention humans, put down your candy baskets.

That's right.

Drop your candy.

Because I have something very Important.

I mean of the most utmost and dire importance to talk to you about today! guys, It has to do with the Halloween update! I feel like we're all forgetting! We're forgetting, about the rest of the Halloween update Are we not! we’ve got a home store royale high Halloween event! And also as you can see around the map, we've also gotten some spoopy decorations And as of yesterday, we also got our holiday Halloween wings Now the winged contest winners were officially announced I've done a whole video on it If you guys want to check it out and support the people who made it in But apparently that's not the only thing that's gonna be coming to royalween 2019 I'm getting some tweets people OMG look what I found in the heels area leah and cyber! Is that what I think it is? Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? Are you smelling what I'm stepping in? Are you dip it in? My kool-aid? Oh, yes.

That's what I thought There are some Halloween test heels that have been spotted in the wild and inventories But she actually wasn't the only person to mention this little secret to me.

A lot of you guys saw it But as always I'm gonna want to check this out and royal high for myself first So here's all of the new wings all of the finalists from the contest are here and there were quite a few winners So make sure you have your diamond saved up, but we're here to talk about heels So I clicked on the heels and I'm in a private server Oh my gosh, and it's true and you've seen it here look right here at this T So these are created by Sookie Mackay.

So we're the thigh-high ice princess Basically, all of the new heels were created by Sookie Mackay, but these Halloween test heels I'm not sure if they're gonna be gained by Sookie McKee or not I'm also not sure what they're going to look like A lot of people we're kind of upset that the bat Moe heels were being released as they were no rework Well, I hope this makes you guys happy because it looks like we're getting all new Heels and I'm guessing they won't have bats on them this year if I had to guess I would assume cats this year because it seems cats are the Popular theme of this Royal Wine it is cattle wean There's even a lot of kitty cat accessories and a yeah Ernie one those two people and even though I'm a dog person I am here for the cattle wean because we are getting a lot of fun and exciting thing So are we gonna get cat heels? I'm not sure but I think that we should go check Barbies cage just in case you know Just to guess that's what we always like to do here, isn't it? Creations just sneaking around.

Oh my me Okay, guys, we're here and Bob's inventory and as far as items go I don't see anything new this northern sky has been there for a little while But we always seem to find some clues in the audio.

So maybe we should check here Oh my gosh Well, that was too spoopy for me I think I'm gonna have a heart attack after all of that poo penis, but guys I also had somebody reach out to me on Twitter and they had some news about halos.

No, not the Halloween.

Halo, but Actually the halos that are already out Apparently if something has changed, but I don't want to spill the beans just yet.

Let's hop into my interview Okay, everyone.

So we are here with Aisha who messaged me on Twitter and don't mind my knife or anything It's cool.

Hello everybody So as you guys can see the Valentine's halo is in front of me and the person who reached out to me was I Asia? everybody say hello to her and She's wearing the halo right now, but you guys noticed something a little bit different.

So we actually have Elly in the server, too And she has the light.

Halo but this is Aisha who are gonna interview her name is Aisha flora also known as flora or Aisha and I'm Definitely seeing something different about the halo and apparently she did – hi I noticed a change in my halo when I was gonna make an outfit with it.

Whoa, that is actually kind of crazy So she was just hanging out You know in her server getting ready to play and she noticed that the halo looked totally different from normal So you guys remember if you don't remember what it used to look like? I'm gonna show you shots I thought it looks kind of weird at first and then I pulled up a picture of the halo from Valentine's Day so you guys remember I actually did a whole video talking about how likely it was to get halos or not and kind of demystifying it with Rafe and Lord and soo and I Noticed the thumbnail for it was kind of one of the first things with Valentine's Halo that popped up in my files and you guys see something totally different So if you look at how the old halo used to be it has roses It has hearts all around that are different colors and the hearts are surrounding the beam of light in the middle I compared it and I saw that it had actually been reworked.

Whoa guys.

This is Seriously spoopy.

I know it's royal Wien, but I was not prepared for this so I don't see any Hearts anymore.

What happened to the hearts on the valentines? Halo now kind of this side of the petals of the rose do look like they're heart shapes But apparently she's happy.

So I guess that works out great for her So I went and Astor cuz I was like, oh well Maybe it's just a glitch and so I asked if she had reset and join different servers And apparently she did apparently Ellie also noticed a change with her light Halo, but she said it's tiny and not very noticeable.

Oh my gosh.

So apparently the white on her light Halo now becomes way brighter than it did before Okay so we're gonna take a good look at this from the top and you guys I definitely Can see which means it does look super bright now? I know we're by the fountain but I don't have any sort of youtube effect put on I don't have any color filter put on and that thing is really glowing Okay, so I've never owned a light.

Halo So I can't tell you for certainty if it is in fact brighter But maybe you guys with the halos at home can let me know now back to Aisha flora See what I mean about the size of the petals kind of looking like hearts now and it's moving I wanted you to see it It's trying to get away.


This is definitely a big change Okay, so everybody pay attention get a good look at the Valentine's.

Halo You can see the colors everything.

So everybody here is the old Valentines Halo as you can see and then here is the new Valentine's halo actually very very different now that I'm doing the side-by-side the new Valentines Day Halo first of all the roses look very very high definition And again that shiny part is above now You can take my footage here at the rate of salt because it does have the color filter from royal high on it But it looks totally different.

There's no hearts anymore.

I don't know.

What do you guys think about all this? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all so much for watching if you need me I still have a couple more of accessories to get I've been hunting candy for days Hope you enjoyed this and I'll see you in next video humans Make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss any royal wean contents and now for a sneak At something I have been hard at work on for this Halloween my next movie Coven I hope you guys enjoy this trailer for the past 10, 000 years a group of warlocks have been in charge of the realm of magic Their reign has brought with it nothing, but terror after eons of warfare bloody battles and sons and daughters separated from their families There was only a dwindling amount of warlocks and witches remaining They were forced to retreat behind the charmed walls of their school unseen by mortal eyes Only witches and warlocks are able to enter the castle gates a powerful spell of protection was cast upon the walls 200 years ago by the most powerful witch that ever lived But her sacrifice would be lost to history for The greedy warlocks erased her name from every scroll and manuscript in existence Using a powerful but forbidden spell the void of Doom Warlocks did successfully eradicate all memory of the witch.

They feared her power growing greater than their own and they took action But they did not know the hands of fate were weaving a new tale for every action There is a reaction in the ripple of time the void of doom also erased the memory of all magic in every mortal humans would once again turn against magical beings and fear them fear baguettes violence violence begets death they are still hope an Unknown coven a coven of sisters that have been learning the old magic Taught from the safety of the forest where no one knows they have been living there for centuries Well, their power would be enough to tip the scales and return the realm of magic to its former glory Is a story of a coven? It can't get no hotter fish taco shrimp tacos carne asada When I see a taco truck, you know, I gotta follow.

Hey, give me all of their tacos.

Wait you read? I love tacos this effect.

I've got it tattooed on my back, you know is my favorite.

Easy Fixes For High Heel Pain, Arch Pain + Athlete's Foot | Dr. Brad From My Feet Are Killing Me

So I have to wear high heels at work all day, and by the time I get home at the end of the day, my feet are killing me.


What do I do? Why do you have to wearOkay, let's take a look.

High heels at work? None of my business, but anyways.

So I work for Acker, the largest fine and red wine auction house in the world, so during the day, I just have to stand there and look good.

Any time you have something like this, it's going to be painful, because you're putting a lot of pressure in different areas where our foot just is not in a natural position.

So what we wanna do is look at this x-ray here.

You can see how these bones are shaped when you're actually in a heel like this.

You know, the pain has to be intense.

One of the things that you can do at home is you can use a tennis ball, and what you do with the tennis ball is you can actually roll it on the bottom of the foot on your arch, and it can give you that nice massage.

You put some nice pressure on there, and it really helps the patient, and helps with the pain.

How's it feel? It's great.


Yeah, I mean, it does help a lot.

Another thing you can do when you're having ball of the foot pain, and that's in this area.

You can get something that's called a neuroma, and kind of feels like you're walking on a balled up sock, and it can be painful, and can be kinda numb sometimes, and that's a pinched nerve.

So that's inflammation.

So what you wanna do is you can actually take a water bottle from the fridge, you can freeze it in the freezer, and then you can roll that too.

So you're getting the massaging properties of the tennis ball, and then the anti– But the frozen water will take down the inflammation.

Absolutely, yeah.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the ice.

How many hours a day can you successfully wear high heels, or is it just? I mean, it definitely–There's no good answer? There really isn't.

It really just depends on your comfort level.

Look, if something hurts, take it off, but you do have to be fashionable at certain times, and you have to dress the part, and I get that, and if you feel good, do it, it's okay, but know your limitations.

I'm having trouble with my arches.

I'm in a lot of pain, and I just don't know what's causing it.

Okay, so this is the classic thing that we see all the time.

When yo have arch pain, everyone deals with this from time to time.

We all have either high arch, flat arch, normal regular arch.

This can be one of things that we really wanna watch.

So what I always tell people to do is when they're at home, you can have a water basin here, put a little water in it, and if you just step your foot in that, and then you place it on the cardboard, we'll actually see the exact arch type that she has.

And we'll all see this when we go to the pools with friends, and we're walking around, and we're comparing each other's feet.

In her case, she has a higher type of arch.

So every step she takes, it's a lot higher than just say a regular arch.

A flatter soled shoe for a high arched person, like this, this is cork, this is leather, these are all very flat.

You know, it's not really going to support the type of arch that you have, as we just proved with this water test.

So you can go to any drug store that you have, and anything with a good solid arch support is great for you.

Any time you have something like this, a custom version that you would go to your local podiatrist is the best thing.

Anything custom is usually better.

And that–And buy shoes with arches.

Correct, yes.

Like even high heeled shoes, some of them are built with arches.

Just a better shoe that has a good arch, like Rachael said, is very good too.

So that's what you do.

Well Joan has the flip-flops too, what's your foot issue? I'm prone to athlete's foot, and I wanna know lie what's causing it, and what are some ways that I can deal with it at home? Oh good one, yeah.

Very fair, yeah.

Look, everyone probably has athlete's foot in their life.

Athlete's foot is actually a fungus, so you wanna kill that fungus for a variety of different reasons, but when you have fungus, it sometimes can be dry, cracked, and it can become painful, and itchy, which is really annoying.

So what we wanna do is some at-home tips and treatments.

You can actually use apple cider vinegar, and if you put that in a little bit of water, what you'll do is soak your feet for about 15 minutes per day, and that will really help kill the fungus.

I mean, nothing's going to definitely take over what a doctor's going to prescribe you.

That will cure the fungus a lot faster.

But really what you wanna watch for is like a warm moist environment when you're in your sneakers, or at the gym.

You just wanna make sure–That's what they say, it's athlete's foot because you get it at the gym, right? Sometimes you can get it there.

It's really sweaty socks, sweaty shoes, so you wanna make sure you're not in those for long periods of time.

And if you do, if you do have a sweatier type of foot, you can wear baby power, put a little in your shoes, and that will really wick up that moisture.

That's a good, that's simple advice, that's fair.

It's pretty simple.

(audience applauds) Thank you, Doctor Brad.

(audience cheers)(bells chime).

HE PICK MY HIGH HEELS 👠 1st JURY DUTY EXPERIENCE in USA ប្តីជួយរើសកែងចោត គេហៅចូលខ្លួនធ្វើកូនចៅក្រម

Hello all friends, welcome to my channel.

Thank you very much for tuning in.

Today is Tuesday, what you are seeing in front of me is the city of Stockton.

This view is from the 12th floor inside the Superior Court Building.

12th floor of the Superior Court of San Joaquin County.

I have been summoned to jury duty.

As a US Citizen you are obligated to report to jury duty if and when you are summoned.

Jurors assist the judge in ruling the case.

It is not certain that you will be selected as a juror however when you are summoned, you must report for jury duty.

They will then use a process to filter and select the final 12 jurors to serve on the case.

It's only 8:30AM right now and they asked us to wait until 9AM that's when they start doing roll call.

In the meantime, come enjoy the view in my city.

This is downtown Stockton.

It's not as crowded with big tall buildings and bright lights like in San Francisco or other big cities that you might of know or seen on the big screen.

This building was fairly recently built.

When I left Stockton around 2002 they had just started construction.

This is the area where I work on a daily basis As for that white tall building is my University where I got my Bachelor's degree.

This morning I parked in this garage.

I don't come to downtown often so this morning I entered in the the wrong lane.

I entered where it was for exit only.

The cars behind me was nice enough and did not come forward and waited for me to back up and then pull into the proper entrance lane.

I would not be able to enter in the exit lane as there was a boom barrier and no attendant on site to assist.

There's a lot of people today filled to level 5 and 6.

This freeway here is Highway 4.

It goes in this direction.

It then splits to Interstate 5 South and North direction.

Right now there's a lot of people waiting inside but due to me having a cold and cough with a sniffling and sneezing noise I'm just being considerate by waiting outside and just checking out the view since right now there's the issue about the coronavirus outbreak that's going on.

Since I am Asian, there's eyes left and right.

It's OK, we are just being cautious and being considerate back and forth.

I understand because if I was them I would be concern and cautious too.

As for the waterfront here they have a lot of boat docking area.

When the husband have free time when he's off work, on the weekends, or when my brother-in-law needs help cleaning the boat or make repairs he would come here and do it.

Right here as well as this corner and that corner.

Where ever the boat owner request.

I just saw moments ago this building right here, .

This is the WorkNet building in Stockton and the place where I work right now said they have plans to move at the end of this year or early next year and move into this building.

Right here is my sister salon so everything is very close to each other here in downtown.

Her salon, and the building that my workplace is planning to move in to.

It's 11AM now I just left the room where they were questoning and also filled out questionnaires.

This is the first time I've been summoned.

I am a little excited because I don't know the process of the juror selection.

The jurors.

I am now going to head back to the parking garage .

Parking is paid for .

When you are summoned and park in the designated parking garage you don't need to pay.

I parked in that garage.

Waiting for the cross signal to safely cross to the other side.

Dare to jay walk and get caught by the police and the police station is right here too If you get caught they will fine you, $150 or $200 USD.

OK, the signal came on.

I am now home I just swing by the mall to pick up the stuff that I ordered.

I had them ship it to the store and pick it up than have them ship to my house in case on the day it gets delivered no one is home to receive it then the box will be left outdoor.

Mostly it's shoes.

Let me open it up.

They are mostly shoes because the store did not have my size for me to try.

Or sometime they don't have the style.

Right now I am looking for work wear shoes.

I have to try this one.

The style look nice.

Whao, the heel is high.

I am looking for a shorter heel since I am already tall.

If I add more height, oh my! OMG! This one looks nice.

Will see once I try them.

What shirt is this? I already forgot.

I ordered a few pairs because when I spend $100 USD they have a 25% discount.

So I only spend $75 USD.

However, it does not mean I will like them all.

I just order for now and return what I don't like.

There's time I order like 5 items and afterward don't like any of them.

Or I just like only 1 item.

Then exchange the rest.

This heel is nice.

I like to wear this type of heel.

It's very sturdy.

If this one fits, that would be cool.

Would be comfy to wear to work.

Let me try them.

This is a shirt to wear to work.

When out shopping, I don't have to pick.

When we go shopping first I pick for the kids.

After the kids, I have to give the husband my opinion once it comes to my turn to shop, I'm tired.

I don't have interest to shop anymore.

Oh this one is a nude color.

I like this heel height to wear to work.

It's comfy.

Easy to walk in.

Will see.

My feet are wide right here.

So normal shoes can be difficult for me as some shoe style is narrow in the front.

I think it's because when I was young I like to wear sandals like flat shoes with no heels so my feet spread wide.

Making it hard for me to find shoes.

If I want it to fit right here I would have to go up a size When I go up a size there's space left in the back.

Here's all the stuff that is in the box.

Like mentioned, it's mostly shoes that I'm trying to decide on.

Just by looking at them I like the heels on this one, it's short.

That's nice too but it's a suede wrap.

It get's dirty and scratch easily.

Will see first sometime the things we love does not always match or fit us.

Some shirts.

This shirt was affordable.

This orange one is $42 USD but is on sale for $5 USD.

Wear it for fun since summer is coming.

The middle blue one is $37 USD on sale for $16 USD and this stripe one was $37 USD and on sale for $5 USD.

Like I said, if it fits it's a good deal.

OK, let me try these on.

Out of all of thisl how many fits and how many gets return.

This one has a nice color it matches the skin tone but it just that you have to buckle it up.

This one is so pointy.

The heels are a bit high.

The last pair and this one has a zipper.

Makes it easier to wear.

Why it is tight? Oh this one, does not work out.

It seems fit I like the heel but this area is narrow.

Like I said my feet are wide so it's like spilling out.

If the side were a bit wider it would look nice when I wear it.

It's comfortable because the heels are not pointy.

Not going to take it.

After trying on all of them the conclusion is I like this one the most.

The original price is $40 USD.

Now it's only $30 USD.

Only $10 USD off.

This one is also the same.

From $40 USD to $30 USD.

As for this one, from $30 USD to $23 USD.

This style also comes in black.

If it's comfortable I might get a black one also.

I think I am going to keep this one.

I usually don't spend this much on shoes I spent $20 USD and that's expensive for me.

I am not into these things but now going back to work I need to be comfortable and pain free feet.

I like this one too but I think it's a bit too high for my every day work wear .

To wear it to an event would be cool.

Now I want to try to get the husband thoughts on this.

Out of these 2 pairs, what does he think.

This one does not fit so no need to ask.

WOW, so pretty! Your shoes so pretty, I like it.

The husband is feeding Eli rice porridge.

Naly, put this away.

Good boy.

He finished another bowl.

Another bowl all gone.

Brought these 2 pairs to seek the husband's opinion.

Get both of them.

Oh, the husband said to take both.

The wife knows already which one she favors heavily.

I have yet to try for him to see I want him to pick after I try them on.

Which one he thinks is suitable for my feet.

So this one has a short heel and this one has a higher heel.

On first glance, if you see these on display which one do you think the wife would look good in The wife likes the grey (nude) pair.

She likes the grey (nude) one? Why? Oun Naly put hot and cold water.

The husband said he knows I like the grey (nude) color.

Now I 'm going to try them on and show him.




that looks pretty Mommy I like that shoe.

Here's the black one the high heel.

OK, the husband saw it.

Now let's try the grey (nude) one.

Do they wear stockings with that? Nope.

No need too, the color goes with the skintone.

OK, the wife had tried both pairs on.

What does the husband think? Husband knew even before you tried them.

I knew which color you like.

Which color? The grey (nude) one.

He meant the nude color one.

The nude color goes with the skin tone and the heels are not too high.

As for the black pair you think that the heels are high and you are tall high so it does not match.

The husband knows.

The husband know what you are thinking.

The husband knows your analyzing process.

Did you hear that? It's like an echo machine.

Yup, that's my problem.

Naly is trying them on too.

Naly you are trying them too? I cut her finger nails this morning she said don't cut them.

I said why? She said keep them long it's nice to wear nail polish.

She wants to look pretty.

Naly cut your finger nails? – No- Why? Afraid it hurts.

No, you didn't say that earlier.

How is it Naly? Can you help me? No need too, try to walk.

You are going to scratch the hardwood floors.

OK, that's enough.

Mommy is going to return that one.

Mommy, can I wear that next? There is a saying here in USA when you are single, you wear this heel height.

When you have kids you change to this type of heels.

When you have kids, these short heels makes it easier.

Then when you divorce and become a widow the heels is even higher, like this much more.

I am going to keep this, and return these 2 for a refund.

Also here in USA at some stores when you buy things you have 30-60 days if the price drops lower than what you paid for you can get the price difference back.

It's better than returning and buying it again.

The purchase is guaranteed for 30 or 60 days so you have a chance to return/exchange them so if the price drops and the store does not give you credit back then you might as well return then buy a new pair at the lower price.

To minimize this action the store rather give you the price difference.

OK, I want to talk a little bit more about this morning when I was summoned for jury duty.

I checked in the Khmer dictionary and “JUROR” in Khmer is translated as “KONE JAO KROM” Please pardon me if I call it incorrectly.

Here in the USA when you become a US Citizen jury service is a civil obligation.

It is not certain that you will be selected to be a juror but if you are summoned you can be excused or postponed it under certain conditions.

You can't just walk away from it.

For example, if you are under 18 years of age then you don't have to serve.

If you have insufficient English language then you don't have to serve and if you are in advanced age I forgot what is the age cap but on the summoned form it list some conditions that you can select that applies to you that would make you unqualify to serve.

But for all others, when the day comes you have to call in to check and see if your name or group number is required to report for jury duty.

For me, today I had to report.

Like said, I've never had to report to jury duty before.

So today I went.

After they called my name we all went to a room that had about almost 200 people then they had another roll call to make sure we are present.

Afterwards, they asked if anybody have any hardship or personal issues that would prevent them from serving on a case.

If you have any hardships, it will depends on what it is the judge can either dismiss or excuse which mean you are free from jury duty for 2 years You are off and will not be summoned for the next 2 years.

Another one is to be defer which means you do not have to serve on this case but you can be summoned again soon no need to wait until 2 years.

The hardship that the judge approves is if you have vacation/travel plans schedule during the time this case is on trial and they let you know what type of case this is and the trail takes 3-4 months so if you have travel plans during those months you just let them know The judge will defer you.

Which means they will let you off 3-4 months and you might be call to serve on a new case.

If you have surgeries schedule or medical hardship the judge will also defer you.

If your job does not pay you for jury duty for some, when serving as a juror their employer does not pay for them.

They are serving the country but no income earn to support their family.

Therefore they cannot serve then the judge will excuse them for 2 years.

I also heard some people are business owner and they have employees to take care if they were to serve as a juror then their employees with be without pay so the judge excuse them for 2 years.

In a room with almost 200 people at the end there's about 30 people left.

I am 1 out of the 30 people.

I do not have any hardship that falls in those category I am not a student.

I work for a place that pays me for jury duty If I am summoned and/or selected as a juror my employer will pay me just like a work day.

So it balance out and no need to feel that you go there and lose out here.

It like a day at work.

I thought it would be good if I get selected because I am curious to know how the juror selection process works.

For the 30 people that remains we had to go to another room and now we are at the stage where we are given a survey like about this thick.

The survey asked our name and history education background, work history back 20 years ago.

Also questions relating our our family background relatives and people we know.

They especially asked questions relating to the case .

It's not a direct question.

What I know is that they are trying to find out out of the group of people who would most likely be fair and not bias who would rule this case fairly.

Right now they are analyzing the survey result.

We completely filled out the survey and return it back to them .

They asked us to go back on March 3rd.

I think then is when we get the result among those who answered who will be selected It's not exactly sure whether they are going to select a female vs male, an educated vs uneducated person a person with a child vs single.

We know a little bit about the case but they told us not to discuss it.

They asked us not to look it up not to discuss with family or even your spouse They want us to rule the case with fairness with the evidence that will be provided which means that make your decision based on the evidence that's provided.

They want you to have that mind set.

The incident happened like 4 years ago and if we were to check on the internet we would know what the media says about this case.

They told us not to check what we see is not alway true.

When you are selected as a juror to serve on the case there will be witness on the stand and all the evidence that was gathered at the crime scene They want you to base on what's provided whether it's the witness or the evidence.

Every evidence that they on that day they want you look at it and discuss about it and rule according to that.

That's why they don't want you to know or hear from an outside source in case the outside source influence your decision.

On March the 3rd I have to go back.

I am a little excited .

I've only seen it on TV .

Speaking about TV, they also asked Do you like to watch TV shows relating to court rulings or crime scene.

Like mentioned, even if you answered yes or no doesn't mean you will be selected.

They want to select a fair person.

Another thing, I don't know either, but I'm guessing the defendant and the victim probably have a say in the jury selection process.

Like decide who is going to be the jury.

The court in USA there are 12 jurors that help assist the judge in ruling the case.

Those 12 jurors will hear and see the all the evidence that will presented during the trial.

Then come to a verdict.

If majority of the jury rule the defendant “guilty” does it mean that person is GUILTY? What if 6 of them thinks the defendant is GUILTY and the other 6 rule NOT GUILTY? Maybe the judge will have a final say? I don't know that's why I'm excited .

I've never heard or know all the details.

If I'm selected, I can learn more about it.

and understand the process of a trail in USA.

I wanted to talk and share this much for now.

When I find out more, I will let you know.

I hope that after you hear this you are excited to find out like I am.

If you are bored, please excuse me OK.

OK, thank you very much for watching this vlog.

See you in the next episode OK? Bye-bye!.

Rachel Wolfson – Szpilki na Bitcoinie #33

hello everyone it's Mike here welcome tothe thirty third episode of High Heels of Bitcoin series my beautiful guesttoday is Rachel Olsen and I don't think I have to introduce her because I ampretty sure everyone knows her from coin Telegraph if you want to find out whatbikinis and blockchain

have in common just watch our interview and joy hi Mikeit's Rachel how are you well pretty good how are you I'm doing well thank youthanks for having me on your show I'm honored to have you hereoh thanks oh it's good to be here so let's start with a

few words aboutyourself now can you describe yourself and your background sure so I am areporter for coin Telegraph as most people know and I also host podcastswhich is part of the bad crypto show so I do that and I've been writing aboutthe space since 2017 my journey kind

of started with let's see I was writing forHuffington Post in 2017 and I started initially writing about the blockchainspace then and then at the end of 2017 when Bitcoin well was about to reach itsall-time high I went to my first crypto conference in Hong Kong and then startedwriting

for Bitcoin magazine as a staff writer and then from there I eventuallybecame a contributor to Forbes writing about blockchain and crypto and Here Iam today reporting for Point Telegraph basically full-time for them and alsodoing the podcast every now and then with the bad crypto guys so that's kindof

a little bit about myself in my journey yeah so point of a graph I thinkit's one of the one of the best or maybe the best news website I always use yourarticles and I think in my in my latest crypto news or two days before ago Iused the

some article you wrote so you know itwas pretty good I'm pretty impressed with the quality but I would like to askyou how did your adventure start you mentioned 2017 but was it like someonetold you about the Bitcoin or maybe it was like he found it and were theInternet

yeah so actually a friend of mine told me about blockchain and thetechnology and she told me about a company I'm based in the Bay Area so alot of people here know about you know the new technology is the emergingtechnology so she told me about a company using blockchain

for supplychain management and I thought it was really really interesting I read theirwhite paper this was mid 2017 June 2017 and I was like wow this is reallyinteresting it's a new emerging concept I'm gonna write a brief article forHuffington Post see what happens so I published that article

onHuffington Post the time and it just kind of blew up people were reallyinterested in blockchain they were really interested in cryptocurrency so Ijust decided to continue writing about it and my with Huffington Post I wasinitially writing about like random things like dating in San Francisco andthings like that

just like fun like fitness stuff but then I really got intoblockchain and I was I was really happy because the articles were really gettinggood traction so I became hooked I became hooked then and then I'm like Isaid I went to my first conference in 2017 in Hong Kong

right before Bitcoinits all-time high and connected with Bitcoin magazine people there and itjust kind of took off from there so so basically your podcast host your speakerdo you like talking to people do you like being on this stage yeah I mean I Ido actually I'm a very social

person I mean definitely as a writer like I needa lot of time to myself to focus on my work and when I am writing I usuallyhave my phone off I usually you know I'm not active and social then but yeah Imean I really enjoy the conferences I enjoy

speaking with people and right nowthat were in you know coronavirus lockdowns and all about and we can'ttravel it's been really hard because I do enjoy traveling internationally andgoing in this conferences and making those face-to-face connections I thinkthat as a reporter it is important to to have that social

aspect when you need tohave it to grow your network to make the connections and that helps me betterunderstand the technology meeting people in person and talking to them I cameinto the space not knowing anything about it in 2017 and you know threeyears later I feel like I know

a lot more than the most people so so are youone of those shy shy females because when I talk to the ladies they aremostly shy they know a lot but they don't think they know enough so are youone of those or maybe you are fully open and you

know about your strengths andyour knowledge yeah I mean I wouldn't say that I am a shy individual I meanlike I said I've been going to these crypto and blockchain conferences and Iusually moderate these panels so you know I'm not really shy I'm pretty openand outgoing in that sense

but in terms of you know knowledge and all that Ithink you know I definitely know more than the average person about crypto andblockchain but I wouldn't say that I am an industry expert in this space I meanI do know a lot but the experts are the people that

I interview for my articlesthose are the people that teach me what I you know what I need to know about thespace like I said I came into the space not knowing anything I'm not a technicalperson I'm not a developer so those people teach me and so I'd say

that theythey really are the experts in the space I'm just kind of the one writing downtheir stories yes but this space eats all kinds of people we don't all have tobe programmers we don't all have to be developers of course I am a softwareengineer myself this is my

background but I never did it I do other thingsbut so it's easier for me but we we need many different types of people so it'snot like okay if you're a programmer if you are a developer they're notand if you are not then you are not need a clown

that's not true and about thisaverage person to be honest sometimes I think that every average person in incrypto space us asks me questions like what is better Bitcoin or blog Chinayeah yeah I mean like those questions arejust kind of like I don't know those questions to me I've

been annoying it'slike I wouldn't say anything is better but it's all kind of connected but forme my focus really is blockchain as a technology specifically how it relatesto enterprises but you know I'm all for Bitcoin also I think Bitcoin is greatand I'm I'm a fan of Bitcoin but

I think blockchain is really revolutionary butblockchain is obviously a big component of Bitcoin so yeah basically blockchaindoesn't need a Bitcoin and Bitcoin needs blockchain because it's completelydifferent things people don't understand it but you work in Cohen Telegraph to behonest in crypto space coin Telegraph is considered like I

don't know Microsoftin the software space so can you tell me more about your work here with her yeahyeah sure so I came to point Telegraph from Forbes and with Forbes my focus wasreally enterprise blockchain and when I came to coin Telegraph they knew thatand that's kind of my

beat although now that I am writing for coin Telegraph Iwould say that I definitely started focusing more on the cryptocurrency sideof things so it's been kind of like a combination enterprise blockchain stuffbut also the crypto stuff I mean yeah coin Telegraph is a leading publicationfor both topics but

it's good that they're getting people in the industrythat have knowledge on both of those things and I learned so much aboutcryptocurrency since I joined Point Telegraph because like I said myarticles are kind of a mixture of two topics now the enterprise blockchain andcrypto so um so yeah I

have another question for yoummm because I asked many many women about this thing howdo you feel as a woman in to be honest this space is dominated by men there aremore and more women coming to the space but does it bother you for do you feelfor example that

men are sexist or do you feel fully professional and you youhave no better experiences at all yeah I mean I think you know definitely thespace the majority of people in the space are male and that's very apparentand obvious especially when you go to the conference's I mean there's

not alot of females in the space um for me I actually think it's an advantage becauseit's something that makes me unique it's like you know Here I am I'm a female inthis male-dominated industry and I'm writing really high-level articles aboutthe industry so I think for me it kind

of it's very unique to be a womanjournalist in this space that understands the industry in a way thatthe articles are are very high-level so I like that I think that there should bemore women in the space that I think that we're seeing that now as blockchainand crypto you

know becomes more well known I think a lot of people arestarting to get into the space including women so but like I said I mean I thinkit's unique I think it's an advantage and I do have a lot of friends in thespace that are women and men but

for sure it's still dominated by men but I Inever had a bad experience in terms of someone you know being sexist towards meor even sexual harassment I've never really had that experience I think it'sbecause you know I really know how to handle myself and I'm very composed andso

I don't think you know people are gonna take advantage of me in any way ifthat makes sense so I've had a good experience overall Ihaven't experienced anything where someone has said anything rude about meor you know oh she doesn't know what she's talking about it only had positivethings

may be good because you're a very confident person you have confidence inyour abilities we are like talking like fifteen or twenty minutes and I alreadyfeel that very very confident and very competentperson so maybe that's why men don't try to take advantage of you so so wait butbut that's

good that's good so we should all be professional and our gendershouldn't matter at all because but you know I feel let me tell you I thinkthere is one big difference because between men and women in this spacebecause for example women are like what is this technology about let

me learnmore about it and men are more like either they are maximalist for examplethey very technical and then only care about how good this call this or thingslike or maybe the other part of the men are like alright this one and this oneguy on YouTube told me to

buy this and this coin and I will do it because Iwill earn a million so so I think men are more crazy I should say yeah I meanI guess you know I guess it depends on the type of person obviously and whythere in the space to begin with

I mean like I said for me I've been writingabout tech for 10 years I think that's really important to mention here becauseI've heard it about Big Data Internet of Things AI and blockchain and 2017 justseemed like the next natural emerging technology to write about I didn't enterthe space

as someone who had Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency at the time I didn'town crypto at the time and I didn't really care much about it at the time Iwas just like blockchain is a technology it's being used by enterprises to makedata more transparent easily traceable immutable it's all recorded

on thisledger it was purely the tech side of things so I was never that person whowas like ooh I'm gonna get into the crypto space because I want to get richand then you know buy a Lambo and flying in Miami and all this stuff right likethe typical blockchain

grows and stuff but I mean you see that a lot you see ita lot at a conference as you go and everybody's super flashy and this andthat but for me I'm just there because I think it's a it's an emerging technologythat's gonna change the world I mean not

everyone is flashy but a lot of peopleare yeah I completely agree in Poland let me try to translate it wishwe have a special sickness for all those who want to buy a Lambowe call it Lambo roses Lambo ríos so when someone talks about Lambo whenLambo so yeah we

call him okay so you said something like I didn't have cryptoat the time so now I understand that you invest in cryptocurrencies and you owncrypto countries yeah well I mean so in 2017 actually for quite a while I didnot own any crypto and a lot I think a

lot of people thought that I owned youknow this massive amount of crypto because I had you know my sim hat andall this bullshit happened that people you know in the crypto industry dealwith where you know they can't access their phone because it's been hammerstill has that happened to

you well to be honest I know it never happened to meI think the Poland is quite different because it's not so easy to to get yourSIM card because when you go to an operator you have to verify yourself Idon't I don't think they will give you this card

without some professionalverification so I think there were some swim swapping attacks in Poland but theyare not common yeah well well that's good I mean I think that they werecommon and still are happening here in the United States at least so thathappened to me now I do own a

little bit of crypto basically that started when Iwhen I started writing for coin Telegraph's so it's all pretty recentlike I said my focus was blockchain when I came on with coin Telegraph it reallystarted branching out into the cryptocurrency side of things that'swhen I started owning crypto and like

I said I think Bitcoin is is great Iconstantly watch the price go up and down and went up and my days are betterthan when it's down so so yeah those are my thoughts on that so do you check yourphone for the prices every 10 minutes not well you

know it used to be when Ifirst started with the whole cryptocurrencything and investing like yeah I was every 10 minutes it was like oh and youknow is very and I had a lot of anxiety about it I was like no I you know theprice is down and it's

up but now it's really it's like I'm checking everymorning maybe before I go to bed I remember when the price of Bitcoin hithit it slow when was it in March this year when all the coronavirus in thestock market started crashing in a Bitcoin reached like what 3000 somethingyou

know I was pretty shitty and I got really anxious and I was freaking outbut now things just things seem to be a lot betterwell I remember January 2019 and it was like I've been live stirring highlightsfrom every Sunday and it's called crypto Sunday we've Mike I talk to

people and Iknow their feelings in and when it was January or even February when Bitcoinhit the bottom it was like it's over don't invest mining is not profitableanymore it will collapse and it is the end and things like that and then fourmonths later when it's all started rising

it was like all right I think Iwill buy something they didn't buy at 3000 because they thought it would be 2K 1 K or even less but when Bitcoin reached 10 K yes thisis the time I have to buy it now this is my hour yeah yeah yeah

go aheadsome people never learn oh yeah it's interesting because like even whenBitcoin hit its load this year in March I think it was and everybody wasfreaking out and selling and you know whatever like oh bitcoin is gonna hitzero I never thought that and I still don't think that

I don't think Bitcoinis ever going to hit zero and maybe it's because I met more than a few times andI know people like Tim Draper who is you know so enthusiastic when it comes toBitcoin and you speak to people like that like Tim Draper in personyou see his

enthusiasm and you see his previous investments I mean this guyreally knows his stuff and he's so bullish on Bitcoin so it's like whywould I ever you know Bitcoin isn't gonna hit zero why would I sell it whenit's you know like it's just I want to hold on to

Bitcoin is what I'm saying Ibelieve in it I don't think it's gonna hit zero and I think it's because I'vesurrounded myself and I've spoken with people that believe in it also yeah andthis month the situation was completely different because we have pandemics somepeople claim we still have Bitcoin

wars and cryptocurrencies were created tofight a financial crisis not the not the pandemics so it was completely new itwas something new there were other in our life but not at the scale no I don'tthink any one locked us down in like I don't know 100 years yeah yeah

I meanand it's also interesting because when the stock market started crashingbecause the whole coronavirus thing people like my dad for instance andpeople that don't really invest or care about cryptocurrency started payingattention to Bitcoin my dad was like oh wow you know Bitcoin he was asking meabout the price

every day he expressed interest in having Bitcoin for the firsttime and this is someone who never you know would have thought twice aboutBitcoin I mean when he first heard of it he thought it was a joke you know butbut now he's like yeah Bitcoin and he he has

all of my crypto t-shirts that I gotfrom the conferences he wears them every day in Dallas Texas it looks like thebiggest Bitcoin and blockchain person ever and now he finally is like yeahbitcoin let's do this my father is pretty similar because yeahI gave him some bitcoins a few

months ago I think it was and now he he isconsidering buying himself so so yeah and yeah and this crisis opened the eyesof the people because when a Fed started printing these trillions of dollars somepeople started thinking how can they print so much money and there was thissome

Fed Chairman who told we have unlimitedamount of money and then people opened their eyes and said if they haveunlimited amount of money why do they even try to tax us today's financialsystem is just crazy I think like no currency is really shedding light onthis whole new world and

and I'm so happy that I got into this space notonly because the blockchain element that drew me there but because crypto has somuch potential I mean it's insane people that don't know about cryptocurrency andit's potential I mean they really they really should because it is it's thiswhole new

world that's opening many opportunities for for people especiallyin developing countries so yeah yeah sometimes the easier way the easiest wayto convince someone that cryptocurrencies are the future is notto show them the Bitcoin not to show them how great it is but to tell themabout this fractional reserve system

about this whole financial systemcorruption and it opens their eyes because when I say someone imagine whenyou try to take your money out of the bank in Poland we have something calledbank protection systems or things like that so if you have like under 100thousand euro then you're safe then

this system will protect you but if you havemore and the bank bank bankrupts then they are gone if you have over 1,100 100thousand euro then you won't get your money back so and it's like if tenpercent of all people wanted to get their money from bank bank wouldn't

haveall those money so you would have to wait and yeah people don't know thatsome people who still think that in the United States dollar is still backed bygold right well I think there's another important element that has caught myinterest lately and I wonder you about your thoughts on

it there are now thesedebit cards that are making crypto more accessible and easier to usebecause I think that I also think that cryptowill go mainstream when people like my mom and like my dad can easily take youknow a debit card and spend their cryptocurrency in ways that they

do likewith Fiat with dollars right so for instance like uphold is a really goodexample of that they've got a great debit card bitpay just released theirnew I wouldn't call it a debit card I forgot the term that they use butsimilar to a debit card so these companies are

really ramping up ways tomake crypto accessible to the mainstream which i think is great I mean you knowlike I said I like to hold on to the Bitcoin but if for some reason I everdid need to use it there are options that make it quite simple yeah there

arealso I think there is wire eggs and also there is also crypto com1 and yeah youcan use them you can get cash back and you can even lend your money because allthose lending platforms and for example if you want to put your money in theback in Europe we

start to have negative interest rates for example you have topay the bank to store your money for now it's only for the very very rich peopleover 1 million euro or things like that but it is coming I think every we willhave to pay for every bank account but

also for storing our money I think itwas in the radio news today they told that banks are they have lost like 8 80percent of all profit because of kovat and now they want to increase all thosefees and for example if we want to fast transfer your money for

example so itgoes like under five minutes you have to pay like five dollars or maybe even tendollars so yeah it's a lot yeah yeah so I mean yeah cryptocurrency seems to besolving all of those issues and you know it's just in another thing islike when I was traveling

for instance you know you have to go and you have totake out money and these different you know currencies I mean that's annoyingalso so that's another issue that crypto currencies you can definitely solve justone universal currency that can be used anywhere yeah basically you have toremember twelve words

if you remember twelve verse you can go to any anycivilized country go to the with your phone as connect to the internetdownload application restore your wallet and then you can go to a Bitcoin ATM andwithdraw some fiat so yeah it's it's very easy all right let me ask

you aboutthis coffee'd nineteen situation because you've mentioned you live in the BayArea and to be honest I have seen one of your insta stories where you havementioned something like there were people running in in masks so and then Iwas like what oh my gosh I don't know how

it is in Poland I mean even todayfor instance it's like I went I run I'm a big fitness person so on top ofwriting about blotching and crypto all I do it really is like work out that'sreally important to me and so I go on runs and so I've

been running outsidelately without a mask because I'm not gonna wear a mask when I exercise I haveto breathe but then I'm passing all these people and it's pretty hot out andthey're wearing masks and I'm thinking like this is insane how can you breatheI mean and I get it

like everybody has a different opinion on the matter for meI'm young I'm healthy I'm not high-risk I guess but yeah and also they justpassed a law yesterday where everyone in California has to wear a mask in publicplaces well let me tell you about Poland I think it was

like it started in Marchin Poland they've closed all the borders only citizens could return and when theyreturned they were quarantined for 14 days and then there were more and morerestrictions for example limited amount of people in the shopswe all had to wear masks even in public and the

most stupid thing they did wasto close down the forests you couldn't go to forest so it was pretty crazy youcould go to a shop you could go to a grocery store I'm wearing those masksyou had to wash your hands with this this stuff I don't know how you

callthis stuff so that's antibacterial or something like that it's in every storeright now and people went crazy we are all gonna dieso they were wearing those masks they were wearing those masks running theywere wearing those masks even driving they're riding their bikes and thingslike that now it's coming

back to normal for example I don't wear this crap whenI'm when someone asks me about it I tell I have lungs problem I cannot brief inthis mask yeah it's so hard to breathe well I'm glad to hear things in Polandare returning back to normal because things I mean

I know like I grew up inTexas I'm from Dallas originally I know in Texas they've lifted their orders sothings are returning to normal there but in California they're not lifting theirorders it's still everybody's wearing a mask I mean I'm in disbelief I'm like inthe grocery store with a

mask on I can't breathe I just can't wait to go intopublic places where I don't have to wear a mask and like and I do miss eating outbut I'm not gonna eat out now because I don't want to have to stand in theselong social distancing lines only to

get some food to sit at a table and wear amask I mean it's stupid well I think it's Poland it's it's pretty stable butthere is one region of Poland where we have a lot of coal mines and all thosecoal mines bought a lot of Kovach 19 tests and

then they started testing andtesting and testing and it looked like apocalypse but and I look at those statsand I say you did a lot of tests so you have a lot of sick people but it's notit's not like some Armageddon or or things like that it's not that

seriousnow we know it's not I don't think it's more than thatthe flu yeah I mean I mean the thing is this like I've also noticed so someoneI'm close with had a very bad cough recently and everybody was you knowimmediately it was like not just a coffee it was

you have corona virusyou're coughing so you have corona virus you need to get tested and he refused hesaid I don't have corona virus I am NOT getting tested and I've spent a lot oftime around him so it's like I'm healthy I didn't even get it cause like I

thinkpeople that even have a cough a slight cough are immediately getting tested andthat's what's clogging up the system everybody with a cough or sneeze or aneight I have corona virus so here in California a friend of mine recentlywent to go get tested for corona virus and she said

the lines were so long butum I I did want to tell you Mike because actually this is an article I'm workingon now have you heard of Civic technologies they have the Civic walland have you heard of them yes of course okay cool so I'm actually writing aboutthem the

article should be up in a few days did you hear about their new Idon't know if you read the Forbes article from Michael Costello about whatthey're doing with this proof of health with medical circle medical it could beno to be honest I haven't okay so let me I'll

just tell you because we're talkingabout coronavirus exactly it's really interesting what the world of blockchainand crypto can do for coronavirus because wallets like the Civic walletwhich is it uses facial recognition to access your funds so you don't need apassword a seed phrase or anything like that you just

you know do the facialrecognition they also store health data in their wallet along withcryptocurrency that can be used and stored in the wallet your health data isalso there so now they're doing this proof of health with this company with ahospital in San Francisco called circle medical where people

can prove becausethey have their data stored on the wallet to their employers that they'vebeen they've either had coronavirus now they're immune or that oncevaccination comes out that they've received the vaccination and this is allmade possible through the Civic wallet and blockchain technology so this isreally really cool because

now people it just gives people peace of mind like Ican go back to work I've been tested or I have the vaccine eventually and andyou know this is they're even thinking of you know having it for like concertsand so people can just go back and live their life

with a peace of mind thatit's okay yeah I think one of the best best applications for blockchain is itsmedical data blockchain cancer all those medical data not only and not onlysupply chain solutions but also medical data and all those others solutions so Ithink for now we can say

that it's maybe it's ending a little bit and oh one morething about discover think we are we are coming back to normal because more andmore people find out that they were sick and they were sick like like last yearmy friend was was very sick he had all coronavirus

symptoms it and it wasDecember 2019 he had high fever he had all those breathing problems hego he went to a doctor and doctor told me it's some weird infection you have totake some antibiotics and you can go home and now he would go he would go hewould be

quarantined here and you know so I think it's much older than we allthink yeah well I think you make a good point I agree with you I just think itjust kind of blew up and now the world has come to this weird strange and notin and but it's

just like I travel all the time and I've been in the Bay Areafor I don't know a few months now and I'm so I'm like ready to just get up andgo to London or Tel Aviv where I like to spend the summer so and I can't it'syeah people

need to check the data because I think it was2008 or maybe 2018 it was something like bird flu or swine flu or some kind ofthat and around 1 million people died around the worldso where is covet now I don't believe in this whole thing I think it's allcover-up

for this financial crisis but we will find out someday all rightyou've mentioned crypto conferences crypto meetups so do you have any do youhave special ones do you son do you like some more than the other any cryptoconferences that you can recommend yeah well I mean the last in-personconference

I went to was in March and it was the hyper ledger Global Forum whichwas really really great because as you know I'm all about enterprise blockchainso obviously hyper ledger Global Forum was definitely a really good conferencefor me so I'm sure they're gonna have one they have one every

year they'llhave one next year so if people who are interested in the enterprise side ofthings I'd recommend going to the hyper ledger conference what elsecoin Telegraph has a conference lock show I think it's what it's still calledI went to there I went to that conference before I was

writing for coinTelegraph I think in 2018 or 2017 consensus obviously that's a really goodone one of my favorites and there's a lot of online conferences now I knowthat the blood there's some blockchain gaming conferences going on right now sothose are always interesting I know that IO HK and

Cardno are about to do aconference they've asked me to moderate a panel so although it's virtual they'restill happening bad crypto just had this amazing blockchain week online I don'tknow if you were there Mike or saw it but I mean that was amazing they had thetop speakers there yeah

I have seen it yeah yeah so well we have lost reallygreat conference in Poland this year because of this covered thing it'scalled invest coughs and it's not only crypto crypto it's like an addition tothis conference its investments conferenceKrakow Poland and I invited some great speakers like Jessica Walker

from Martablockchain summit and some other ladies and I was going to host and discussionpanel called high heels of Bitcoin I did it last year and I was going to repeatit but this time in English but then Kovac came and we couldn't do it so Ithink we will do

it next year so well if you do it next year I would love to be apart of it because sure would be great to meet you in person and I actuallyhave my grandmother was born in Poland well I have Polish heritage and I'venever been so I think going

to pull in to meet you and to be in a conferencewould be the perfect excuse for me to go back and see my heritage heritage alsofeel invited sometimes I think I think half of the people in crypto have somePolish heritage or polish roots because loriana from crypto twitter

is polishthen this I don't remember him I think she's called Li are not Lea Leashe's Lea from UK she also her great-grandfather was polish so like sowe have a lot of poles around the world so so so feel invited so I will let youI will definitely let you

know when we will have another another meeting so Ican't wait yeah I've always Colin's always been on my list of places to goand so yeah it's very nice we have our own problems but it's a very nice placewe live in the peace yeah so of course there are

politics involved and thereare two major parties fighting each other over the powers oh yeah many manydifferent problems but I think we are pretty peaceful people with we arepretty traditional ones so all right let's move to crypto Twitter I wouldlike to know what do you think about crypto we

drove because for me I thinkit's the one of the best social media platforms in cryptobecause I can find a lot of stuff and very interesting people there butsometimes it's very hard to find some information because there are thosecrypto Twitter wars between different people right yeah so my thoughts

oncrypto Twitter I'm very active on Twitter and because that's I share myarticles and my videos and it twitter has been a great platform for mecompared to the other platforms like LinkedIn is also good except I recentlystarted to do this tick tock thing and talk about Bitcointhere and like

my videos are getting no views on tick tock I think it's becauselike it's just too new like nobody on tick tock cares about cryptocurrency yetall they care about is like fitness and dogs and which is cool I love that butanyways back to crypto twitter twitter really is a

good platform for sharingthe cryptocurrency and blockchain you know discussions I do think that somediscussions can get way too heated and people can get a bit crazy and say ruderude and like mean things like I know the steam high-drama I recently wroteabout that I don't know if you read

that article guys like yeah that was disasterarticle about this south korean guy who was he was live treated by some peopleon high for yes it was this article yes yes yes I remember yeah I don't know doyou use high you do use hype right right to be honest

I have too many socialmedia accounts I used to use steam but I don't use the hive I don't have enoughtime because crypto is not my full-time job I have normal job and it is my hobbyand I don't have enough time so if you have some kind of time

dilation fieldjust let me know no I mean it's just there's such a drama and I was veryhesitant to write that article because I didn't want people to think that I wastaking a side I'm not taking a side with hive or steam I'm just a reporter Idon't take sides

I just tell those people's storiessomeone came to me and anonymous source who told me that a hive user sent senthim death threats in a Concorde channel and they wanted me to tell his story andget the word out there and I'm not saying hi this bad or steam is

bad likeI'm just saying this is what I've been told and I spoke with Dan of hi dadnotes teen so I heard his side of the story and so I'm trying to make eachside equal you know and just show people like don't attack me on Twitter becauseI'm just the

one reporting the story I don't use steam or hive yeah but that'sthe worst choice because if you don't take sides one side will say that youare with the other side and then the other side will say that you are with soyeah I know this because there are those

two about these politics in Poland thereare two major parties and I don't like either of them I choose just the thirdone some how do you call them a Conservative Party in Poland and Ialways I always have to explain that I don't love neither them nor them so soyeah

so fine yeah and you know and I think cryptocommon community is the worst and the best thing in this space because thereare really great people in this space I have met a lot of them in in my life inperson and I have a lot of friends and a

lot of great people but there are alsojerks yeah well yeah I mean for sure I mean there are personalities in thespace I'm gonna say and some of those people have become my very close friendsand some of those people I see in that conference as I'm just like oh

I don'twant to talk to that person because usually as a reporter I get pitchedobviously all the time but it's like at the end of the day if I'm at aconference and I'm trying to like socialize the last thing I want to dowhile I'm drinking you know like my

vodka soda at a happy hour is here aboutyour company it's like don't tell me about that now I'm having fun I'menjoying myself this isn't work for me when you pitch me it becomes work andthen I kind of get turned off by by you so I think people need

to know thatbecause I get it all the time well to be honest I call all those bad peoplekeyboard warriors I even have some special section on my discord serverwhere I post all the screenshots about all those crazy comments because I havemy own YouTube channel and basically it's my

main main social media platformYouTube I basically post YouTube videos every day and there are there are ofcourse some jerks that I have to delete those comments because they are becausethey are pretty offensive but there are some I don't consider them funny I Iwould rather say crazy but then

I have something special for example someonesays something stupid to me and then I say of course you're rightcongratulations you have won this week's keyboard warrior reward and I post thisscreenshot of this comment on my disk of certain and people laugh so yeah it'sout shuts them down pretty effectively

alright about the script or Twitter somerecommendations for my high fields of Bitcoin show so maybe you know someladies you would like to recommend for my show yeah definitely so there'sanother really great woman who's an editor at coin Telegraph I don't know ifyou've met her spoken to her name

is Christina and she's based in Italy she'dbe really good to have on she is a very smart woman I look up to her she's youknow there aren't many women and journalists in the space but Christinais another one that's really really great so you should talk to her if

youcan you should have her on the show yeah I will I will try to contact her yeah Ican ensure you to Christina who else I I have a very good friend her name isDanny Brown Wolff she works with orbs they're the company that's doing hybridenterprise blockchain stuff it's

ORV s orbs so she's she's great very veryknowledgeable in terms of enterprise blockchain and the benefits betweenpublic and private blockchains for enterprises so she's good Danny and thenI have a friend Sarah Austin she's now working with cava the defy startup herein San Francisco she's also an influencer she's

been an she actuallycame with me in 2017 to that Bitcoin conference in Hong Kong so she's kind ofyou know been a part of my journey as well she'd be good to have on the showyeah so thank you for your recommendations I always try I had Ithink I have

introduced this section of this interview like five interviews agoI thought to myself alright maybe I should ask my interview way to recommendsome ladies it will be much easier for me because sometimes I I message someoneon Twitter and there is no reply and I have to wait and then

I ask my femalefriends can you talk do you know this and thisperson yes yes she is my very good friend of mine can you whisper somethings about Mike trying to contact yeah well by the way Mike I just thought oftwo more amazing women that you should have on

the show I mean they're reallythought leaders one is Caitlyn long yeah I would love to have her on my showthat's like an obvious like Caitlyn is not God talk about thought leader andexpert in everything Caitlyn so maybe I could make that introductionshe's not like a best friend or

good friend but I've met her in person morethan a few times and then Brittney Kaiser who was the whistleblower for theCanberra analytic of Facebook scandal she's actually a good friend of mine andshe's doing a lot with like keeping data private and blockchain is obviously allabout that so Britney

would be good too I would love to have her on my show youhave some great recommendations thank you so muchfor yeah all right so another question is not blockchain Bitcoin cryptoconnected so what would like what do you like to do when you're not in cryptospace there is this

thing called blockchain and bikinis yeah right wellyes that's my Instagram and you know it's just like it made it makes sense sobefore moving to San Francisco I was living in Tel Aviv in Israel for aboutfour years I have Israeli citizenship and it was always kind of like my

dreamto live there so I became addicted to the beach and fitness because I wasalways at the beach I was always in a bathing suit I was always working outyou know that was really important to me just living in Tel Aviv it's a beachplace you go around in your

bathing suit all the time so when I started writingabout blockchain in 2017 I also have this bikini addiction and being onbeaches and being at pools so they okay blockchain and bikinis it makes senselike have my Instagram you know have bikinis in it but also educational interms of the

blockchain stuff and I don't know it has a nice ring to it andit's just combining two of my passions like I don't think there's a lot ofpeople in the blockchain of crypto space that are all about health and fitnessand bikinis and beaches and and that's me like you

know I think it makes meunique so yeah and you're like a fitness addict right yeah yeah I work outbasically every day if I don't work out I can't write my articles like that'swhat gets me going in the morning is a run or like you know doing somestretches whatever

and then I'm able to sit down for five hours and write anarticle so don't you get some rude comments on Instagram or maybe somepictures yeah I mean the thing is this like I have received you know likeblockchain and bikini is why would you do that like that stupid

blah blah blahsome people really like it that like the bad crypto podcast was all about it JoelI'm the host of the bad crypto podcast when he was saying that I could be apart of their team he's like oh we should have your image as for yourpodcast image of

you in a bikini and I was like okay Joellike that's a cool idea but it may like also you know Here I am interviewingpeople at IBM I don't know if that's like best choice but yeah I mean I havereceived some criticism about it but like the thing is

that's like I reallydon't care if people like it or dislike it I enjoy it and it's combining both ofmy passions and that's all that really matters like it's my Instagram accountso yeah what it's because you're pretty confident person and I think people whoare insecure with themselves then they

will criticize you why would anyone havesomething to do with it because there are for example it's nothing bad yeahyou like bikinis there are some blockchain ladies who do only fundsaccount and showing some nudity or even the worst thing so right yeah yeah andfor me it's just like I'm

addicted to the beach and hot weather and that wholelifestyle so it's like why not yeah we have problem with hot water in Polandthese days because it's like of course you you use those fahrenheits and Idon't remember how to convert those I think it's over 100 Fahrenheit so my

godso yeah it's hot it's hot it's hot but like in the 40s south yes yeah not 40like 34 35 so 40 is like apocalypse for us and basically I live in northeasternPoland so it's colder space we used to havevery strong winters like a minus 30 degrees so maybe

it's not Siberia butyeah there were strong winters but last winter but there was no winter in Polandso and now it's very hot summer so it's like it's very hot during the day andthere is the thunderstorm and rain in the evening or maybe in the night andthere is the

new day so interesting yeah last three or four days were like thisoh-ho today then thunderstorm then rain and then denied alright my last questionfor you is what are your plans for the futures what would you like to do wheredo you see yourself in like five years yeah well

that's an interesting questionright now because I've been thinking about it a lot and I actually tweetedthis the other day I really love to teach lock chain and cryptocurrency atuniversities I've always had this thing like even when I finished my undergradat UT Austin I always wanted to be a

teacher and I've always consideredgetting a PhD in English and you know being an English teacher at a universityan English professor and now that I'm so involved with the blockchain and cryptospace it just makes sense that I would go and teach at a university in thefuture and I do

have plans to write oops sorry let's light them I do have plansto write a book and I think that just you know being a professor and writing abook just makes sense so I do hope maybe in the next year to start lecturing atuniversity is maybe being a teacher's

assistant so those are my plans and thento eventually finish the book great I will wait for your book thanks well it'sgonna take a while it's a work in progress but it is nothing to do so Iknow it takes a lot of time to write a book and then

publish it it takes timebut teaching is great I think we all need education this space needseducation there are a lot of scams the lot of frauds in the space and peopleneeds to educate themselves people need okay sorryall my prices are going off no problem so yeah and I

think it was my lastinterview with Catalina she teaches at University of Nicosia she's fromArgentina so so yeah she told me about this yeah I think we will say more andbar cryptocurrency related courses on universities andother things so yeah definitely go ahead thank you yeah all right that's allbasically

I have no more questions thank you so much for your time it's beenreally great it's been a pleasure talking to you yeah thank you Mike andjust if your listeners or audience wants to learn more about me follow me onTwitter at Rachel Wulff zero-zero-zero I will of course include

your social mediaprofiles in the video description so so people will definitely check it outso make sure you follow Rachel on Twitter and also on Instagram definitelyok thanks so much thanks Mike you

Do you need high heels to play the harp? – Coffee Break Harp 8

hello and welcome to another episode of coffee break harp my name is Susana I am a harpist and her Twitter and this is my weekly video series for anyone who wants to learn more about playing the harp in today's episode I'm going to talk about the shoes that

you were or not when playing the harp as always there is a free PDF of the lesson notes for those of you who prefer to read and you can download it by following the link in the description of this video below now back to the main topic you

might have heard that high-heeled shows can help to manage pedal changes better but does that mean that you won't be able to play well when wearing flats and what about liver hard players let's look at all this together in my personal opinion when playing a liver harp he

would be much better off playing King flats we have all heard how wearing high heeled shoes can have negative effects on your body and I would say that even though with most harps you will be mostly sitting the fact that you're wearing low heel shoes or even playing

barefoot will mean that your feet can better support the rest of your body however if for various reasons you want to wear high heel shoes when playing for example during a performance I've got a few tips for you first make sure that to practice while wearing what I'll

call your concert shoes for at least a week before the concert practice playing while wearing them but also walking so you're confident later when you have to walk on the stage next check if and how much do you need to add adjust the height of your stool in

theory you would want the bench to go up at least by the height of the heel but you also want to take into account what it will feel like to hold the hair between your knees with this added height and then how looking at the strings will change

when you put on the higher shoes and then adjust the stool last but not least remember about taking regular breaks during your practice sessions and when you stop playing remove your high heels so it can give your feet a chance to relax and possibly gently stretch okay now

you may wonder if obviously high heels are not so great then why herpes who played Harv's are advised to wear them the reason behind it is that with a high-heeled shoe it may be slightly easier to reach and control the pedals adding some more height under your heel

shortens the distance between your heel and the pedal and that allows you to keep your foot on the floor while making the change this may make it easier for people with shorter feet or whose range of motion in the ankles is somewhat limited and who therefore may find

it difficult to flex their feet beyond a certain point you may notice a difference between how easy it is to control pedals on various instruments different heart makes and models may have their pedals around slightly differently some will have them closer some will have them further apart or

perhaps there will be a bigger or smaller difference between where your flat sharps and naturals are you may discover that your favorite shows world better on one type of a heart than the other and that's why it is really important to have some practice time on your concert

heart while wearing your concert shoes some general advice about shows go for the type of here that will give you as much stability as possible so instead of stilettos I would suggest that you go for a slightly wider here and a good quality show where that Hill will

be well balanced avoid shoes with a pointed toe they are not great for your feet and controlling pedals will be harder as the tip of the show is more likely to miss a pedal or slide off what I found works really well for the harp is a pair

of dance shoes and when you buy them in a specialized shop that trained staff there can even take measurements and make a pair of shoes that will be a perfect fit for your feet pun intended to sum up one while flats tends to be kinder to your feet

in some situations you may want to consider shoes with higher heels for better control of pedals too when looking for playing shoes try to go for good quality ones we mustard here and beware of shoes with a pointed toe free regardless of what type of shoes you decide

to wear always practice playing shoes that you intend to have on during a performance and for if you're wearing high-heeled shoes when playing remove them when you're taking your break I hope you found this episode useful do let me know in the comments what shows do you like

to wear or not when playing the heart I will be looking forward to reading your replies and then to seeing you all here next week take care for now bye [Music]

CROSSDRESSER – Strumpfhosen & High Heels Fetisch ausleben

Hi at Total Versext, for many menone big topic: to feel feminine, wanting to transform into a womanbut how do you know that you have this interest? That you want this? How do you know that maybe it could even be a little bit more than do itonly within your own four walls? I'll discuss that in this video with Gloria Hole.

Here we go.

My dear: Gloria Hole! Just shows that it looks so coolwhen you change like that! So for everyone who is watching and is somehow ashamed, a little bit and living it out at home in secret fromone's own wife, who steals pantyhose and squeeze into the high heels .



it doesn't have to be, you can act it out and doesn't need to be ashamed! What was it like for you? How did it start that you are now Gloria Hole? This is going back to .



we don't say the year anymore;) It started many years ago, I was 15 and I am a self-confessed country egg.

And I did my apprenticeship in Graz and my at that time teacher brought me to “Grazer Tuntenball” that's the little sister of the life ball thatunfortunately no longer exists and my colleagues at the time disguised me as a woman and that was my first point of contact with high heels! But did you want that? Or was that .



Yes of course! “Tuntenball” is just flashy, fancy, glamorous.

Lots of drag queens and if you go there you dress accordingly or disguise yourself.

Cool teacher because usually .



In any case! It's just like that in.



I don't know what Traineeship you dis? Hairdressing apprenticeship.

Oh well, okay! Funny, when you said apprenticeship, I thought of carpenter or something.

And of course it's much more difficult there when you're in such an environment and are interested in the topic, but good, the hairdressers went to “Tuntenball” with you.

That's exactly how it is and I discovered my love for wearing high heels, Wigs, make up andI have to admit I've always been a revolutionary and I always loved to polarize at that time and to stand out and you shouldn't forget, that was over 20 years ago, the society was a far different onethan today where people like me or artists like me, didn't have their place yetin society but I've always stood over it and havealways shown: here I am, that's me and I am allowed to be and so, over the years, I developed it more and more and started to design it more intensely! How often do you become Gloria Hole? Oh now more often than I would like because meanwhile I already have good Awareness and I am booked by various companies to attend their parties.

I am Paris hilton of Drag Queens, I'm also very active on social media .



Super profile on Instagram.

Info below the video! I also do a lot of Insta Take Overs for large companies in Austria and lead through the evening for variousevents and that's a lot of fun! Cool! Do you see yourself more as a man or a woman? Because with you it's DRAG.

So you are not interested in having yourself operated to a woman? A woman? Never, I can anticipate that, I amalso incredibly often asked: what are you? A drag queen or are youtranssexual? I was born with my penis! I love him, I never want to give him up and I don't want to either be a woman permanently, it's justsuper exhausting, always looking good! And therefore i'm very happy to be a man and even if I change into thatRole of Gloria Hole, The character, the soul, always remains the same and it's just the look that's changing! If I may ask, You can ask everything! Are you more interested in Men oder Women? I am interested in men because Ijust find the male body much more erotic.

There are so many, whatever you hear over and over .



Which is a bit of a scandal that you have been married to a man for 20 years and suddenly he says:yes i like to be married to you darling and continue to be but I want toactually be a woman or at least dress as a woman from time to time, also in the bedroom and there are many, I understand, after 20 years suddenly: What? Why do I only know that now? And why it never came out before and many feel offended .



I don’t think it’s tragic either, I have a very dear friend, who has children and lives his role of the woman publicly and the woman acceptedthat even partially supports him and I think if you just accept others, it should also not be a problem in a relationship! Yes, it doesn't work if your partner or if you watch it now and think: I would love to tell my wife that too! But just do it because it’s so bad when you’re at the end of yourthinking: I missed it or didn't do it! That's the way it is! I think it's funny too: in the carnival .



and then there are those who always dress up as women and say: it's just carnival.

Yes, that's right, but secretly use the favor of the hour and just try to live out a personal preference! They look super too! That's true! As a women, when you are now watching to understand why your partner wants that somehow.

It's just a sexual fetish, a preference or one just feel it inside or? That's the way it is! It also often has nothing to do with sexual preference.

It is often just: to show the soft side.

Or above all the feminine side, what a man can show anyway nowadays but many just don't dare.

And just do it with this disguise.

When would you say it was clear to you that you didn't just do it in your own four walls, that you want to live it out? So if someone at home is wondering, how is it with me? Now I like to put on my wife's high heels.

It makes me horny somehow, do I want to do the same as Gloria? Buy a wig and then go on the street with high heels! Where do you notice the difference? I think that's just a personal feeling! If you notice it's now so far, I don't want to hide anymore.

Then out into the world and you can calmly show yourself, who you are.

I really don't think there is any reason to hide these days and that people look and talk is completely normal! I say, it doesn't matter what the others think about you because you must never forget thispeople, who knows if you will see them again? And the most important thing: are they close to you? If now people in my inner circle are giving me feedback, of course I take that to heart.

But everything else: runs past me.

That is the best anyway.

This is really very important advice to you: Don't listen to the opinion of others.

One last question: Do you also find it exciting for you? So when you stand up and put on make-up, or when you pulling up the suspenders, does that makes you also a little bit hot? Like: Boah I'm horny, does it have a charm? Of course, you feel sensual, in my case more feminine.

The movements of the body change you start to move more smoothly.

Maybe showcasing the bottom more if you get compliments that you have a bubble butt or your make up is on point etc.

Of course that's exciting.

What would you advise men out there who whatch this and would like to do it too, what are the first steps you can take? If you want to feminize yourself a bit? The first steps, what are the first steps? You should buy a good pair of high heels.

I think that's the first step.

You are suddenly in high shoes, the whole posture changes in high shoes.

You stand straight, your shoulders are back, you have to keep your balance.

The steps are done differently .



This is a process that happens automatically and then it continues with tights, Stockings or maybe you pull ona nice dress, maybe a little shorter.

This is how this feeling developsand then you can develope your make-up, hair, etc.

Until you really feel completely feminine! Thank you for these words! And of course at any time via your homepage: www.


com, everything under the video and of course on instagram anytime ifyou have questions! Just dare! You can also ask me of course at any time because it is just important to me that everyone lives as he wants and does not livehidden: Out of the Closet! It's not called that for nothing!Thank you Gloria, thanks for watching! Until next time.


DKNY "Randi" Leather Choice of Style High Heels | Premiere: DKNY Fashions | ShopHQ | 2020

it is our first high heel of this premiere our genuine leather done in your choice of of course the snake if you don't already have a snake pump in your wardrobe this is the perfect way to start DKNY has done the perfect balance to the colors to the

tone even to the metallic shelving in the back we also have your classic black which will literally never go out of style it's a perfectly done smooth black leather not completely matte not patent it is literally one of the most iconic heels you will ever find 13:31 on

an interest free value pick it's his home girls we got to take $20 off per pair and then we got to give you interest free value pays seven four eight six eight five is how you order Angie where do you want to start with this one let's go

through some of the detail cast of all this pump is signature DK and y all crafted in genuine leather you're seeing the metallic accents you're gonna get that on both the black option and the snake option so I love that just adding a little bit of shine there

in an otherwise very classic pump you're seeing a pointed toe on that one a really great silhouette to wear for any occasion I gotta say these are also comfortable enough to wear for any occasion they always have comfort front of mind and nice to leto heel on this

one in the back that's about 3 and 1/3 inches or 85 millimeters so an easy to wear height for all of us that we're gonna feel really stable not too high off the ground a comfortable but bet on the inside that you're just gonna slide right into nothing

too tight on the top either it's not gonna be cutting you off you know Angie for those of us who follow fashion and even if you don't follow fashion I think you know there's a few things in your wardrobe that are just non-negotiables a great pair of denim

a little black dress and a smart pump not all pumps are created equal some are way too high you start teetering all day some are so incredibly uncomfortable they're made just for sitting or for dinner DKNY has made the classic pump for those of us who need to

be on the go and then be on the move oh absolutely nuts how Donna Karen started her career designing pieces that she wanted to wear that she could live in for the woman that was busy and on the go so pieces that you could wear into the office

and then running around in New York City after work in that's why these are comfortable they're easy to wear you slip right into this snake option I'm obsessed with because it's done in a nude color story so it's kind of like replacing that nude heel that we all

have in our wardrobe done with something a little bit more fashion-forward I slipped into the black because I also want to make sure everybody understands it's never been more chic to do street wear with a heel so if you want to do my street wear outfit and throw

on a heel I think this could be such a cool look for like like a happy hour oh yeah it definitely is so stunning what did you just slip into the 6s is that what was that I did I've got a brick for a foot and we only

have black and size six so that makes me the lucky mom oh yeah because most people's feet actually grew mine stopped I think in the womb listen if you want black we're under two dozen a snake also getting very very limited I knew girls if you've shopped with

me before you know I'm a shoe snob and I have spent hundreds I'm not proud of it there's been hundreds and hundreds of dollars on shoes and she's heard the stories these shoes are more comfortable they do the same job and you still get that designer feel but

today you get in on the savings you get on the interest free value pay and now you have your iconic pump for the rest of your life I mean I genuinely I believe you could keep these in your closet literally until they fell apart we'll never go out

of style you'll be passing these down or your daughter will be feeling them exactly

How to Walk in High Heels 👠 by Chrystelle Elodie

hello this is crystal most women love high heels but it's not that easy to walk in high heels and the higher the heel the harder it is in today's video i'm going to give you some tips and show you how to work properly in high heels and with

confidence [Music] if you're new to my channel subscribe i upload videos regularly about fashion and style high heels are so chic and feminine i'll always remember when growing up in paris when i was a little girl hearing my mom in high heels when she was home she was

so chic and fancy i loved it she inspired me from the beginning it's one of the most important factors in fashion if you want to look stylish and glamorous but unfortunately you've done the wrong way it can look terrible and on top of it you can hurt yourself

so let's start first of all pick a pair of your shoes that you are very comfortable in like tennis shoes sandals flat shoes and watch yourself walking in those that's what we're going for with high heels being able to work comfortably in them so you want to start

with very low heels like this ones watch how i walk in them heel to toe heel to toe you never put your feet flat like this nor the front of the shoe first see how awkward it looks it is always here to toe practice with small heels until

you feel very comfortable i mean keep them on when you're hanging out in the house and when you reach the point when you don't feel them anymore that means you're ready to move on to the next hills okay so the next one are wedgies shoes they are good

for practicing because you still have a good balance with them and you're going to do the same thing put them on and work work work with your wedges all day long heel to toe heel to toe and an important detail as well is the higher the heels the

smaller the steps and don't forget practice is the key the more you practice the easier it's gonna get that's the only way you'll get it and when you feel confident you move to the next ones high chunky heels just like these ones or something similar and you just

keep going practice practice practice it's the only way you look great in high heels you need to take small steps to keep your balance if you take big steps it will look awkward and you may fall i need to mention a very important point that i've noticed many

women do is bending your knees when you work on high heels so this is very important that you pay attention when you walk with your high heels to straighten your knees each step you take a step you straighten your knee take a step straighten your knee look i

show you an example of me burning my knees working in high heels and it's not the proper way it shows others that you don't know how to work with high heels properly and the proper way is of course you're going to bend your knee when you take the

step and then you're going to straighten your knee there you go so don't forget with each step straighten your knee and now those stilettos not the highest but already pretty high and practice practice working one foot in front of the other take a straight line and practice working

on it also practice on different floors like concrete wood floor or tiles go walk in the park with your hands walk on the grass it's tricky but walk slowly and lightly so your heels don't enter in the grass and now you're ready for the real deal steely doors

like these ones look at that it looks so beautiful and feminine when you can walk in high heels it makes you look taller as well hey voila we're done for today thank you so much for watching i hope you guys got good advices on how to work in

high heels and please let me know how it goes leave me comments give me a thumbs up if you like the video and i'll see you next time bye bye each time each time you take a step [Music] wow you

How To Get The Free Royal High Heels :O +Doing Giveaway

hello everyone! Today i'll be showing you how to get the free heels! o3o.

Before we start, i wanna say im having a give away! The rules to it will be in the description! make sure to read the pinned comment! so now lets start! hey sunflowers welcome back to anothervideo today i'll be showing you how to getroyal high heels for free so i guess let's startso first when you go to dress up go to body and body typesthen you can choose to either go to girl or just try and find it on your ownbut once you do it should look like this like blue fairy lady put it on and thentake off all your accessories then put on any corset like dear dollymiss lady rose or enchanting heirloom doesn't honestlymatter which one it's your opinion if you want to put on another skirt becausethe heels already come with one now here's demonstration of the rareexpensive heels they look so detailed and they're sopretty i love the color palette i mean they look so cute like look atthe stars on them and the very first heels in the game tocome out with a skirt attached to them i'm surprisedthey didn't even come with a set like it'sso pretty they even have gold at the bottomand to think that these heels were out for a few months without anyone knowingis just crazy because they are way too beautiful andthey should fit with anything like here let me show you howthey are with emotes and stuff even though the heels have been out fora couple of months now they're still a bit glitchy because they like sort ofthe stick to the floor but i'm pretty sure that's because the devsare still working on them and look they look so pretty with anycorset i mean the sword sort of goes away butyou still see the pants so yeah these are the new free heels inroyal high uh when you wear a corset it's sorta itdoesn't attach to the legs but that's okaybecause you can always just put on like a skirt or somethingeven though the wind that came with it sort of went awaybut now that it's all good let's go and start some drama and see what otherpeople think so let's see who should i flex my newheels too how about this girl she looks like she'sa pastel easter princess let's see what shethinks so excuse me ma'am even though you're indress mode a few moments later okay she's finallyout it's been 12 seconds aren't the new royal high heels sodetailed and amazing i'm wearing them right now and they'reso expensive even though that's going againsteverything i just said two minutes ago and i love how everyone's just crowdingaround us here i'll do a little dance to show themhow amazing the heels are maybe they just don't like them because they'refree sorry i mean maybe they don't like thembecause they're so awake this girl is trying to blow my covershoot but as i was saying maybe they don't like them just because they're soexpensive and they don't have enough diamonds to afford thembut i can't blame them they're a bit overpriced likei spent millions and thousands of robux i mean there's so much that i don'tthink i can even say the amount of diamonds they cost andit's so hard to just collect that much and savebut yeah let me do an emote so they can see how majestical the heelsare because i think they're the only heels of royal high thatare super thin but god i forgot you can put down blankets and stuff inside thebeach house i'm pretty sure you can trap players init too so i should make that another video coming upthe heels even come with arms just like the cb sleevesare beautiful okay who's the wise guy someone keeps on trapping us in thesetents dang there's like four people herefighting over it all i wanted to do was showsomeone my beautiful new heels but at least someone's standing up for mea few moments later i guess it's time that i tell everyone thatit was just a joke even though they probably already knewso shout out to ari for standing up for me and shout out to gemma forbeing here well i think i'm gonna head out today thank you for watchingeveryone and remember if you want to enter thegiveaway make sure to read the descriptionthank you for watching bye do.

The best golf shoes for wide feet? SQAIRZ GOLF SHOES REVIEW

i think huey lewis put it best when hesaid it's hip to be square or is it let's find out i bet all thekids watching this video don't even know who huey lewis ishuey lewis in the news the para love back to the futurehi everyone kevin here from golf

guy reviews and in today's video i'm goingto be giving you my full sqairz golf shoe review now these shoescurrently retail in america for 200 and as the name suggeststhey are uniquely based on a bit of a sqairz designbut they've not just done that to stand out and look

different on the coursethey've designed this show from the ground up and specifically have a focuson performance out on the course so if you are thinking of buying a pair ofsqairz golf shoes i'm gonna let you know exactly how theyfit me on feet as well as how they performed

out on the golf coursei really hope you enjoyed this video today so hit that like button if you doand let's jump straight in now these golf shoes certainly do lookdifferent and they're certainly not cheap at 200however they are picking up quite a lot of awards and quite a

bit of attentionin the gulf press lately in fact they actually ranked in the top golf shoes of2020 for golf digest magazine but when i did actually check there were 54different pairs of shoes in their top golf shoes list for 2020golf digest what's that about but also very recently

the legendis sir nick faldo has not only decided to become an ambassador for these shoesbut he's also decided to invest in the company as wellso you know i thought these are definitely worth taking a look at givingthem my full attention and providing a full review because ithink it's

really important to actually find out whether all these differenttechnologies that this shoe is using compared toother golf shoes out on the market actually really translate into betterperformance out on the course now if you are thinking of buying thesegolf shoes after watching this video then i have been given

a discount codefor you to use as well so all you need to do is enter golf guyor one word golf guy when you purchase these shoes over at the sqairz websiteand you'll get ten dollars off your order now the shoes that i tested out onthe course were these

versions right here so this is the arrow versionand they come in this white and red as well as a black version as wellbut they also do have a different version of their spiked golf shoes thatlook a little bit different so these are their 20 20 spike golfshoes um

and they've got them here in a grayand a blue and they come in another colorway as wellbut these were a little bit too small for me so i didn't actually manage totest these ones out on the course so for the purposes of this review todaywe're going to be

going with the arrow now in this video today i'm not going tojust repeat the marketing back to you i'm here to cut through it and iactually want to tell you how these shoes really performedand whether or not they're actually worth your money so we're going to takea look

and we're going to see whether they arestable we're going to see whether they can actually help you transfer morepower through your shot into the ground we can see how comfortable they are andalso going to see if they can help improve your putting as well as youralignment so we're

going to go through all those areas in detail today butfirst let's take a quick look at the style and the design of the shoenow it is quite a substantial shoe there's quite a lot of bulk to itand it certainly is quite square now i've not seen such abeefy

square thing since well this guy right here reallyyou beefy square beast you so these come with asynthetic leather upper and you can see there's a few different layers to ithere so you've got a proportion of it here onthe lateral as well as on the medial side of the

shoe there that's on thereto give some additional stability and support to the shoeyou can see that you've got kind of like a hot melt covering here along the toearea of the shoe to help protect the front of that sympathetic lever thereand you've got some various detailing elements on

the shoes you've got a nicebit of color on top of the midsole foam therethe midsole has actually got this kind of rippled effect going around itand you've got all these little square elements on the shoe i don't thinkthey're on there specifically for any kind of performance benefitit's just

on there for a design and you've got all kind of subtle hints tothese being square so they are very square at the toe whichwe'll come onto in a little bit you've got all these squares on theoutside all of the actual kind of lace loopholes there they are all

square aswell and then you've got the squares logo on the back tooas well as some more of their logo in on the side and as wellon the tongue as well so when it comes to the look of the shoeit is quite chunky and substantial it feels like there's

quite a bit of weightto it certainly a very solid feeling shoe anda solid feeling upper but for me personally i think i'dnormally go for something a little bit moreuh slimline perhaps but actually it's not necessarily about what this shoelooks like it's more about how this shoe performs out

on the courseso let's take a closer look at that let me know down in the comments what do youthink of the look of the shoe would you wear this out on the golf course how doyou feel about all the square designs kind of like youknow all over the

shoe really what do you think of the looks let me know downin the comments firstly in regards to waterproofnessi've got to say that this shoe passed with flying colorsuh i did the full golf guy reviews test where i poured 300 milliliters of waterover the shoe not just over

the upper material butright over the tongue area as well and not a single bit of water gotthrough the shoe i really hope you're finding this video helpful today so hitthat like button if you are and if you haven't done so already make sure yousubscribe to my channel so

you can keep up to date with all my latest reviews ofgolf shoes clothing and tech right here on golf guy reviews now inregards to the fit the first thing that you noticeis how much room you've got in this toe box areahere and that's because these shoes have been

specifically designedwith this square shape in mind to really give you as much room as you canpossibly have in that toe box area and to let yourfeet sit naturally as they would and i've got to say it is quite a weirdsensation initially just because you're so used to golf

shoes maybe beinga little bit tighter uh in that toe box areaso if you like a lot of wriggle room in your toesyou are going to love these shoes because there's just tons and tons ofroom in there i've gotta admit that that area of the shoe is very nice

andcomfortable in regards to fit and sizing i went trueto size with these so i'm a uk nine and that's what i've got these shoes inand they you know they naturally have a lot of room in that toe box areaand they fit me okay but they just generally feel

like there is quite a lotof bulkiness to these shoes and there justis quite a lot of room in these shoes in general um butweirdly as well i did find that i actually was getting some blisters atthe back of the shoe as well so specifically on the heeluh each

time i use these out on the calls but then i have seen other peoplereview these shoes and they didn't get blisters whatsoeverand so it could be that these actually maybe were a little bit too big for mei did notice afterwards that on the website it does say that

you shouldpotentially look to size down in these shoes if you're between sizesand so maybe i should have went a size down insteadbut they got shipped over from the usa so i'm not going to be able to actuallyyou know send them back and get another pair soyeah maybe you

might want to consider going down a size in those to make surethey fit you right in regards to padding in the ankle andheel area you've got an okay amount of padding in there it's nothingtoo kind of over the top but you have got quite a nice kind of

suedeliner there on the ankle you've also got it on the tonguearea as well so that this feels quite nice and soft and you've actually gotquite a lot of padding on that tongue area as well actually sothe tongue is certainly nice and padded so it does feel like quite

a niceplace to be once you've got these shoes on another thing as well is that i walkthe course all the time and my course over at wally park is veryhilly um so you know it is a serious walkwhereas i think maybe a lot of people using these shoes

in americawould probably be using the golf carts because that's just much morecommonplace in america um so perhaps these shoes maybe haven'tbeen designed with walking a really hilly golf course in mindanother really cool feature of these shoes is the laces actually and that'snot something you normally say about a

pair of golf shoes but they've got heretheir stay put laces spelt st a put so star put but i think theypronounced stay put but what you've got is you've got thesesilicone squares actually printed on the lacesand it means that when you tie up the laces uh the laces

kind of catch on thatsilicone and they don't come undone and i've got to say that through all thetimes i've tested these shoes they never came undone onceand i didn't even need to do them up with a double knot i just did them witha single knot and they stayed

nice and done up so itwas actually really impressive that technology definitely works now imentioned that square toe box area in the front of the shoeum and it is very nice and comfortable allowing your feet to sit quitenaturally in the shoe and it is even more comfortable whenactually you

use the square golf socks that specifically comewith the shoes as well i've got to say that these feel really nice and highquality really really soft and actually theyjust felt really nice wearing so i was really impressed with the socks thatcome with the shoes but sqairz haven't just designed

thatarea of the shoe only for comfort they've specificallydesigned it to really allow you to transfer as much power and force throughyour golf swing up through the floor and you knowallowing you to really generate power in your swing anddrive into the ball so you can hit it further and

longer further and longerthat's exactly the same thing you know what i meanhowever i do find it really really interesting because sqairz have made avery deliberate approach and believe that that's the best waythat they can deliver power through their golf showshowever other companies are doing the completeopposite thing take

the under armour sp4s for examplei've reviewed them before and i really kind of like the feeling of them butthey feel completely different those shoes aretrying to get as close to your feet as possibleso that there's no movement whatsoever in there and that the shoes kind ofalmost are one

with your foot so who's righta sqairz right by saying that you need more room for your foot to sit naturallyor are under armour right by saying you need as little room aspossible in there so that your feet fit as close to the shoeswho knows i'm afraid i don't

have the ability to actually test that i haven'tgot access to all the kind of ground force platetechnology that i would need to actually run these shoes in comparisonagainst each other sqairz are saying that they've done their tests and thatthese perform the best for them however i can't tell

you that all i cantell you is how they performed out on the golf course for meand i've got to be totally honest i didn't notice that much of a differenceout on the course between these and any other spiked golfshoes that i feel performed pretty well beforei was quite

happy with the performance of these shoes in regards to thestability there's a lot of material here so youknow they do feel quite stable they do feel actually very stablebecause also you've got a very wide base on these shoes another thing iwanted to tell you about was the comfort

underfootnow sqairz are using an eva midsole foamand to be honest it was all right you know it was comfortable butcertainly not the softest foam out there in the market i was really expecting itto be quite a bit softer as well this is nowhere near as soft compared tothe

adidas boost or the nike react or the puma ignite foam but you know itdid its job it was comfortable enough uh but i wouldn't necessarily saythat this is like walking on clouds because that's just not the case i'mafraid what you do have on the insole just toshow you

quickly is actually first of all it's a square insole ofcourse it is because it's going to match the rest of the shoebut you have got like a dual material insole here as well so you have gotslightly softer foam in certain areas to try and help with that comfortmoving

on to the grip and traction of the shoe and you can see here thatsqairz are using six different place spikes on the shoeas well as a number of plastic lugs they say that they have specifically placedthese in these positions to give you as muchtraction as possible now i've

got to be totally honest inthat when i use these shoes on a different occasionsi did slip a couple of times my rear foot did slipwhen i was out on the fairways the fairways were very very dry they wereabsolutely bone dryer and maybe it's just the way that ipersonally

swing and use the ground but my rear foot didkind of slip away a couple of times now the reason why i think they did thisto be honest is actually not necessarily because of the placement of the spikesor you know the spikes themselves they arepretty kind of generic spikes

but actually it was the lugs in between soif i hold the shoes up here you can see that um sqairz are usingthis kind of circular pattern around the spikes to really kind ofencourage the natural rotation of your foot duringyour golf swing now that being said you can actually

seethat they are quite closely packed in and there's not that much differencebetween where the spikes are and where these plastic lugs or sorrywhere these rubber lugs bottom out on the shoe so if i'm beingtotally honest i think maybe that they are detractingfrom the grip a little bit as

i say that's just me i can only sharemy honest opinion with them for the majority of my round they wereabsolutely fine but as i say i did slip just a couple oftimes out on the course one other part that i did want to justquickly highlight in regards to

the performance of these shoes and how youuse them out on the course and that's this very squared off toe youcan see it really is just a straight line at the end of theshoe and it takes a little bit of getting used tobut sqairz say that you can use

the ends of the shoeto help with your alignment on your shots both on your tee shots on youriron shots but also specifically on your putts as wellnow i thought i'd give this a little go but i did notice that personally when iputt the ball i don't stand with

my feet directlyparallel i stand with them quite you knowsplayed outwards whether or not that's good or bad technique i don't personallyknow but that's how i put and that's how i hit the ballso when i did putt and tried to use the front of the shoes to help with

thealignment it felt really weird felt really reallyweird so for me personally i wouldn't use theshoes for that feel free to if you want to you know and you feelthat you get a benefit from that from these shoesso there you go that's my full review of the sqairz golf

shoesat 200 they are quite an expensive shoe there's no getting around that 200is a lot of money and they are very different as well there's not much elsethat there's nothing else that really looks like these and uses the technologythat these shows are using now different isn't bad different

isgreat different will help really drive innovation and propel thegolf shoe technology onto the next level in the years to comehowever with these shoes i don't necessarily feel that for the200 i'm personally getting all the benefitthat these shoes are looking to offer now i have seen that lots of

peopleabsolutely love these shoes and that's brilliant so if these shoesare going to be right for you then that's great brilliant get theshoes because if they perform well for youyou should buy it what performs well for you but i just wonder whether thesego-throughs were actually designed with someone like

me in mind you knowi'm barely 12 stone i've got skinny little feet and i walkhilly courses here in the uk i just don't think that perhaps theseare necessarily the sweet spots for this shoeso i kind of think that if you feel that you need a wider shoe and

you reallybenefit from the feeling of having a lot of room inthat toe box area then these very much could be the shoes for you because thisis pretty much the widest golf shoe i've ever testedif you like the feeling of having quite a lot of substantial materialand a good

amount of stability and a seriously wide platformon your spiked golf shoes again these very much could bethe shoes for you don't forget i have got a discount code so if you arethinking about buying these shoes from the sqairz websiteuse my discount code golf guy and you'll get 10

off of these shoesi really hope you enjoyed this video today and you found it helpful so don'tforget hit that like button if you did and ifyou haven't done so already make sure you subscribe to my channel so you cankeep up to date with all my latest reviews of

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