How To BE More STYLISH And CARELESS (Bad BOY) | Menswear Fashion Style Guidance DIY

I'm going to show you guys how to build aclassic style.

A classic style is important because it'sexpressing you.

It's especially in who you are as a person.

So especially your personality is expressingwhy you do certain things the way you live.

So I'm going to show you guys how to buildyour personal style.

So this is customizable to everyone individually.

But for you pacifically I'm enhancing.

Your style right now.

So let's get into it.

So what is a classic style? First and foremost? So classic style is more or less when someonehas a certain unique look that they're known for.

So when you look at people like James Bond, people like will Pharaoh who plays certain characters like on anchorman, they all havedifferent unique styles, fiction or nonfiction.

There's a style that a character plays ora person plays, and that is pretty much embodied by the lifestyle they lead.

When it comes down to style or most particularlya classic style, it's having something that you're known for.

So I'm gonna show you as a few examples thatI know that she can define your classic style for yourself.

First thing I would say when it comes downto define your own classic style would be this.

So the biggest problem that occurs from nothaving a classic style would be not having the versatility will be for one.

And the second thing would be not having astatement piece.

I read a statement piece is like a signature.

It's the way you draw is the way you talk.

It's like the essence and the embodiment ofyou.

So not having a classic style with what youhave or what you own or what you assume you're going to be discovering.

Is actually going to put you in a better positiononce you define yourself a lot more.

So I've got some solutions.

I got some solution.

I got some solutions for you guys.

So the first thing off my list, I suggestto you guys is a pair of optical lenses or sunglasses, having a pair of optical lensesor sunglasses.

Mix your whole lot different.

You are a completely different person.

That's when you look at people like Superman.

At one point he's car Clint, and the nextpart he's a day, he's Superman.

He's seen you live.

So those are two different people.

And what's the biggest difference? The glasses are perceived a certain way, butalso you get respected a certain way.


When he doesn't have the glasses on.

It's the same story on the flip side.

So having a pair of sunglasses, optical lensesis actually something that can actually enhance your style and actually elevate your classiclook.

Like I was saying before, having a qualityoptical lenses will actually enhance your style from zero to 100 and at the same timeyou look would be completely different from anyone else.

Second on my list, we'll be having a socktie.

Sot ties are completely different from Avnet, a regular tie.

You may have seen them before, but havinga sub tide and been variations of textures and colors and actually set your purse soyou can be known for having a sock ties if that's you.

Or if you infer more likely inclined to havingmore of a semi casual business look.

Apply that into your life and watch how theworld perceives it.

So for example, for me, I personally lovemy suits.

I wear colorful socks.

That's actually the one thing I wear thatactually stands out when they're in a solid cut.

Look for me, I always have socks with personality.

So that's really where the conversation startsfor me.

When it comes down to me wearing a suit.

If I have a full Navy suit, then I have likeneon green socks and it has something has like aliens on it or something, somethingunique, something different.

But I do wear a lot of colorful socks causeit's eye catching.

But at the same time it's, it's different.

Right? So that's something that you guys can embraceinto your life if you guys choose.

So the next thing on my list would be.

A vest.

It's a little but the same time.

I personally never seen a lot of guys wearvests correctly, so when it comes down to wearing the vest, even if you have like asolid white shirt or like a long sleeve shirt, having a vest on top of that with your casualformal book, it just sets the bar.

I'm telling you, it just makes it look somuch more different.

The next thing I'll say is investing intoelegant watch.

Having an elegant watch is an eye catcher.

Yet again.

But at the same time, it's basically the bestself expression of who you are.

If you are a watch guy, definitely investingin watch.

I have reviewed many watches on his channel.

Make sure you check out the YouTube shop causeI posted many reviews on different types of styles of watches.

So find something you like and apply thatinto your style.

If you are watched guy, if you are a braceletguy, it doesn't matter if even it's like rings or accessories.

Find that you need peace that expresses youthe best and apply that when you, when you started to finding who you are as you getolder.

Having that I don't give a F mentality couldactually enhance who you are a lot more to people and it's actually more resonating.

The next one I would say is a pocket square.

Pocket square is pop of color.

So a pocket square to me describes a lot ofthings about the person because not only that, you look at the suit.

Um, you're looking at something that describesthem a subtly, right? Having a pocket square actually enhances thelook at the end of the day.

Problem solved.

You developed your own classes style, andwithin that you can take away things.

You can apply things, you can add a littlemore.

Take some off.

But at same time, you are developing yourown style within this list.

So if you find anything that you are interestedin makes you leave in a conversation down below.

All in all guys, I hope you guys enjoyed thisvideo about how to build your own classic style.

So the question of the day is what definesyour own personal classic style and what have you embraced.

Into form your classic style.

So if you guys enjoy this video, make sureyou leave a comment in the section down below.

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I'm a classic man.

You look right at me, you can.

I'm a guy, said, man.

So the big question is why should I use startedmiddle slick wardrobe? Well, I'm going to show you guys have somepros.

I'm going to show you guys a few cons on whyyou shouldn't even start today.

We're building Milicic wardrobe, so let'sget right into the video room.

Let's say wardrobe.

Should I start or should I not start? Should I start? I maybe not start.

What should I do? Big shout out to the old subscribers and alsothe new subscribers.

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Further ado, let's scaring to the video.

It can be a number of things.

It can be, it can be a lifestyle.

It can be having less products in the house.

It can be an overall aesthetic.

It can also be, um, assistant sustainabilitypurpose.

It can also be a certain way of living yourlife.

It can be lifestyle as a whole.

Uh, everyone has own perception of what minimalismis.

But also when it comes down to the contextof color tones and fabrics, and it comes into the sense of fashion, I wanna show you guyshow to build that wardrobe.


My perspective where minimalistic Mendelismis for me, it's a sense of when it comes down to colored palettes, someone, something that'sneutral, general tone is not allowed.

Um, it kinda sets back better, can also blendin it.

When it comes down to sustainability, it'ssomething that can actually be used and recycled longterm.

Um, when it comes down to, uh, when it comesdown to textures, when it does come down to production, and also it comes down to.

Uh, the overall aesthetic of what graves and, and how the silhouettes, or how the fabric really shows on the body and how it kind offorms.

So there's different perceptions of normalismwhen it comes down to building your whole wardrobe.

There's few key steps that I'm gonna teachyou guys and make sure you take some notes.

Leave some comments in downloads section downbelow, and what your thoughts are and what Milsom is.

And this will be the first tip.

So let's get ready to the tips.

So the first tip I have for you guys, forme, my perception of Newell is, is having like a versatility and the functionality.

Within your fabrics and in the pieces youdo wear.

That's something that is really, really potentfor me to know and actually use to best my knowledge with anything I do buy.

I want it to be functional and sustainableand then the day.

Um, and that is just something that is beyondthe lifestyle.

It's, it's the habit that I endure when Ido purchase a piece of our product.

The second thing would be the lifestyle.

The being conscious of, of the products youare purchasing and what they do bring into your life.

And what you're seeing about yourself is somethingthat is actually communicated from clothing.

So that's why I do purchase certain productsand certain bands for that, for that belief system.

That same reason, the values right.

So the neutral tones is actually a big onefor me as it comes down into the title of minimalism.

I personally do believe it's, it's coloredpalette in itself is more or less in the neutral tones.

You've got your grades, the blacks, the allis and, and every so often you might get a spark of a colored in there, but that's moreof a contrast piece.

But you have disagrees of blacks and solidsthat kind of really show off what.

And Ms.

Best known for, and you guys probablyseen a lot of things, um, beyond this channel, but you probably seen a lot of things aroundyou.

When it comes down to the core, when it comesdown to fashion, when it comes down to architecture, it's not just about the colored buses, buthow things are shaped.

It's about how things look and how they'reperceived for.

Next thing I was say is quality.

Quality over quantity.

I rather have good quality sneakers.

Then having something that will just run medown in the next three to four months.

Having a, having been able to sustain somethinglong term is actually the biggest key.

When it does come down to quality pieces, you apply that same principle, not only into fashion, but into your own lifestyle.

You actually see in us, you start producingbetter quality things.

So I'm provide you guys a list of reasonsand examples why I believe you guys should start applying the middle of the steak lifestyleand changing wardrobe to minimalism for these certain reasons.

So first one would be less clutter.

Having less clutter in your cabinet or inyour storage compartment for your clothes is actually a, it's actually really relaxingon the brain because.

When you go into your wardrobe, you're lookingat so many different things.

As you guys probably have seen in my previousvideos of me reorganizing my closet, if you guys can check the video right there.

But you can get that example of having somuch clutter in your closet, but you don't know where to start and you don't know whatto what, how to use your products.

The biggest thing is you just don't know whereto start and when you want to put your clothes together, when you want to wear a certainoutfit that day.

You kind of get, you kind of get clutteredin the same time, you get cluttered in the mind.

You get cluttered and knowing what you wantto achieve for that day, what look is for that day.

That's something for me that I felt like hasset me free in a sense of.

Knowing when I go into my closet, I can pickout these few products.

I can pick those three different shirts Ican put on with three different styles of pants because that's all I have.

But at the same time, I have different variationsof those.

So you're not every run in Yelp, they neverliking the options of them having less clothes to wash is actually like easier in the productionvalue of your day to day basis.

So, so for example, if you have all blue shirts.

And the blue long sleeve oxycodone shirts.

You can just wash all them into one causeyou have so many of them that there's no hassle of changing different.

Fact, if there's no hassle with them changingthem fabrics and textures and and transferring over the dyes to actually stay in to somethingthat's lighter and stating something that's darker so that you're not running into those, those problems.


You're not running into those issues whenit comes into washing your products, being able to wash something and not be concernedabout the color coordination of, does that look too late? Does I look to learn to mix it? And you actually have .

Certain sections ofstyles of clothes that actually are that color, so you're actually seeing a lot of time, they'reeasier to get dressed.

Oh my gosh.

How easy is it to get dressed when you havea certain style of clothes? We have a wardroom look at people like Gates.

Jobs Zucks these are people that have thesame similar style, but at the same time, it's so easy for them to get dressed if they'renot putting so much power of effort in deciding what to wear.

That's something that can really set peopleback when they put so much effort into thinking what to wear, that they exhaust all theirbrain power to use for the day.

So being able to have less options, but knowingyour.

Wardrobe style, but actually helping you tobe more productive during the day, but also me making more sharper decisions for yourday as well.

What's it called me now? The of all those three guys, they have similarstyles.

It doesn't matter who you are, what you are.

It's the fact that the principal is.

Having a certain style throughout the daywill actually help you produce a lot more value within you.

Let's produce more value.

Right? The last one would be less to travel and packwith being able to have the sense of, I have my shirts here, I have my pants here, I havemy shorts.

There is that you can be able to help youpack and pack for your travels, so when you're out of town.

When you are traveling and you don't haveyour surgeon, you don't have your certain pieces, you can actually head to a store becausethey're actually quite basic things that you can actually find around the globe.

So, so that beats the purpose of finding somethingthat is quite unique, but at the same time, you can find it anywhere you need to.

So that actually helps you when you pack lightly, when you do travel.

So less is more, but at the same time to keepit basic, there's more varieties for it.

So these are actually all the pros to whyto build them.

They must've wardrobe.

Now I'm telling you guys the cons to majorcons when it comes down to building them.

See board job, maybe not everyone was a here, but the first thing would be versatility and style.

Not being able to.

Have different variations of the same thing.

So when it comes down into your overall styleC and basic shirt.

But you're inspired by the Japanese streetwear style.

Are you inspired by the casual blazer style? They're going to have uniquely different pieces, and if you don't have that or the resources to obtain it, then you're actually lockedon the decisions.


So, and especially when it comes down to.

Your personal preference of who, how you tryto express yourself.

So when it comes down to that, having uniquepieces is actually the con of all this because you have a limited number list of wardrobe, but on the flip side, you don't have any unique pieces that can actually express yourselfa lot better.

The second thing would be lack of versatility.

Going hand in hand like yourself.

Like many people.

Being able to express yourself through yourfabrics for your texture screen, your lifestyle through who you are as a person is the bestway of communication non-verbally.

So having, being able to do that is actuallya big pro.

So not having the of different styles withinthat certain item is actually going to hurt you in the longterm.

But I do have a video Henson, these kindsright here, and that's actually how the develop your own personal style.


Checkup that link up on the video below causethat would be nice and exciting for you guys too.

So they guys are watching this video aboutwhy you should start your military board joke.

If you guys have any questions, make sureleaving a conversation down below, giving this video a thumbs up and subscribe to thechannel for more videos.

That being said, I'll see you guys soon.