GDL: Celebrate The Oscars in style with Red carpet fashion

I love it welcome back the great day live that's DJ zombie will talk to him coming up in the show but this 92nd annual Academy Awards air right here on W HS 11 and the Louisville Film Society will once again host an Oscar watch party consider this your official invite the Society's executive director Susie Eastman is with us all morning but now she's joined by Andre Wilson of style icon to talk Oscar style and you even brought along your own red carpet I'm impressed and I feel terribly underdressed Andre well says he makes us take the red carpet everywhere we go can we can we start with what Susan's wearing because she was just on with me and I mean talk about a quick change and the truth she had to change and so but this is such a beautiful and it fit her so well and this is a Chicago dress from Belmont a boutique everything you see from Del Monte boutique and they do specialize in upscale resale and they do an amazing job and look at that fabulous dress because it's black sometimes it doesn't translate as well but this what what do you call that I mean I call this like their chic or it's almost like and they just look amazing you can that's detailed of course the bling with the bling it was accessorize that's what I'm doing with styling clients one of the things that you can do to just automatically upgrade your wardrobe is add accessories okay so can we start our red carpet walk yes well we have Alicia coming down ok and yellow yes more bling yes yes I mean it's the Oscars you have to do it on right after do it up I mean and just this was just so simple but the thing I love about this just too stretchy right so you want a good stretch fabric that's very forgiving but also looks amazing and with that was detail at the bottom in the statement necklace too you know did that statement necklace yes yes giving they're giving you all the business today okay Rock a skirt like that on GDL oh 100 my game here that's right take it up a notch and you move that time move up that you appreciate stretch because men have taken a little long and understanding why we love stretch no you have to I just think so I really do okay this is Ariel Ariel miss now love this in this beautiful disagree Sheehan influence piece look at this now the color this is that something that we're gonna be seeing in in the spring I mean you know you see the neutrals in this and this kind of blush kind of bone color almost but I love this kind of just all monochromatic look at the pleating and it's really really really forgiving but also very easy and fluid one-shoulder I love this one show to accent and I want you guys also to see that this it's just like a little right here this piece flows over it so you can have anything going on underneath she has no good at all we're gonna wear this bigger flatter and I think he's always just for the body first she looks amazing color I love color I want you to get into colors Ariel had on the blush I love since pop of color on against our skin okay hazel I love that and then we had to bring a guy right so clean look at him okay now won't you stop for a second Zack let's talk about this alright so this rate is very popular contrasting lapel right here the clean white dinner jacket then add a pop got a pocket square don't be afraid of it it's okay and also can I may attach the texture that's amazing velvet so you text me pictures yeah I get why you all wear like yeah you are I get that get in there the Tony you choose though the pocket square I mean because it doesn't go I mean it goes but how did you choose you'll always add a pop of color or accent okay just like I have an all black and then there's a pop of color exact has the white and black on would of colors right here and also the no socks look I love planes Oh clean so when it comes to your Louisville Film Society Oscar watch party I mean these are some examples of what guests can wear what you encourage them don't go for it it's it's a Sunday night why not just get all types of glammed up we're gonna have a lot of fun with that well thanks to all of our models here outstanding the 92nd annual Academy Awards again will air right here on WHS 11 this Sunday at 8 p.


they've got a red carpet feature going on at 6:30 Louisville film society's Oscar watch party begins at 7 at rabbit hole distillery in downtown Louisville it's a new location the $100 ticket includes membership to the Society for a year you can purchase yours at Louisville Film Society dot org.