Fashion Trends for 2020 ( 10 Styles for Mature Women over 50 )

Hey awesome ones I'm at the mall and Ireally want to check and see what's trending right now.

I've also gone online.

I've been looking in magazines, so today I have ten trending styles in 2020enjoy.

Now as a former model I know that trendsthey seem to come and go but you know the good news about 2020 is that a lotof these styles really look great on women of a certain age.

I'm going toshow you ten of them.

Well why don't we start right now.

So for number one thisis a little different for me but I want to talk about the color.



the color for2020.

That is chosen by Pantone and the color is classic blue.

Now if youdon't know who Pantone is they kind of choose the color for the year.

I thinklast year it was coral but I love the fact that it's blue this year.

So you'regoing to see a lot of this classic blue and they pick the color you know basedon what they see on runways and what they see for kind of a global globaltrend.

So let's take a look at some of the things that I found at my local mall.

Now the good news for me is I absolutely love this color.

And you know what youdon't have to be matchy matchy perfect with a Pantone color.

So again you mightnot have the exact match of the blue but you can come pretty close to it and I'vegot a lot of different outfits in this color.

I have even a pair of jeansthat's in this color and if you say well you know what I don't want to go out andbuy a blouse or a jacket or pants or anythingwell then maybe just opt for buying a really pretty scarf with that particularcolor in it.

And it really does.



I'm just going to show you.



it kind of reallylivens up your face especially if you've got those blue eyes going on.

And talkingabout colors the other thing that I found at the mall was the trendingstyles of black and white outfits put together.

So let's take a look at those.

Now the nice thing about this white and black trend is most of us we've got thiskind of thing in the closet already and we might have to take a look at someof the.



whoa look at that coat, you know maybe something else to jazz things upbut we've got it already.

So the other thing that I found aboutpairing black and white is not only does it look classic and elegant butalso if you're wearing like a black skirt or a black dress or maybe someblack pants underneath it's also got that slimming kind of look which helpsfor a lot of us more mature women.

Anyway let's get on to number three.

And numberthree that I found that is still trending and still very popular areflorals.

Now you know what I'm not too sure about these loud floral prints.

Every time I try them on, I don't know, I feel like an elderly grandmother forsome reason.

I prefer to go with the smaller florals also if you're not modelweight it'll help you to look a little bit slimmer especially if the floral hasa black background.

So talking about prints and patterns another kind ofstyle that's popping up all over the place are polka dots.

So polka dots will be my number four.

Again if I think if you're not modelweight you may not want to go with the great big polka dots all over the place.

But for me I certainly would go for this pretty polkadot black and white dress.

Soanother thing that I saw trending at the mall were purses and handbags withembellishments and charms on them.

So let's take a look at these.

I saw alot of bedazzled purses and handbags at the mall and over at Coach they even hada machine to put on charms and dasslers.

And for number six.



well it looks likethe retro look of the 60s are back.

Now although many of us don't want to go forthe retro 60s miniskirt like this one we can certainly wear leotards under them.

So hey we can have a lot of fun with this oneespecially if we remember the 60s and here I am in my retro look and of courseI'm wearing leotards with it and my sunglasses, but you know what if you'reold enough to still remember the 60s.





peace baby! Now most of us are going tobe really happy to hear that animal prints because we did buy some of it didn't we.





anyway it's still going to be trending into 2020 and also what will be trendingis faux snakeskin and I found all different colors and styles in the fauxsnakeskin.

So that's my number seven .

So I saw snakeskin in all different colorsand patterns and don't forget you can also just add a pair of boots maybe afaux snakeskin boot or shoe and really just sort of be trending that way.

Andtalking about number eight yes I have a pair of faux snakeskin shoes but alsothey are also highlighting something else that's really going to be popularand that's number eight and that's the slingback shoe.

I know a lot of us if wereally dig deep into our closet we probably have a couple pairs of these.

Sothat's the one thing I love about style.

Like I'm hanging on to my clothes alittle bit more these days because everything old seems to come around andbe new again.

And talking about coming back into style.



for number 9.



mom jeansare back! Yeah for mom jeans.

So the high-waisted jeans and skirtsthey certainly have made a comeback, but not too sure aboutthis shortened kind of bell bottom look and you'll notice that I saw a lot ofthat.

Let me know in the comments if you're gonna be wearing this shorterbell bottom look.

Now I for one I'm really happy that the high-waisted lookis back because you know what I don't think I'm ever going to be wearing thelow-rise jeans again.

You know like yes I try to exercise but ultimately I'm gonnahave a little bit of a muffin top with those low-rise jeans and I don't know, Ijust think it's a nicer look and it kind of holds everything in kind of likeshapewear being a high waisted skirt or pair of jeans or pants.

Now for number 10this may not seem like a fashion item but it is.



a bold looking lipstick.

And itreally really accentuates a lot of the different styles that are showing up for2020.

And you don't have to go deep dark red or or purple or whatever color you.




or blue I've even scene some people with blue, but you know you do have to sort ofmake something a little bit bolder.

So I must say for myself I've graduated fromthat lighter kind of pinky frosted lipstick to something with a boldercolor like what I'm wearing today.

I also am wearing red too, but this is sort ofmore for my everyday look and you know what if you're you're thinking you knowmaybe I should check this out just go to your favorite makeup stand and starttrying on some of the bolder colors and maybe pick one or two and I guaranteeyou you're probably going to get some compliments of it on it rather I shouldsay, especially if you've been kind of wearing the paler looks for a while.

So I'm going to segue into bringing out the cuteness factor andour little Yorkie Hurricane.

Hey Hurricane how are you? And wheneverHurricane comes on the scene I talk about upcoming videos and you know whatI'm going to go through my closet I'm going to shop my closet and I'm going tofind maybe five different looks using that black and white ensemble.

You know what I mean.

Anyway it's it's so classic it's so elegant and I'm going toshow not just business kind of looks but also some casual looks with caprisand maybe even some other looks that you can wear in the summer months.

Also I'venever done this before on this channel and that's I'm going to be putting on askincare mask, sorry about that Bill.

It might be very scary for you, but yeah I want totry out a skincare mask and let's see how it works out.

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So there were a lot of other trending styles like the trench coat iscoming back and blouses with bows and also clothing with fringes.

So there werea lot of things that I saw and you know what being a former model I I reallywant to keep with the trends but I just don't feel like I have to buyeverything that's out there and sometimes you just need to add just acouple of things or two or three things to your wardrobe.

So I just got to tellyou that I absolutely love doing these videos for you and having a lot of funwith fashion as well and I just really want to encourage you especially ifyou're of a certain age over 50 you know to kind of look at some of these things.

Shop your wardrobe for sure , you know go back and find those slingback shoes andmaybe put together some black-and-white ensembles, but if you do want to go outand purchase some of them, I know a lot of you are gonna look just fabulousin that blue and some of the things that I've been talking retro retro 60sanybody.

Let me know also in the comments what you might be thinking about tryingout for 2020 that's a little different even if it's just a bold coloredlipstick.

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You know I hope that I'm inspiring you whether you buy ascarf or just a little something something to maybe feel a little bitmore confident about your look and also to keep it awesome.