FASHION STYLE CHALLENGE ft. my fave New Zealand bloggers | 3 girls x 3 looks

Hi! I'm Vikki.

This is Jas and this is Si.

And together we're doing a fashion style challenge! Yay! Remotely.



I've layered three voices because we can't actuallymeet each other in real life yet.




Funk it! And today we're styling three outfits.

Justlike every game show host, they've got a lovely assistant and the lovely assistantfor my game show is myself.

😂 And I have prepared three envelopesright here.

I'm gonna read out all the looks for you guys just to make thingsa little bit more interesting.

First look is a date night outfit, or an outfit youwear when you're clubbing or like hanging out with your girlfriends.

Second look.



I know exactly what it is already but I will reveal it to make it look like it's exciting, which is an outfit for an important meeting.

This is the important person I drew with glasses.

Third look is the first outfit you'regonna wear after the lockdown.

Yay! Just to give you guys a bit of backgroundbefore I start the show.

The New Zealand fashion blogging community is tiny.

When I find someone that is interesting, talented, inspiring, beautiful and justgenuinely a nice human, I tend to slide.



wedge myself into their DM and just belike, “Hey, you're awesome!” I believe women should support otherwomen and that's just what I do.

And Jas and Si, honestly these girls.



I don'twant to sound creepy but they are my #girlcrushes! Both girls aresuper fashionable and super talented.

If you haven't seen them on Instagram oryou don't know about their work, do check their accounts out right hereand I'll link them down below.

Give them a follow.

You won't regret it! And without further ado, let's start the challenge! Argh.



It's gonna be so hot.

(Self-rationalisation voice, “It's gonna be June.

It's gonna be cold.

“) Hmm.



Nah! So this is the outfit I landed on.

I've got a maxitrench coat.

Definitely an item you should invest in.

It's such an essentialitem in your wardrobe.

It just kind of like, elevates the whole look without youhaving to put any effort in.

I've got a knit dress from my favourite New Zealand label, Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Paired it with a pair of knee-high boots just from ASOS.

And I completed the look with another one of my favourite New Zealand labels, Deadly Ponies.

They do the best bags, honestly guys.

Chances are, you haven't gone out for a date for.



No! You haven't gone.



You wouldn't have gone out for a date for months! By the time we actually all go back toour normal social life, I don't think it'll be earlier than June.

It's gonna be bloody freezing in New Zealand.

And that's why I want to be ableto have enough coverage by the time I go on a date night.

But hey! Halfway throughdinner you go, “BOOM!” The reason why I went for knee-high boots is because it creates a bit of sexiness and it just gives it a peek of umm.



flesh(?) Without overdoing it.

I want to create a look that is fashionable, sophisticated, sexy but not kind of like.



“I-wanna-stick-my-tongue-down-your-throat-at-3am-in-a-club-and-then-regret-the-next-day” kind of 'sexy'.

Do you what I mean? Okay guys, this would be the dinner or date night outfit.

This is a top from Layplan, which is a New Zealand label.

And then I've just got some jeans from Topshop, which I cut from the bottom and I'm actually not happy with the length but, oh well.



And with a pair of mules from Zara.

So that's that look! I am going out with some friends for a good time.

We're thinking dinner then a good dance.

As you can see, I've decided to wear a long-sleeved dress.

It also is quite fitted.

This is what we want!It is getting a bit colder.

So I decided to wear this.

It is quite hot.

This room is hot.

Everything's hot.

It's a hot day, okay? Let me justtwirl, give you guys a looksies.

A complete view on this cute black dress! Because I'll show you guys how stretchy it is.

What I like about this dress as well, you guys, you can do so much.

You can even pop like a sweater on topand it'll still look cute.

I've decided to also wear my sock boots.

I feel like, honestly these boots, well, the sock boots tie the outfit nicely.

It has the same idea – we got a tight dress and then, tight shoes! And then I decided just to have, umm.



oraccessorise with this cute little bag of mine.

In here is just my phone and there's maybe my ID, my bank details or driver's licence.



A bit of lip gloss coz we gotta gloss it up!Okay, moving on to outfit number two! So sweaty.



Look how shiny I am! It's not a business meeting without a blazer.

Check this out! I bought this like, yonks ago.

I've still got the tag! I went for a tone-on-tone approach.

A tone-on-tone look elongates a person's figure andit just gives that 'girl boss' vibe.

I started the look with these Dr.

Denim jeans.

They are wide-legged and they are a little bit cropped.

I would want to go for a little bit more of a fashionable look instead of like, a really streamline look.

What I did for the blouse is that, I went for something still in the white tone, but with a bit of a pattern.

Just to break up thatstarkness of the white a little bit.

And to complete the look and pull everything together, I have paired it with a white blazerfrom J.


Still with the tag.




For footwear, as I have 'taught you guys' in myWork From Home video, which I'll link somewhere.

You want to go for something sturdy, comfortablebut still gives you a little bit of elevation.

I thought I will go for a bigger bag so I went for theIssey Miyake Bao Bao bag.

Sometimes you need a bigger bag because you want to hold all the important documents.

For example, a parking ticket from Auckland Transport.

Just a nice little touch because you might be in a cafe having lunch and the sun is shining.

You'll need a pair of sunglasses.

These are from Monumental by Karen Walker.

Sunglasses are just really useful accessories.

They complete the look and they just make it look a lot more high-fashion and elevates the whole outfit.

And I'm totally not extra.

I'm just wearing my sunglasses in the middle of my bedroom at 11pm.

Moving on.



Okay guys so we have theimportant meeting look and I'm going to pretend that this is an importantfashion meeting.

Hence, the pops of colour.

Um but yeah, I've got this navy dress on.

A really nice block heel from Mi Piaci.

And just a black blazer with thesestunning earrings from Zara.

I was absolutely obsessed with these earringsand I saw them online and I hunted them down.

I would stalk the Zara website andyeah I finally found them in store actually.

And yep, this is the important meetinglook! Attending a business meeting like, who, is, she? Let me give you guys a bit of a spin around.



Spin around.



So I decided to put on my leather trench jacket withmy white turtleneck, a wide-brimmed hat, wide-brimmed pants and my sock boots.

These pantsare so comfortable.

Say, if I was seated the whole day or a long period, I don't think I'll be uncomfy.

This turtleneck is giving me, like home vibes.

If I'm sitting there in a meeting, it's comfortable.

I feel warm.

And then if I do get hot, obviously we can always take this off.

And, as well as the hat.

We can always take it off as well.

But we won't do that because the hair underneath is ugh.







And I've decided to accessorise with thiscute practical bag.

I got this from an opshop.

It looks big on the outsideand it's also big on the inside as well.

You find some bags, you know they look big on the outside.

As you like, try to fit stuff in, it's actually quite small.

Some ofyou may say this is not for necessarily for business meeting.

However this iswhat I would personally wear.


Outfit number three.

Here we go! These jeans are bloody tight right now and I'm regretting all the food that I've beeneating during lockdown.

How does that look? Bloody.



I went for something very celebratorybecause it's gonna be a great occasion and I just want a little bit of like, bright colours to make me feel happy.

I started the look with my favouriteshoes from Kathryn Wilson.




My jeans are really tight right now but I justwant to show you these shoes.

they are They are super loud but I freaking love them.

I decided to pair these boots with a pair of straight leg jeans that just endsabove your ankle.

And if you break down my whole entire look is basically just at-shirt and jean combo.

Very plain and simple.

But of course, I HAVE TO BE LOUD.

So I decided to pair it with my mum's coat! How cute is it? She decided to 'forever lend' it to me.

She said she doesn't have any occasion to wearsuch a crazy outfit and I was like, “(Dramatic sob) Thanks Mum.

I love you and I love this coat.

” I have a Poppy Lissiman handbag.

It's a sustainable brand.

How freaking cute is this? Check out the tag.

It's still here because Ijust bought it before lockdown and I never had a chance to wear it.

And tocomplete the look, again I decided to go for some Monumental by Karen Walkersunglasses.

Just kind of like pulls the look together.

Just like a souped-upversion of aviators.

I am gonna walk on the street and high-five everyone and belike, “We've done it, New Zealand!” Good vibes everywhere.

Anyway, let's check outwhat the other girls have got.

Hey guys! So this is the first outfit Iwant to wear once lockdown is over.

Particularly this skirt and we don'thave much of the warm weather left so I want to make the most of it.

These slides I actually got for $7 from Kmart which I was super stoked with.

Andthen I've just got a little crop top and a little button-up cardigan.

Well this is what I'll wear after this whole lockdown.

I'll actually wear this.

I'll wear my comfiest jeans ever in life, ever to ever exist!I feel superb in these jeans so like, comfortable.

These are from Cotton On by the way.

They're so 'elasticky' around the knee area.

What I'll also wear is this cutelittle sweater, jumper.



My comfy warm jumper.

And then I also paired it with mywhite Adidas shoes.

Woop! I did this because honestly, blue and red are like brothersand sisters and siblings and stuff.



So then that complements the whole outfit.

And then I'll carry my everyday bag.

This bag is honestly thrashed.

Thrashed, thrashed, thrashed! When I'm going out, this bag.

I'm going to work, this bag.

I'm doing this video, this bag.

Everywhere! Anyway guys, this is a simple look thatI'll go to.

Not much thought really.

It's just *snap, snap, snap*.

But we still cute! And that's it from us.

I hope these looks gave you some inspo for your outfits when you finallyget to go out and have some fun.

What I love about this challenge is thatwe all have different styles and it's really empowering and inspiring to seehow the girls have come up with their way of interpreting those looks.

It'sawesome that we can all look great in our unique ways.

YAAAASSS! Girl power! If you guyslike these kind of videos, please, please please let me know in the commentsection and give me some feedback because if you enjoy it, maybe I'll make this into a little miniserieslike a fashion styling challenge series.

What do you reckon? Before I end thisvideo, I just want to say a massive thank you to Si and Jas for participatingin this crazy little idea.

Honestly, if you haven't seen their work, please doyourselves a favour.

Go to their Instagram profiles right now and hit that follow button.

If you kind of like me as well.



Subscribe to the channel and give thisvideo a thumbs-up! Thu-thu-thu-thu-thu-thumbs-up! And with that, I will close this video andI will do a lot of tidying up till maybe one o'clock in the morning.

Fashion is funbut now reality starts.

Thank you so much for watching.

I shall see you in the next one.

Peace out ✌️.