Fashion over 50 ( 5 Blue Jeans Styles for Mature Women )

Hey awesome ones, Heather here and todayI'm going to talk about one of the my favorite items in my wardrobe and theyare my pairs of jeans.

And I'm really excited to bring this to you andalthough I was an 80s model I'm not going to show you any jeans that arekind of out there or super expensive.

They're going to be affordable andwearable.

And I know a lot of you like my style so what I'm going to do is I'mgoing to just continue doing these videos these fashion videos for all ofus over 50.

And well let's get started with my favorite pairs of blue jeans.

So if you're around my age wearing bluejeans like they never really went out of style.

And don't let anyone anyone tellyou that you can't wear jeans anymore.

Hey I'm 64 years old and there's no wayanybody is taking away my jeans.

Don't let anybody take away your jeans.



that did sound right.

You know what I mean.

Now one of the top styles of jeans thatmany women are wearing but they say that older women can't wear these yeah anywaythey're skinny jeans.

And I wear them and I do have a few rules though forwearing skinny jeans.

My number one rule is they have to be a darker denim.

Youknow it's kind of slimming the darker denim.

Number two they have to havestretch in them and number three I've got to be covering my butt.

So let's takea look at this clip of me with my skinny jean.

So here I am in my skinny jeansand I've paired this with kind of a denim jacket and you can see it'scovering my butt which i think is really really important.

And also this has got ahigher waist that I really really like and it's also the stretchy materialwhich I really need the stretchy material.

It's super comfy as well andalso I've paired this with a pair of higher ankle boots which I think looknice with it but also you could wear pumps or you know there's all kinds ofdifferent things that you can wear with these skinny jeans.

It's a youthful and attractive look and hey if you like what you're seeing withthese fashion videos don't forget to subscribe.



I can't talk today.



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Now I want to talk for a minuteabout the, you know.



the washed and the faded jeans something.



I don't know ifyou can see this Bill but something like this kind of a jean and I do have a fewof these in my wardrobe but to be honest with you I really don't wear them thatmuch and the reason that I don't wear them that much is because I find thatthe darker denim is so much more slimming for me.

And also I find that thedarker denim it just kind of goes with everything where that wash kind of lookwell it really doesn't.

So let's go on to my next favorite pair of jeans andthat's the bootcut jean.

Now I know that the big 1970s bell-bottoms you know witha huge bell-bottoms are really back in style right now but the one thing I likeabout a bootcut Jean is it never really seems to go out of style.

Now anotherlittle trick if you want to buy yourself a pair of bootcut jeans is make sure.



well you're wearing your boots when you try on your jeans or having them measuredbecause you don't want them dragging on the ground and you also don't want tohave them too short.

So here I am with my bootcut jeans and I'm wearing a yellowtop.

Apparently yellow is gonna be a big color for 2020 and as you can see thisagain they're higher waisted they're nice and stretchy just like I like themand also they are the bootcut as I mentioned.

And here I am with a pair ofboots and these are pretty good as far as the length you know.

I guess differentboots are different but they work out pretty good and I like this look.

Nowlike I mentioned before one thing that you'll notice about the five differentblue jeans that I'm showing you they never really seem to go out of style.

Soyou're the kind of person that you want to want to buy something and kind of setit and forget it and not worry about all the different styles and how they go outof style and by the way I have learned that the great big distress you knowthree holes around the knees kind of look is going out of style.

And I neverdid buy into that distressed ripped jeans look.

So kind of happy to see thatand I'm also kind of happy that I didn't buy a whole bunch of them because thesmall distress is still going to be in style but those big holes never reallydid get that.

Do you guys get that? And for number three let's look.



let's look.



Oh Heather anyway for number three let's look at capris.

There you go.

I was justtrying to make up a little rhyme there but anyway these capris that we'regoing to take a look at again they're in the darker wash yes I have bought themin the lighter wash I don't wear them anymore.

Live and learn, anywho let's take a look.

So here's a nice pair of capris and justdo a little twirl here because these have got the pockets in the back so I don't haveto cover my butt so much with these.

I'm wearing a nice little top with it.



again it's a higher waist and stretchymaterial and these are great for summer.

I've got a pair of nice little pumpswith them but a lot of women also wear over-the-knee boots with them you knowin the wintertime and I guess why not.

But here's a close-up of my little pumpsthat I love with them kind of goes with a lot of different kinds of jeans aswell.

And now these next jeans I'm sure a lot of you seen them before, they're myboyfriend jeans.

And usually I wear them kind of rolled up at the bottom withsome running shoes, maybe a hoodie super casual but in this one Iactually rolled down the bottom of them and really kind of stepped up my style anotch.

Let's take a look.

Now isn't this a different look for those boyfriend jeansof mine and I just have sort of a matching shirt underneath.

Again lovethese there's not even a real zipper on them.

It's high-waisted super elastic and stretchy and pair these with well a pairof animal print shoes to go with my animal print jacket and these are supercomfortable.

They're not really a high heel so you can wear them.



oh here's whatI'm showing you I'm showing the the regular boyfriend jean with a little bitof a roll up, but for this kind of style since it's a little bit more fancyI like the boyfriend jeans rolled down.

Why not.

Now isn't it funny how sometimes youreally limit things in your closet like that leopard animal print jacket.

I wasreally only wearing that for business, you know with skirts or with black pantsor something along those lines and then when I was doing this video I said tomyself hey let's sort of change it up a little bit and that's the beauty ofhaving all these jeans.

You know you can really change up different kinds oflooks like I just did.

Now the next pair of jeans I might haveto talk some of you into it and what it is it's not a jean skirtit's a jean skort.

And let me just show you.



Bill I don't know if you can seethat underneath this jean skort are a pair of shorts.

They're already they'rereally actually built right in there and skorts have come back.

Now there's a lotof different styles.

I've got dozens.




well not dozens.



I've got about I'dsay about four different kinds of skorts.

So I have them in white.

I have them injeans.

I have one in black.

So it's something that you should maybe take alook at.

Now just before I show this skirt to you I I want to remind you howwarm and how hot the summers have been lately and you don't want towalk around in a pair of jeans.

You don't want to walk around even sometimes in apair of capris.

And I don't know.



this skort just kind of.



it just adds a littlebit more youthfulness and I like it a lot better than a pair of shorts.

Now ifyou're one of those women who doesn't want to show off her legs because youhave varicose veins or you have cellulite, well welcome to the club.

So do I but you know what I always say this.



we only have so many summersand I want to enjoy them.

I want to enjoy them in comfort.

Hey I also have reallyreally pale legs too and I mean it doesn't look great but I feel great andI'm enjoying myself and I'm comfortable.

And let's take a look at this outfit andI'll kind of show you what I mean.

So here I am in that little skirt andit's a very nice style.

I don't think it's too youthful and I've got a hoodieon and as you can see it's high waisted again which is great.

Very very stretchyand it's a great outfit to wear when I'm walking the dog and trying to get in my10, 000 steps for the day.

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So I mentioned about walking the dog.

So let'sbring out a little Yorkie.

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