When Men Wore High Heels

Did you know that high heels used to be wornby upper class men? And that WWII helped bring high heels backinto fashion for women? If I ask you to imagine “high heel shoes”, your initial thought process probably doesn’t include much about men.

And that’s because, today, high heels areprimarily worn by women, and although we’re familiar with the shoe, it has a variety ofstyles, shapes, sizes, and social meanings.

But whether you’re admiring them, or figuringout how to keep your balance in a pair of sky high stilettos, heels and women tend togo together in the modern mind.

But have you ever wondered how something thathas origins as a shoe for horseback riders, as well as male warriors and aristocrats, ended up in the world of women’s high fashion? So to understand this, first we have to askourselves: What were some of the earliest kinds of highheels and why were men wearing them? So the answer to this question is part warrior, part fancy pants aristocrats, and part horse… which kind of sounds like a formula for thechimera of my nightmares.

But anyway, on his podcast “99% Invisible”, Roman Mars notes that the earliest wearers of high heels were men, not women.

He notes that as early as the 10th centurymen who rode horseback in certain cultures wore heeled boots because it made it easierto stay inside the stirrups.

And we can see that this style persists incertain kinds of riding boots today, most notably cowboy boots.

According to Elizabeth Semmelhack, the SeniorCurator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto (which is awesome, I’ve been there), highheels were essential for horseback riders and marksmen in Persia (or modern day Iran).

She notes, “When the soldier stood up in hisstirrups, the heel helped him to secure his stance so that he could shoot his bow andarrow more effectively.

” At the end of the 16th century Persia's ShahAbbas the First had an impressive cavalry, or soldiers who fight on horseback.

When he sent the first Persian diplomats toRussia, Germany, and Spain in 1599, to help form alliances to defeat the Ottoman Empire, Persian fashion and heels became something of a fashion craze… for European men.



especially wealthy aristocratic men.

And I mean, I understand, because those Persiandiplomats were looking pretty fresh.

After that, heels for men, became a fashionstatement linked to virility and high class.

So by the 17th and early 18th century, westart to see stylish high heeled shoes on kings and noblemen throughout Western Europe.

But just like today, walking around in heelswas largely impractical and painful, especially in cobbled streets.

But Semmelhack notes that this was kind ofthe point (pun intended) since wearing a shoe you couldn’t walk far in or work in wasa sign of wealth, distinction, and high birth.

And the original red bottoms weren’t Louboutinsbut a different Louis altogether, that’s French King Louis XIV.

He wore high heels with red paint on themin the 1670s and soon had all of his courtiers wearing red heels to show loyalty.

Ok so early high heels were kind of a man’sman’s world.

But that leads us to the second question: When did the heel high become associated withwomen? Well the trend spread to women around the1630s, and the shoes were worn for somewhat similar reasons as men.

That is to signal class status and high style.

But unlike their male counterparts, who weredonning squarer heels with broader toes, the styles adopted by European women throughoutthe 17th century, tended to favor slimmer heels and pointier toes.

Because everyone knows that super skinny heelsthat squish all of your toes together into an unnatural point are about as comfortableas walking on hot lava.

By the 18th century, heels for men (alongwith other ostentatious forms of clothing such as heavy jewelry, rich fabrics, and brightcolors) went out of fashion in favor of more staid clothing that was more practical forgetting work done… and you know, walking.

During that era in Europe there was also afocus on men’s ability to become equal citizens through rational thinking, which made fancyclothing less appealing.

So, the high heel began to be cast as inherentlyfeminine because it was viewed as impractical.

But heels weren’t always the most popularfootwear and about 50 years after men kicked high heels to the curb, women also startedto eschew the fancy footwear at the end of the French Revolution (and I really hope youappreciate that very “subtle” word play.

) And it wasn’t until the mid 19th centurythat the heel made a comeback for women… but not as general fashion.

The reemergence actually had to do with theinvention of the camera because heels were often used in women’s fashion photography.

But some of those connections were about styleand some were about sexuality.

That’s because, early erotic photographerswere some of the first folks to embrace the reemergence of the heel on women in suggestivephotographs.

And during World War II, we saw a surge inpopularity of the stiletto heel, perhaps because the expansion of steel technology made thespiky shoes a little more stable.

Which is a good thing, since that skinny littlestick has to support the weight of your entire body.

But a bigger part of the popularity of thestilettos in the 40s and 50s, was women’s desire to mirror the fashions of popular wartimepinups.

And if you take a look, you can even see highheels on the side of World War II planes.

So heels for women became coded as attractiveand desirable, even outside of any signifier of class status or the ability to ride a horsewhile shooting a bow and arrow.

And throughout the 20th and 21st century, heels continued to boom in popularity as a sign of poise and feminine charm.

So how does it all add up? Well before they were high fashion, heelshad a pretty practical function for horse riders.

But once they became linked to sexuality andfemininity in the late 19th century and into the 20th century, the heel took somethingof a turn.

Now there are studies that suggest that womenwho wear high heels are viewed as more sexually attractive and more powerful in the workplaceby straight men.

But considering that high heels started explicitlyas men’s fashion it’s interesting to question how much of those ideas are culturally codedrationalizations versus objective scientific fact.

But heels can also have a down side, sincewalking on your toes can cause undue stress on the joints and physical discomfort afterwearing them for a long amount of time, especially if your weight isn’t distributed evenlythroughout your foot.

Which is now raising questions about highheels being mandated as a part of work uniforms for women across the country.

And love ‘em or hate ‘em, it looks likeheels are going to be around for a while.

But who knows, maybe they’ll swing backinto fashion for guys.

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Top 5 High Heels – Christian Louboutin Haul Must Haves – Best of CL Collection – Favorites

Great that you're back! I'mVanessa Pur, for all you do not know me and I love high heels and for this reason I show you today my Top 5 high heels.

(Intro starts with music) If you knowmy looks a little bit from my blog or Instagram and of course on Youtube then you will have noticed, that Iwalk almost exclusively on high heels and boots.



because I just love itto walk on high heels and the body feeling is great.

After my Top 5 video from the Pantyhose got so much feedback – thanks again for that – time for a new Top 5 video of my high heels.

I showyou, which I currently wear most in winter and which pairs are always in my luggageis and what I can recommend So let's get started .



My Top 5 high heels .



Number 5, the Pigalle Foley Phyton – they have a 10 cm heel and pointed toe and I wear them mostly with black, because they are such an eye-catcher are, it shineso beautiful in greenish, bluish and with a light purple-touch and I find, thatthey fits perfectly in the winter season.



I wear them preferred to classics like a simple dress or a simple jeans and I think it looks really great together.

Number four – the Louboutin Harler Veau Suede and I find them really beautiful because they have 10 centimeters heels, so they run perfectly for me.

A pointed front, italways looks super elegant and sexy but what really matters isthis “Ankle Cuff”.



This ankle strap that looks really nice – especially from behind and the legsimply get much more attention .




and from the front they look really classy and chic and I find it perfect for an evening dress, which may also have intensive color It works greats because the shoesimple is really matt black.

And also when you touch the shoe – it feels fantastic.

Number three, the Iriza Glitter Chain, also have a 10 cm heel and have a pointed front.

From insidethe shoe is easily cut out, so the whole female feetcan appear more beautiful.

The material is really nice, It glitters and sparkles, you see it even better in real life than oncamera or photo and I find that they can pimp up any outfit, right now inautumn and winter and all the celebrations.

They are also great to combine with a classical jeans, but also at a great for the evening dress.

Perfect for the holiday season.



Number two – my Moulage booties – I really like wearing them, they have indeed a 14 cm heel, which is really interesting, but they also have a nice platform, which then makes it again very easy to walk.

Also on the attitude of the foot it is really nice.

The front is not sharp but is slightly rounded, but I find fitsperfect for this shoe, as a pointy toe will make it to extreme.

I prefer to wear the shoe topants, e.


a leather trousers or a jeans or alternatively to a short dressor a short skirt with beautiful tights combined.

This isdefinitely a must-have for me in the winter.

Number one – these are, what a surprise – my So Kates, I love them and I wear them almostconstantly every day.

Although they have a 12 centimeter heel, so I think they probably very femine and sexy – because of the heel is so thin – The front is really nice and sharp.

Because the shoe is made of black, glossy leather, I think it looks super classy.

So there is hardly a shoe I can combine more frequently than theblack classic patent leather shoe from Louboutin.

So I think it fits perfectly, perfect for all formal dresses and outfits andso for me this is my absolute Number one.

Those were my Top 5High heels.

Place number five I had really think about.

Whether I select my Degraspike perhaps also more likely to fifth place so I selected the shoe for the video.



I just like the pointed spikes.

It is not likely you surprised that all shoes are Louboutin high heels.

Who knows my fashion looks a little may have noticed that I love the brand and the shoes are just great to wear.

The combination with the red sole fits perfectly to my black and white outfits, which are mostly my colors, (with a touch of a bit of red) combined and I think that designis always classy.



It fits one hundred percent for me.

What don't mean that I only wear Louboutins So I also have other shoes.

If you are interested what my Top 5 “not” Louboutins are it leave a comment below or if you want to see my Top5 boots, etc.

So I am pleased if you subscribe to my channel, hit the like button and ring the bell and also become part of my social media family I'll see you all again very soonone of the next Top five videos .



good bye .




How To Make Heels and Heel Height Calculation

In shoe making the heel height is very important parameter, you will need to know the heel height inpattern making to create your patterns correctly and then you move on to createheels, or if you will want to use ready made heels.

You also need to know the right heel height of the shoe last that you work with.

So in this shoe making video I will teach you how to measure the heel heightof shoe last, easy fast and correctly.

So don't forget to subscribe and lets watch the video.

to measure the heel height of your shoe last.

you need to have simple pencil and rulerwith straight angle.

So how to measure corrected the height of the shoe last.

You need to place the shoe last in the way where the or the shoe last lays on the pencil.

So and of course the pencil lays on the ground and then take ruler with straightangle place it in the way where the shoe last touches there to fix it here.

Where the edge or the shoe last touches this side of the ruler and check where the edge of the shoe last on the scale or the ruler.

And the heel height on this shoe last is six centimeters.


Usually the shoemaker's also measure the, the heel height of the shoe last like this, place the finger under the toe, and measure the heel height .

So this are 2 approaches to measure the heel height of your shoe last, after you will know the exact heel height of your shoe last, you can build your heels by yourself.

There are different shoemaking approaches to build heels working with different natural materials.

Let's see the first one.

How to build heels right away on your lasted shoe.

I explain it in my flat ballet shoe course.

You need to start first from the patternmaking you need to prepare patterns for each layer of your leather stacked heels, because you will build your heels from few layers of vegetable tan leather.

After you will cut all needed layers andyou need to calculate correctly the right amount of the layers.

You will attach layer by layer all these layers to the shoe sole during this attaching of the layers you will need to sand the surface layers and skive the edges of each layer to have correct angle after you will attach all layers.

You will need to finish your heels working with piece of glass, sand paper, and then you can color your heels or just use the Polish cream to have shiny heels.

In the next one shoe making an approach of heel making.

You will build your heels apart from your lasted shoe.

Working with this approach, you can create heels almost with any shape because it's very easy to build the heels apart from your lasted shoe.

You don't have any limits how it works.

It works very easy.

You need to create patterns for each layer and after you cut the layers of this heels from leather, you attach them and you will have almost done heels.

Then you need to attach this ready heels to your lasted shoe, finish it, and you will have beautiful and interesting shape of your heels that you can build very easy working with this shoe making approach.

In this video I teach how to build wedgeheels from vegetable tan leather.

This wedge heel will consist also from layers of leather.

So to create this wedge heel very easy first you need to make pattern for each layer and after you will attach this leather layers together, you will create your wedge heel and of course you need to work on each layer to skive it, to sand it, and after you will attach each layer to the shoe bottom layer by layer, you will have beautiful wedge heel.

Also here to have beautiful finished heels you need to work on the surface of your wedge heels with sandpaper, with glass and sandpaper.

And after you will finish the edge of your wedge heels, you will need to attach the soles on entire bottom of your shoes.

This is the construction of wedge heels.

If you don't want to build your shows byyourself and you want to use ready-made heels , you can use them, but in most of the cases it's very hard to find ready made heels that will suit perfectly to the shoe last bottom.

That's what you can use here another shoemaking approach where you can adjustyour ready-made heels to the bottom of your shoe last.

You can adjust the wedge of your heel or you can adjust the shape of your heels.

It depends on the heels that you have.

So here you will work drill dremel to adjust your heels very easy and fast.

In this shoe making tutorial.

I show you your possibilities in making your heels!Subscribe to my channel and comment below the video.

Thank you and see in the next video.


I wear high heels too…

Hey y'all.

It's Alex and you are watchingPeach Perfect.

If you haven't done so already make sure you like and subscribe and keepon sharing y'all like we've gotten so many subscribers.

I am so excited.

Thank you somuch.

So today is kind of a boring one.

I'm sorry, but I've been getting a lot of DM'sabout the other half of my shoe closet.

So I just kind of wanted to go over a couplelittle things that you know, so everyone was going that's the more sexy side, where thisis the more sporty side.

So couple things with my shoes.

I'm not likeI used to be like way into heels and wear them all the time and I didn't care how muchmy feet hurt now.

I'm for comfort.

So I love wedges and I love the shorter heels.

I stillhave some bigger heels.

But as long as there's like that front like these if there's likea front piece that make the heel not as big and that works.

So this is definitely oneof my favorite shoes.

They're Jessica Simpson and I've got three different colors in thesego with everything.

So I've got the tan then I've got the black and then I've got thisfun red.

So love, love, love these they're actually relatively comfortable.

You knowfor heel they're comfortable.

I can go out I can walk around I can dance in them.

Sonot like all night.

They're not like all-day all-night kind of shoe.

But for what theyare and for how big the heel is I can actually manage them somewhat well, so that is definitelyone of my favorites.

That's why I have them in multiple colors.

The other shoe that I absolutely adore theirVince Camuto's.

Love, love, love these shoes.

I've got them in the nude then I've got himin like I'm typically not like a burgundy but they're really cute and especially withlike white or black the really, really cute on and then I bought them in the black.

Ilike staple colors.

I'm definitely the nude or the black, you know, I venture out a littlebit in some other colors but really most of my heels and going out shoes are black ornude.

These are what I take when I like go to Vegas I just take all three of these andI wear them all the time.

I wear them till 6 a.


I can dance my ass off in these thingsand they literally are so comfortable.

So that is definitely one of my favorites.

Another shoe that is my go-to during the summerare my Polo wedges.

I actually got these believe it or not.

I got these at T.


Maxx they werelike originally like $200.

I found it at T.


Maxx for like 50.

Again, this is when it pays offT.


Maxx really normally doesn't have a lot of five and a half or sixes, but this wasa 5 and a half and I actually really lucked out.

So this is one of my go-to is for a wet.

This is so comfortable.

And again, that's what I'm about.

I want to be comfortable.

Not not dying full time.

These these are not comfortable.

They're sexy.

They're Carlos Santana's.

They're sexy and they look amazing on and they make my legslook long and everything amazing, but I can wear them for like five seconds.

And eventhough there's this little like platform on the front, it's such a big heel that thisis something that I only wear when I know that I'm going to be like sitting, you know, okay as long as if I know that I'm going to be walking around downtown, no.

these areno go.

A couple of my other favorite same thing.

I love Nordstrom.

Nordstrom is probably where I get most of my shoes and they run reallygood sales.

So these are some Sam Edelman's again kind of the neutral color just a littlegray with the silver little buttons on there.

So I love, love, love these.

Again, they'renot like all night kind of shoes like maybe these are or my wedges, but for a couple hoursI can I can typically do.

Okay, boots, my favorite boots have got tobe these and these are Mark Fisher.

I love thigh high.

I just feel like they look goodwith everything.

You can wear them in the summer.

You can wear it in the winter.

Youcan wear in the summer with shorts are over leggings or jeans so they're very versatile.

I've got this kind of new dish color in these as well as a black.

So and the black theseI got this year and they're a little different than the ones I got last year because theygot this little tassel on which is really cute.

So love love love Mark Fisher boots, and then the majority of my other boots are actually Frye boots, like all the ones yousee on the bottom are Frye.

I've got a friend from back home that wear the same size whichis very rare, but she buys them and wears them for like just one season and then getstired of them and I buy them for her which is awesome because I don't want to spend like$200 on a pair of boots, but I'm happy to spend fifty and I am a shopper like that.

I love saving money.

I love discounts at love the deals.

So most of my other boots likethese all three of them are Fryes.

I've got a couple pairs of cowboy boots.

The Corralsare really comfortable.

See ya.

That's that so these these so free people randomly.

A year ago.

I don't know if it's a glitchor what was going on, but I walked into Free People.

I don't know and they the woman atthe desk told me that they were running the sale that like 90% of their shoes were $25, $25.

So I got like six pairs of shoes for like a hundred fifty bucks including thesethese were regularly priced at like 300 and I got them for $25 again.

Oh, I love a dealI love bargain shopping.

So yeah, that is the other side of my shoe closet.

I know it'snot super exciting, but I have gotten some DM's and just some questions about my moreexciting shoes.

So I figured I'd show you them.

But stay tuned.

I've got a lot of really goodvideo coming videos coming up soon as usual.

You can always find me on my Instagram atmy Peach Perfect and my personal account badass glass and I will see y'all soon.


Jhené Aiko Shops for the Perfect Pair of Heels | Heel Hunters | Harper's BAZAAR

I will walk on stilts if I could.

If they make stilt heels and they call them Heelts.

That's the shoe that I'll be wearing.

Hey, it's Chrissy the senior fashion editor at harpersbazaar.


We're at the Webster today in New York City.

This boutique is six floors of fashion heaven in the heart of soho.

I'm super excited to have singer Jhene Aiko joining me.

She's really stylish.

She can pull off some major looks so were gonna find some killer shoes for her today.

So tell me about your style and like also this outfit because it's major.

I just like to be comfortable.

This is actually a bathing suit that I'm just like you know Bathing suit, bodysuit.

Potato, potato.

It really just depends on my mood.

You know, how I'm feeling that day.

Tell me about who some of your favorite brands are and designers.

Ooh, so many.


Obviously, I love Dior.


Opening Ceremony.


And so now for tonight I mean, I feel like you're looking for a heel.

I'm looking for a heel.

I am.

What I love about this shoe is the platform because height, height, height.

I don't know if it's for tonight though.

Okay, we'll keep looking.

What about these? I don't do fur but I will do a nice cheetah print, yeah.

And what do you think about these sequins? I do like the sequins and the spikes.

What about a loafer? A loafer.


I mean, so my legs are really skinny like chicken legs.

It's easy for my foot to look big because my leg is so small so I feel like the loafer because its flat and it's long.

I mean, the Chanel sneakers.

So it's like you do a cool sock under or do you not.

I feel like this'll make your foot sweat and it'll be like foggy so you do have to wear a sock.

Probably, you gotta step up your sock game for these.

I love these.

So much.

I love Balenciaga and I love slides.

Like I said, I love to be comfortable.

You know, what's more comfortable than a slide/ But not for tonight? But not for tonight, no.

You know I'm trying to Dress it up, exactly.

Ooh, I think I want to try these on.

Even though it's not much height but I was born in 1988 which was the year of the dragon.

Oh and these red Chloe boots.

Oooh, I love.

I love.

You have to try these on.


I just like these, it's super bubbly.

Oh so cute, I actually have these.

My album, Trip.

I took this picture in Hawaii where I'm surrounded by all these wildflowers and greenery.

That's why I got this shoe because it reminded me of my album artwork.

I would perform in these for sure.

I was a big Spice Girls fan and so I always wanted the super tall, chumky shoe.

You know what, I think I'm ready to try on some shoes.

Let's go.

Do you remember when you were first getting into fashion? What were your first pair of heels? It was like a kitten heel, it was like a Converse- Do you remember those? They were like Converse heels.

Oh yes! So I know you were saying before how much you love logos so I feel like these Balenciaga boots might be right up your alley.

These are super pointy, super sharp.

It looks like I'm gonna like.

I do think that I wan't more height though.


These aren't it.

Alright, next pair.

Aww these are cute.

Are you into more of a sexy, open toe shoe or.



I love an open toe.

Especially- I'm from LA so you know we usually have on sandals.

These are super cute.

I love those.

They have a little height on them.

The gold looks good.

I really like these actually.

Alright so let's try on another pair.

I like the color of these.

Yeah, they're gorgeous.

I just love a lace up boot.

I think it's super cool.

Oh these are comfy.

Yeah I like these.

These could possibly work.

I can see that.

I feel like my daughter might actually like these boots.

Really? Yeah, were the same size shoe.

Oh my god, that's lucky for her.

I know, when I'm done with a pair of shoes I just give them to her.

So these probably aren't right for your event tonight but I know you did love them so you should definitely try them on and maybe you want to buy two pairs of shoes today.

They are so cute.

These are so cute.

I definitely would wear them with jeans.

Keep it simple and let the shoe be the star.

For sure.

These would make me happy.

So now I feel like we're down to the red Chloe boot and the gold Aquazzura sandals.

What's it gonna be? You know it really comes down to what vibe you're going for tonight 'cause the Chloe boots are edgy, they're super cool.

The Aquazzura, they're a little bit more sexy.

Well, I am cool and sexy so it's gonna be a tough decision I just turned 30 so I feel like I wanna be sexy.

I'm dirty thirty, you know? So yeah, I think I'm gonna go- No, I'm sure I'm gonna go with the gold Aquazzura.

I mean I totally approve.

I think they look really awesome.


Dad Wearing High Heels For 24 Hours STRAIGHT!

today I'm wearing high heels for 24 hours this is not my idea this is horrible I don't know why I let you talk me into this stuff I don't even need to wear high heels this is not you need to understand what we women go through like wearing

high heels is tough I can understand from a distance I can look and say oh look your feet look like they're painful so you put me through the labor simulator which was horrible I made you wear the pregnancy belly and afterwards you were like this is hard I

get it so now you're gonna make me wear those yeah give this video a thumbs up right away just share in my excitement for how amazing this is gonna be oh gosh this way oh no way these are even close to big enough and they're huge oh my

gosh and look at this size of the heel on BET's that's Alma that's illegal in like three states [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] you are so incredibly tall right now that's part of my butt is starting to like hurt is it yeah yeah welcome to the club

dude I don't want to be in this club Danny's gonna teach you how to play baseball [Music] there you go [Music] yesterday [Music] you [Music] this is fantastic for me for a lot of reasons one is because I love wearing high heels but ever since I become a

mom I haven't been wearing high heels as much and now I feel like you know Cory knows why [Music] Hey look it's been lie do you see he'll I say hi to child hi let's see what else there is do you like doggies so I have been trying

to catch this for the past like four days because four days ago Atlas rolled over from his back to his front are you gonna roll over are you gonna no oh my gosh okay hang on this this is equally as entertaining as Atlas rolling over what is he

doing I cannot believe he is weed eating in high heels this is a terrible idea I mean he did tell me this morning that he needed to do one work but this is not safe kids don't don't try this at home Jeanne's Maui wave to her say hi

she sees you I don't know what you're saying yeah Jamie is outside mowing her lawn right now and her and Corey they're they're good friends you know he helps her a lot with projects she needs she has the horses and so he goes over there and feeds the

horses sometimes but yeah I'm not sure what she thinks right now [Music] Oh I don't know dude he was your human before he was mine while he's outside and can't hear me I'm just gonna say I don't know why he agreed to do this but I am so

glad he did you guys have you ever seen someone mow a lawn in high heels tell me tell me oh my oh he's really gonna do it I don't know how he hasn't twisted his ankle yet like he is walking better in high heels than I do a

lot of days and and that's saying something cuz I'm pretty good look at him he's aerating the lawn with his heels big kisses well done sir thanks see kids there's no excuse for you not to mow the lawn if I can do it in high heels you can

do it in regular shoes here so bad you only have like 12 hours left it's that big line right oh yeah as well I was weeding some of the little cables snapped off and snapped me right in the foot because I'm not wearing proper shoes it's not very

safe no these are not steak for weeding core you wanna SONA yeah go get one I can't drive these shoes there's no way on the job you can try [Music] [Music] I am miserable I'm absolutely miserable my feet hurt like you guys wouldn't believe I have dirt in

my shoes she says I can't even like kick my shins up to wash my feet this is brutal except you don't do this for 24 hours like I don't even know like what our kids are gonna think when they look nice Atlas I just want you to know

that this is abnormal for daddy but some people do wear these and you can wear whatever you want as long as it makes you happy and you know more power to you I'll support you and love you for whatever you choose to do as long as it's not

hurting anybody else but your daddy feels weird what are the man's stuff can I do right now because I need to do man stuff I need to just get my man a masculinity back that's that's a face that scares me and Andres your character and and if you

like magic I think that's the best idea you've had all day when she makes faces like that I honestly get worried like I think she's gonna come up with this black huge plan like last time I saw that face like that it said lick my feet but I

kind of think that's why I have high heels now because I didn't lick your feet you don't know what he's talking about there was a day where Korey couldn't say no to me and one of the things I made him do this sounds really weird but it was

lick my feet in my defense I did lick her foot it was just like the top of her foot but she didn't count that so neither did anyone in the comments I didn't feel it and they didn't see it or whatever yeah so this is half your fault

by the way you guys [Music] [Music] so all night right expect messy sheets honey because I mean they're fairly clean first me just keep your feet hanging off the end of the bed perfect yep Cory you can wake up now hyoseong yeah you can take your high heels

off how did you sleep [Music]

Millennial Apartment Must-Haves – High Heels, High Stakes – HGTV

you like my headphones Oh sick this also acts as a charger so it's currently charging everything I have in my backpack not even connected good morning morning what's up let's get my fanny on Wow so today is research day Janssen is a rental building this had already been

converted to a four unit building before we founded rentals scare me so I've never done it we're gonna hang out with Millennials we're a fanny pack I mean we've got to hear what people are willing to pay for our units we gotta go to our potential renters and

just dig deeper get inside their heads right looking at your sick millennial hair I realize we should have gotten you one of those fake man buns how cool would you look at a man but awesome I think all we need to know today is pretty much price point

square footage what are people paying how much do we get for our units that's that getting in it I know we got to park the car far away though we should just ride bikes there if we can make a living and a killing at rental properties that are

high-end and boutique that nobody else is building why would we not [Music] let's talk about key terms here yeah one organic yes be avocado kale what else juice they love some hate juices you got the sacks down but there's like three or four students at the sack hey

man how are ya can we ask you some questions okay cool you student here yeah okay and how much you paying for your apartment or a bedroom of our man yeah 2,500 for four bedrooms what do you look for in the apartment do you like to cook do

you hang out you do yeah so you want like good surprisingly enough we find out these kids are cooking right I mean we're gonna spend more time on these kitchens we're gonna we're gonna give them appliances that they've probably never even seen before right I mean a nice

learner I'm going rogue with the appliances hey what's up how are ya good guys you like my headphones yeah Oh sick this also acts as a charger so it's currently charging everything I have in my backpack wait you serious yeah I told everybody that I was charging so

many things not even connected okay do you live on campus I'm in an apartment that's like just off of campus I miss you guys okay I'm a few hundred each yeah do you have a ton of amenities I wish we had a dishwasher these kids are paying big

rent and they don't even have dishwashers right so I mean that's something that we wouldn't even have thought about not providing what's your name Donovan Donovan you're not Donovan yeah that's Donovan you guys high five here all right oh now we're going this yep what did I get

from Donovan a sick handshake can i bug you for a minute sure do is like a loan do you have roommates I have to to me you do what were you looking for as far as like amenities in unit washer/dryer would it make a big difference if like

you could move into a place for like it's all set up TVs there furnitures they're like dishes where you literally just like bring your clothes like what would you think you would pay a fifteen hundred so you would pay extra for that the personal touches and these design

ideas yeah you know they don't want to have to worry about a couch or stuff like that should be nothing yeah this is Tom hi Tom do you live on campus I live off-campus some what dorm like apartments and a shared living room sort of space yeah okay

oh and what do you pay right now I paid fifteen would you ever want to do a two-bedroom I did it to better get your current place did they come furnished yes they go you pay 15-under now you move into a place that's more of a walk-up for

the same amount you've got great furniture TV good Wi-Fi and you only have to have one roommate compared to three no then honestly the one roommate thing would be kind of they are interested in maybe not having three other roommates two-car garage garage spot would probably be around

$200 long what I pay for a garage spot it's like an additional 500 miles oh yeah they know they got you with the car that's important we were thinking the total garage two spots would get around $400 a month and we're looking now between eight hundred and thousand

dollars a month what if your landlords were two awesome people we've got a corporate situation so it's kind of like just a number number and I feel like the experiences everything like they want to brag about something they want to have something that's different than all their friends

so I got to create that moment in my design honestly the feedback today was awesome the biggest surprise I think was the parking spot that's huge for us all of these things that we thought we weren't wanted to do they want us to do killed it don't do

what the guy come back up [Music] oh my god I love this baby it's like this is the base of the tree that is the rest of the tree I feel like I'm own nature involved with this floor tile it is so cute this is probably the most

legit or ever seen legit I'm definitely gonna be trying to lease this place so Janssen was a huge success we ended up getting all four renter's we got one year sign leases on all of them which made it so attractive to so many different buyers we proved that

we're kind of killing it in the rental game [Music] [Music]

Most Comfortable Heels Ever

hey guys it's Riann and today I have avideo for you that I am just so excited about I wasn't even going to be filmingthis today but I got a pair of shoes that I had ordered in the mail from thisbrand and I literally cannot stop ordering these shoes

I love them so somuch and the reason for that is because I have what I have found an extremelycomfortable heel I wore this heel to a wedding and it waslike 9 hours and I didn't my feet didn't start hurting until hour 10 which like Ithink if I was

even in a flat shoe at hour 10 my feet would be hurting at a weddinglike I almost feel like this is a public service announcement because I just havetried so many different heels in my life and none of them have been thiscomfortable and it is just kind of

life-changing so let's I'm gonna showlet's talk first of all the brand is Stuart Weitzman yes and I know thatStuart Weitzman are on the pricey side but I truly truly believe that they takeinto account the angle of the heel in order to make sure that the heels arevery comfortable

so I think they are so well worth their money Stuart Weitzmanalso has tons of classic silhouettes so I know when I'm purchasing a pair ofshoes it's a really great investment and it's not something that I'm going towear this season in the next season not really like you know

so this is thefirst pair I want to show you and I got them in this extremely versatile nudecolor they are such a great shoe I can wear them during the day with a sundressI can wear them during the evening with a suit they do pretty much everything Inever

feel too dressed up in these heels I never feel not dressed up enough inthese heels they are kind of like the most amazing shoe ever this is the shoeI wore to the wedding I absolutely love them now if you look at the bottomthey're pretty well loved I've worn

these a lot since I got them because they'rethe most amazing shoe but there's like no wear and tear on the actual shoe likeit's totally amazing I do need to clean them up a little bit but that's becauseof me I wear these running around in downtown and they are

just so amazing Iam absolutely in love with them you have an event coming up I cannot stress howcomfortable these are they are amazing now there is one thing about StuartWeitzman shoes that I have to tell you guys but I'm gonna tell you after I showyou the shoes that

I have currently but we do need to talk about that too thisis actually the first pair of Stuart Weitzman's that I bought and they arethis absolutely gorgeous jewel tone velvet color they have this super funbow in the back I just really love these especially forthe holiday season and

the winter months I absolutely love these so much againthey're incredibly comfortable and they are just such an amazing style the lastpair of Stuart Weitzman's that I have to date because honestly I'm going toupload this in a few hours and I'm going to have another pair by then becauseI've

been eyeing a pair online yeah but these just came in the mail today also Iwanted to let you know that every pair of shoes that I've bought from StuartWeitzman does come with a dust bag for the shoes which is really great whenyou're traveling because I never want my

shoes to be knocking around with myclothes in my suitcase so yeah let's go ahead and unbox theseoh I'm incredibly excited about these because I do not have a black pair asyou saw and I thought that it would be nice to get something with a thickerheel because I already

have the nude ones with the small heel so I decided togo with these and I have a feeling they're gonna be as comfortable as theircounterparts and I'm just really really excited about that so the one thing theone thing about Stuart Weitzman shoes that I have found to be

true with bothof my pairs and I've seen on many comment sections on all different typesof their sandals has been that right here where there is the clasp there is alittle bit of a exposure here to where the stitching is and to where the claspis sewn in this can

kind of rub up against your ankle and be veryuncomfortable but it has a super easy fix so I just went to the pharmacy andpicked up this super moleskin padding all you need is the tiniest tiniestlittle amount so one package will last you like 50 pairs of Stuart Weitzman'sso

what you do is on the inside where this kind of an uncomfortable part isyou just place it on top of there and then it has kind of like a very softsort of like feel to it and that's what we'll be rubbing up againstskin and it won't cause any

cutting or any discomfort at all and that's what Idid to my other two pairs of Stuart Weitzman'sand after I did that I'm not even kidding you these are the mostcomfortable shoes that I own right now Stuart Weitzman does a really really goodjob of planning out exactly where to

put the straps so that way they're extremelycomfortable and I think they also take into account the angle of this heelwhich a lot of shoe companies don't really do so I have to say I am such ahuge fan oh I can show you I mean you can barely you're

not gonna be able tosee it but I did put the little moleskin right here where the stitching meetswhere you put the fastening the other thing that's really nice is the insideof the shoe is already the same shade as the moleskin so you can't even see it Ihope you

guys enjoyed this video if you're interested in any of the shoesthat I did show I will have a link to every one of them in the information barbelow yeah and if you like beauty fashion and travel videos don't forgetto hit the subscribe button and if you'd like you

can follow me on Instagram it's@riannstar and you can see how I'm going to style these very very soon butyeah thank you guys so much for watching and I'll talk to you very soonbye guys

What Happens When You Stop Wearing High Heels

We get it.

Nothing completes the perfect outfit betterthan a gorgeous pair of high heels.

They're glamorous, they're eye-catching, andthey give you those three inches of height that your gene pool shorted you.

“Your shoes.

I want your shoes.

” But unfortunately for high heel lovers everywhere, it turns out that they might not be so great for you.

Fortunately, the damage caused by wearinghigh heels isn't always permanent.

So if you've decided to ditch the stilettosfor good, get ready to reap the benefits of the flat-footed life.

Longer legsOkay, so it isn't like your legs will magically grow when you stop wearing heels, but yourcalf muscles will certainly lengthen.

If you wear heels all the time, you'll startto see changes in your legs and feet, and one of those changes is that you're shorteningyour calf muscle over time.

This can mean heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

But the good news is that ditching your highheels can really help you heal, even undoing some of the damage.

Your calf muscles will start to stretch backto their normal length, helping to reduce pain.

It might not happen overnight, but you'llbe on the road to recovery right away.

Farewell, back pain! You might think that wearing high heels onlyaffects your feet and legs, but that's not the whole story.

The reality is there are damaging effectsthat these kinds of shoes can manifest much higher up on your body and it's all thanksto a chain reaction.

When you're wearing heels, you naturally tiltyour pelvis back to compensate, but this puts pressure on your lumbar spine and the musclesaround it.

This can not only cause your pelvis to goout of alignment, but it can also give you some pretty irritating back pain.

Fortunately, there's a light at the end ofthe tunnel.

Your pelvis does go back into alignment onceyou stop wearing heels, so there's one reason to invest in a nice collection of supportiveflats.

Happy toesYour calves, heels, and back aren't the only parts of your body that suffer when you donstilettos; you might also be putting your toes at risk.

One condition that can plague your littlepiggies as a result is the loss of physical sensation, because of pinched and pressednerves.

This can cause burning, tingling, and numbness, or even more serious complications.

“I feel like I walked all the way from Mississippi.

” Taking the pressure off means you're lessat risk for causing severe damage – and you might start to feel your toes again soon.

Preventing deformitiesThere are also more severe problems that can develop as a result of prolonged high heeluse.

A bunion is a bony bump that develops on theinside of your foot at the base of your big toe joint.

And a hammertoe is a toe that has an abnormalbend in the middle joint that causes the toe to look like a hammer.

Neither are very comfortable, to say the least.

If you haven't developed these deformitiesyet, there's still time to avoid them by jettisoning your gorgeous-yet-impractical heels.

Prevention is key here.

Save those kneesYou guessed it: wearing high heels is bad for your knees, too.

In fact, according to a study in The Lancet, high heels might contribute to osteoarthritis of the knee in women.

The study, which observed 20 women who werecomfortable in high heel shoes, concluded that high heel use puts added pressure onthe knees and can predispose you to degenerative changes in the knee joint.

According to one of the study authors, switchingfrom heels to flats can reduce the impact on our knees between 19 and 26%.

“Oh, no no no, I'm sorry, I saw these first.

Can you wrap these up for me, please?” More stabilityYou don't have to be a natural klutz to injure yourself in high heels.

That's because wearing them shifts your naturalbalance point outside of where it's supposed to be.

This makes your body much less stable andyou're much more likely to fall.

And the higher the heel, the greater yourchances of taking a tumble.

There's also the risk of ankle injuries, whichare more common when wearing heels.

According to a study in the InternationalJournal of Clinical Practice, the less you wear heels, the less likely you are to injureyour ankles – and the stronger your ankles will be.

Walk this wayDespite how confidently many women stride by in impossibly high heels, long-term highheel use alters the neuromechanics of how we walk, according to a study in the Journalof Applied Physiology.

The study concluded that long-term high heelwearers show compromised muscle efficiency while walking.

Basically, long-term high heel use changedparticipants' strides and default foot position – even when they weren't wearing the heels.

So can anything be done to prevent this? Yep! Just switch to sneakers or supportive flatsto avoid the predicament.

Take it slowIf you're considering getting rid of high heels after wearing them for a long time, science says your body might need a little bit of time to recover.

Re-adjusting means challenging different muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which can be uncomfortable or painful in the short term.

But with a slow switch from heels to flats, you can minimize your discomfort.

So before you head to Goodwill with a donationbox full of heels, you might want to keep a few pairs around as you transition.


High Heels Are Overrated

What type of fashion do you think is overrated? You think like skinny jeans or hats or what's something that comes to mind where you go that's the stupidest thing! Why is that constantly something you see? Like I hate that.

Man buns.

That's that's definitely a good one.

I definitely get that one.


I hate that so much.

Yeah I remember, you know, speaking of Josh, I remember he had that back in the day.

Yeah, his little, like you know, it wasn't necessarily a bun, I think was a ponytail, but yeah, same thing.

He had it before it was popular.

Yeah, this is true.

Very – he was very hipster about it, and you know it looked really good too, I'm not gonna lie.

Changed Dillon's mind.

Yeah, I would definitely say that's one.

One that comes to mind for sure and Joel you and I can definitely relate to this as of recently, we went to Vegas last month and we were out on the town and you know bless our our lovely ladies, you know, they spent all this time getting ready and they looked gorgeous.

They looked doll to the nines, like awesome, but the one thing that always screws it up when a lady gets really dressed up and nice is when they wear heels and their feet just start aching and burning and all you hear is them complaining about how they're wearing heels and Joel and I were just talking about this going no one made you wear those heels and you look just as good without them.

Like, I'm not looking at your feet going man you what really makes you is your feet and then the way they curve in the arc.

I'm like no, take them off! You'd be great in flats! I don't care! Wear sandals! I don't care! I mean, yeah it's like a complete, it's just a different like perception of like what like when we were filling our suitcase they're like oh what's gonna look good and we're like what's gonna feel the best? Yeah, and they're there they don't care about that question.

I mean not all women, obviously, but our girlfriends and wives are following in that category where it's like, if I have blisters by the end of this, that's you know, that's the price I have to pay.

It's like that you don't have to pay that price.

You know, the thing is like because you know all the women out there that are listening this are probably thinking, you know, Oh you guys just don't understand, you know, you don't get it.

You're right.

First of all, I don't understand, and the second thing is I think women give heels more value than men do.

Now, I'm not saying that men don't like heels, I don't think they look bad.

I just think that the amount of popularity they have with women outweighs the amount of popularity men have about women wearing them.

I think that's just completely separate and I think it's something to where I look at it go, women, why are you torturing yourself? Like, you look great.

I don't think a man's gonna go after you because like if everything else was messed up, but you were wearing heels he'd then go after you, I don't think so.

I don't, that's not the thing that's making the deal, and why why is like the fashion come from.



I'm sure it stemmed from like you know, heels that were one-inch and now it's like just grown into like six-inch heels and like the thinnest, like platform that your foot could be standing on, with like a spike going through your foot.

It's like that's like the new fashion.

Like, why? Who's deciding this? Like why do we all have to agree that this is fashion? It's too comfortable.

I forget his name but there's a guy that invented the heels and he created it to accentuate the calves to show off the calves.

That's why when they invert.

Not invert, they break their toes! They're basically standing on their toes to accentuate the calves.

Yeah, it's all to bring out, like again, I think it's it brings out your calves and I think you hear they like it makes your butt look smaller or bigger? I can't member which one? Oh, hell no! That was not correct information I received! But again, like I, I highly doubt – it's way bigger! I have never stepped on my toes and said my butt got smaller suddenly.

That has never happened, let me tell you.

My butt shrunk! Dude, my butt just shrunk! You have a bad case of butt shrink! I hate when that happens to me! Joel you said – do you agree with heels you have another one? In a similar vein, fake eyelashes.

I hate them.

Can't stand them.

They look like, if somebody, if somebody fell asleep on a spider and woke up and looked at a mirror to be like I'm ready to go out and dance – that's what fake eyelashes look like to me.

Just spider legs! I definitely, I don't think I mind them that much.

I don't think- I just I don't notice them that much.

I know that something, that I don't think is overrated at all his hair.

I think when women do their hair, it looks great.

So, if woman's hair looks great, you know, who cares about her eyes! No, I think like I just don't think I notice them that much when they're there.

I'm purposefully shutting up because I know my wife is eventually going to listen to this.

You best honest! We all know that the ladies are gonna listen to this later and we're gonna get in big trouble.

My wife already knows how much I hate fake eyelashes.

Yeah, we've already been vocal about most of this stuff.

I think my wife is the most beautiful thing on the planet, no matter what! Well she is very beautiful.

What are you saying, Dillon!? I will come through this computer right now.

Luke, let's talk in the shower, like I said! Okay! Go get him! Don't let up! Cody, any overrated items that come to mind? Oh, God, you know what? I thought of one and then I forgot.



You need to be more prepared! A bonnet? Yeah.

Bonnet is overrated? I guess if it was the 1830s? It's not? Cody has a Little House on the Prairie on loop.

That's all he watches.

The old bonnet glasses.

Cody you got to bring bonnets back.

You got to bring them back.

Bring the bonnets back.



# Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureua is handing out bonnets.

Dude, Cody Cody needs to buy a new internet service.

Free bonnets for all good business! We've gotten so off topic.

I love it! Okay, all right, so it's heels, and bonnets, and eyelashes, and man buns.

Don't forget the man buns.

Oh man, man buns, I forgot about that.


Blending Old and New – High Heels, High Stakes – HGTV

doing custom projects in each one of the builds it's about really giving each home the TLC that it deserves this is a keeper well yeah if you touch that I heard rumors that it's very bad luck so so too late you touched it the projects that I put

into each build are just as important if not more important than all the other details that I do so you always have tile you're always gonna have plumbing you know but how do you elevate those finishes you know can you build something custom to go underneath that beautiful

faucet can you build something around that gorgeous tile so it's all about those really those hardscape pieces that I get to create that sets me apart from every other developer things are definitely still selling in Chicago but our homes are take it to the next level they have

things that people aren't seeing any of these other homes so combining old and new that's my ideal that's my jam it really is just what I do with every design project these doors are unbelievable they are yes indeed so antiquing that's my happy place so what year is

the light fixture it tastes around 1905 to 1910 I can find something like I love walking into these places and I come out with treasures this could be fun how cute is this I have to have these awesome I do have a mantle back here a marble mantel

I mean I love it I just have an eye for it I find things in my brain I'm already picturing how I'm gonna use them I've got those doors and they would open up into the family room the family room would have the wood-burning fireplace this mimics the

arch in those teardrop doors it's perfect how can I marry them with something that I build to make them truly unique this is your drop double doors yeah these are cool so I did this storefront kind of window look and then these doors would sit Center so the

entire concept with this wall is a separation of space the teardrop doors were really awesome find I mean they are a statement you're bleeding old with new and all of a sudden all of it works vintage I like in love with them just me finds that really cool

vintage piece but then alongside re we are able to make something that like looks like it's just been married to each other like it for a hundred years that's the point [Music] what is this awesome thing a little antique that I've been stashing away were at our office

and we've done this a couple times for me and the entire team will walk back and kind of go what's this and I'm like what's this and they're always like it's Donovan's what is the House Beautiful where did you have this Regas essay on Mexico to a dolphin

candle so you want to keep something that just like pushes your legs back and forth this is the ugliest chair I've ever seen in my entire life like it's all garbage except that piece which is actually like a treasure and I'll fix it up and now I can

just throw some paint on it make it look great so hold here people like a nice fire and whether that is an electric fireplace or a gas fireplace it's just a staple here in Chicago so it's a big moment in a space for me to design around or

to be inspired by like with with our firebox this thing's old school but like how can we make it look original ish yeah so this thing's gonna go somewhat like that and this yes they're coming like this you know so we got a bump it out that far

I'm fine with it coming to the edge I really am it gives it some depth and dimension yeah yeah they look really cool so that's where I want to bring the history back [Music] I approached the exterior of my home the same way I do the interior it's

all about the little moments and it's like how can i maybe cover something that's not so pretty and how do I kind of hide the ugly with a beautiful new piece that looks like it's been there forever chasing those columns is gonna be really just kind of bringing

it back to that cottage feel but like really clean lines give me outside elements so right now dome camping out for the rain to come off of snow in Chicago the big guns so you know the columns are a really great example of coming in and not necessarily

having to spend money to demo just simply creating a box over it that has detail has designed to it has function to it it looks like it was meant to be I think it's definitely important to give that extra Flair that extra finishing touch that's needed in these

homes to set them apart from each other I think that those moments that I spend so much time on and that I pride myself on those are the selling points I think those are the closer's but I feel like those details are what sell it those are where

the emotions come in with the buyers when someone becomes emotional about a build or the details everything goes out the window I love how the paint just kind of stops and has these different tiers on it Hey mimics the skyline it's very edgy sexy I like it because

their heart is in it now and that's what I'm trying to do is put the heart back into the home and I think every one of those builds accomplishes just that and that's why we're able to sell at a premium probably be hearing for me thank you there's

also videos [Music] you

Can This Product Stop Heels From Sinking In Grass?

hi I'm Chloe and welcome to bizarre Beauty the show where I try weird internet products so you don't have to [Music] picture this princesses getting married to the love of her life Spain's but there's a problem it's a backyard wedding and you know what backyard weddings mean grass

and you know what grass means your heels get stuck on it you know I can idiot at the wedding see page usually hates you well the internet has come to our aid put the beautiful little product that I found called wait for it go go heel Stoppers so

these little things stop Hill sinking in grass and also in cobblestone gravel and hardwood I'm not sure what kind of hardwood you sink in but whatever it contours to your heel shape it is discrete I'm not sure it's durable design wide nonstick bottom so they come in different

sizes apparently there are four different sizes these are small they look like flowers so they work by you put your heel in this hole and then you walk around in them it's basically that simple so we're going to get technical and scientific I feel like they're a little

bit like tiny tiny snowshoes because they give you more surface area so that you don't see I just wish they were cuter they are seen through at least it's not like they're like bright colors there is this tree is I think they could be considering they have to

have a large surface area to work so we are gonna put these to the ultimate test we're gonna try walking in grass and gravel in anything we can find without these on see how hard it is and then I'm gonna put these bad boys on and we're gonna

see if this solves all my problems I'll show you how they work throw me at heel so this is my delightful heel obviously you know wedding attire and you just stick it on here it's very simple I'm pretty sure in brass you won't be able to really see

but as soon as you come out of grass you're gonna look like a bit of a woolly you know Wally is that's an idiot all right let's go hide we have found some grass we've stepped on it we realize it's squishy which is good because that's the kind

you fall into so I'm gonna first try it just with wow I can't walk in heels I'm gonna try it just with regular heels no go go heel Stoppers and then we'll try the go-go Hill Stoppers there's a lot of poop well avoid the poop yeah it's definitely

going in the ground yeah my heels are fully like this fully in the ground it is very windy – having a great time now it's time for the go Hilltoppers yeah it definitely feels like they're not going in I do feel more steady this is the worst part

right here and oh my god hey they work they really work that's great oh my god okay so it works on grass but does it work on loose gravel okay we have found a small amount of gravel I think it will work for our needs I'm gonna go

in there first without them on yep they are definitely falling into the gravel I'm basically just walking on these parts of my feet and forgetting that I have heels cuz they're just going straight in there he'll Stoppers are on okay I thought these weren't gonna work but they

actually are doing better than me without I mean I'm completely unsteady but that's just me and being terrible with heels on all right well I'm actually seriously impressed with these I went into this not where you think you may do a lot and they're frickin great they do

look a bit stupid but if you take them off quick enough when you get out the grass I think it's fine and the only other bad thing is that they give you more height on your already high heels so that's a little terrifying because I could barely walk

with them on but we're all definitely worth it they're pretty inexpensive go out and buy some would you wear these let me know in the comments I will see you next time a goodbye [Music]


Row row row your boat all the way to bay Merrily merrily merrily merrily Adam is my bag Right quick people Okay, so we got some major tea here from a really really good boy, and he's gonna tell us all about it.

Look over here I'm Nikita or galaxy boy whoa Look at these Accessories galaxy boy spilled some major tea on Twitter.

I mean check this out I see a donut.

I have some tea.

There's some new accessories.

It's in a classic royal high We will I can see that cuz I didn't see him in divinia and you can get all of these in classics I bought this cute donut thing the choker And I bought this lollipop if you have enough time All you have to do is go to the classic Royal High and check the shop Well, it's a good thing I'm on Cyber's account so I can take all of her diamonds and do some shopping! Oh Fifty thousand diamonds for dear dolly ribbon heels by Sukimeki.

I definitely need to get me some of those people And look at all these new accessories There's lollipop candy gonna buy that for 250 a jeweled choker necklace that cyber shirt at a tea spill But don't think about that.

She's a garbage tea spiller for 300 ooh some seashell hair clips, Got about some of those by ocean orbs Wow ocean orbs.

There's also some nomnom frosted donut arm floaties Gotta buy those two 3, 500.

Oh my goodness.

I also need to buy a Superhero mask eventually too.

But first I need this donut around my waist.

Oh man.

We're really using a lot of diamonds.

Good thing They're not mine Oh Sukimeki you made a dear dolly laced backbow might as well just get a rose What if I want to tango with Adam on the beach and give me a hood disguise, so nobody will see me coming quack I think that's new too.

I see some angeloid hair clips, and I also see some pageant diamond earrings so duckies gonna need those we got a lot of stuff to buy still wooh wee Duckie doesn't need no wings on her back cuz she got wings on her head.

Whoa, girl.

Give me a twirl.

Look at this I can fly all the way to Sunset Island now Duckie doesn't need no boat to get to Adam now if anyone tries to steal my babe I will sneak up in the night and put on this hood and rescue him except duckies.

Pony tail is sticking out So not the best disguise ever, but that's okay quack what the heck is going on? Now duckies trying on other faces and it's still in my chin What the heck is going on Barney duckie wants a lolly.

I don't appreciate this one bit Guess we'll just go without a lolly today in now for the moment.

You've all been waiting for the dear dolly ribbit heels Can't wait to put them on my duck legs quack quack.

Have you ever seen such beautiful gams and all your life? I can't focus right because my legs are so beautiful quick.

Look at these kneecaps.

Oh Look at those legs Look at those ribbons flow it in the breeze not because I farted or anything.

I swear there's a breeze indoors Don't say nothing to my BAE there's even some little hearts and bows on the heals and Around your knees and I like that there's socks to cover my duck legs I'm definitely gonna get voted prom queen in this outfit.

You guys already know? No BAE can resist these legs So amazing, especially with that donor round my waist Oh, did you guys catch that or were you too busy looking at my beautiful legs? Like they were wow, everybody loves they just love my legs here in the school, please Leave a Lac in a quick if you think that these are the most horrific legs that you've ever seen in your darn-tootin lives I mean look at me you hate to see me go, but you love to watch me leave We she's already got a nice green bow on ducky had to buy a lot more diamonds So I could get this dear dolly ruffle skirt by tsuki Miki.

Oh my goodness tsuki Miki Can you give dougie some air talents, please? Cause she a talented like you and I'm gonna buy some more things with cyber's diamonds We're gonna use all the cybers diamonds right now.

I only got the skirt and shoes on.

I definitely want that corset on though Let's go back twenty thousand diamonds down.

Let's get this corset and snatch our waist up snitch snitch Oh there she is.

Let's go.

Whoa Ducky's never looked so good Oh my goodness and boy.

Oh boy.

Was it worth stealing every penny from cybers account duck He has a long beautiful legs and the most snatched waist in all the land.

Well, look at me now My plan I am ready to get to this island and again snatched to the max Everybody gets snatched with ducky and also leave a comment and let duck, you know Which of these new accessories that you would like me to buy for you with cyber's diamonds? I'm gonna steal all of her diamonds and give them back to you quick really quickly guys I did want to go ahead and show off all the dear dolly accessories in an actual Outfit that is supposed to go with the body type for these so I went ahead and put on my broken doll Outfit just you guys could get a really good look at everything Like I said without duckies interesting proportions, but I think this is really cute And I think it looks wonderful on the character.

It's also very detailed Like I can't believe how many layers went into creating this look you can see right here just on the shoes alone There's so much detail but even down to the Garter and there's different little layers of delicate lace I mean you can definitely tell that a lot of time and a lot of craftsmanship and Artistic skill went into making this so Suki McKee.

I'm just blown away right now You are too talented for all of us.

Can you share some of that talent? But really guys this is beautiful now guys I did also get mentioned in a tweet here by X I pretty and they said that if you actually change The second color to match your skin tone Then it looks like the deer dolly heels are actually directly on your skin instead of having the little sock boot for the second color I thought that was really really cute.

This will definitely be helpful for a lot of you guys I'm sure if you guys buy any of this stuff Please let me know and tweet me with your looks I would love to see it and I have a special video coming up Ducky is finally going to meet Adam.

So make sure you have notifications on goodbye humans I Don't know who the heck left my Bebo here.

I don't know what they were thinking This is my boat to Adam.


Get out.

What it quick.

Get out of my Bebo quick I'm the only one that gets to see Adam quick look fine You guys can stay but you gotta sniff my big old duck feet the whole ride queer I can't get no hotter fish taco.

Shrimp tacos carne asada When I see a taco truck, you know, I got a father.

Hey, give me all of that Tacos where you at? I love tacos that's a faact! Got it tattooed on my back, you know is my favorite.

High Heels of Bitcoin – episode 13 – Laurianna

[Music] hello everyone it's Mike here let me welcome you to another episode of high heels of Bitcoin and my guest today is loriana you can find her on twitter but i want at reduce her because she will do it herself better much better than me so dams up and let's go I actually my Bitcoin via email on eBay it was it's a great story I do remember the numbers I just it was 0.

86 Bitcoin that cost me about 98 dollars and I still do not have access to that because such a long time ago but that's how I remember purchasing my first so we thought it was a while back when you found out about Bitcoin how was it did someone introduced you or you just found our internet knows where my longtime friends and they were very techie let's say and always innovations and one of them we mentioned Bitcoin and to me was something that I picked up on but really had no idea all the technology behind it anything else but I was interested there was like a bell ringing somewhere that I shouldn't look into it a little bit and then I did as I mentioned I actually even purchased a little bit of Bitcoin on the eBay but had no idea what to eat it with I didn't know anything about it so it was really hard to actually justify having it that was around the time I was a tiny bit interested in into second life and Bitcoin was actually quite frequently frequently mentioned on Second Life and you could buy it with Linden dollars and I don't know if you remember but second life at that time was supposed to become this huge thing so pretty much everything that was on there or being mentioned there was was treated something that you should look into and that was second source for me to get interested oh I have to tell you I have no idea what the second life is can you tell me more about it it was almost it was you could build you could create on that platform and sell things and it was supposed to be huge but then it kind of died off and I guess the boy here didn't catch on yeah I think I may have heard about it many years ago or maybe in some computing magazine or something like that but I wanted to ask you because you have a beautiful painting behind you it was it is your creation as far as I know so can you tell me more about painting paintings and art and how did it happen because for me it's like a black magic eye I I can draw something like a square or our circle nothing more when I was first and and I during my college years I actually created a couple things and let's just say that I was at the right time in the right place and some of the hunters were really interested for me to create like a light wildlife piece and Dan actually was very successful and after that I got another request to created that's why I got back to do to painting and usually the wildlife is is a common theme in my creations I sense the cryptocurrency interest I'm trying to change a little bit of my style so these colorful ones are just a little bit different than the very natural naturalistic drawings that I do on the regular basis but these is just very very new so I'm hoping that my viewers will appreciate that I'm trying to change change up my Styles too and does your dirty of painting have any name it how do you call it and I'm usually against putting logos in the creations although in this one it just it was just perfect perfect match and I wanted to put Bitcoin it's just I've never created one with the logo so this was this was something that I wanted to do and I think it actually as far as the composition I must say I admire you because I always had many many ideas but as I said I cannot paint I can draw some basic objects and is it for sale or is it just for for you all right we will talk about it later can you tell me does it have any special meaning for you is actually very interesting interesting and it's very dynamic in my opinion I have a lot of respect for the two animals the bear and I also need that putting them together it actually creates like an entity that the market represents how vicious it can be and how rewarding it can be on the other hand so obviously I'm not sure if everybody knows but it is something that is very interesting the bull always attacks by throwing his horns upwards and the bear always attacks by slamming his paw downwards so that's where it comes from I did a little bit more research on it and I actually there's a second explanation for why bully bear is connected to markets in general in the olden days the bear fur traders were actually trying to assume the price before they actually they had fur for sale so again before they actually had the per per sale they were speculating on the price in order to make their money and their profit so that's where it comes from to do and it's then connected to the very it's really fun fun thing to look into a technology of the bull and bear expression right I didn't know that is it thank you very much for your explanation I I never found thought about why it's called bear market on bull market now I know so it's very good explanation that's why I said I have a lot of respect for both animals at the same time I actually have a lot of respect for both situations in the market so and bear market so it's very and it's usually the bull market usually it's it's assumed then it starts when the prices go on average 20% and that in itself is rewarding obviously because you're making money simple as that but but the bear market I do believe that in every bear market you can find yeah a crypto market has so many projects so you can earn every day every day can be your new project yeah but you have have mentioned for Mohan's so I wanted to ask you about your projects or how can I call it you have told me that you you participate or you are a member of correct project and former Honda and Roxton can you tell me more about it I would say at the beginning of this year it's been a while and they absolutely had faith in me and warning for me to be on their team I believe oh my heart is going to make it huge because they invest in people and I absolutely love about them they are very honest hard-working team that just can you cannot stop them so so it's it's a pleasure to be a part of that project originally fall moment actually started as blocking events website so the original idea was to list all the blockchain events that are going on all over the world but then they decided to add the market to it where they sell crypto art crypto gear crypto swag coming all know first and foremost I do believe and I'm very thankful to be on that team because fun moments really is a pioneer in what they're doing the golf slang is a fantastic idea and in my opinion a very unique idea in the market right now which is a hard copy magazine that it's also available online but the team at work's gourd steam is is working on on having that little piece of tangible magazine that you can actually have in your hands they are a little bit upscale in my opinion so that's that's like to its you know creating a different niche in a crypto market and they do cover news and they do present introduced they're really worth reading because they do a very in-depth research on and everything that they present so I am very very excited to be a part of their team as well and help them with the art section the fine art section at the magazine ok so last but not least great project can you tell me more about it the part and on to curate project the website is curate dot style and it is the first style discovery decentralized app which obviously is a yeah it uses smart contracts and enable platform in order to curate different styles and fashion and at this point without you know a lot of advertisement they actually sign with really become Zara and conversations with Nike are being held pretty much as we speak so huge companies are going to be on board and to make it very simple how how this project is awesome work you do have three tiers of parties participants the their style creators that share the content and pretty much started off from Content taken from the big fashion companies then you have curators who are people who uploaded engage with it making it more popular and then you have the buyers the people at the very end of the on the cycle all these participants are actually rewarded in tokens and it can be in Bitcoin aetherium or our all curate so to me it's something that is it a little bit different because it brings crypto to to people who have no idea about it and that's why I do believe the potential is is just is huge second of all there's a lot of very very well-established fashion and I think this project has a lot of applications it's 3.

0 web 3.

0 it's decentralized and it is an open source where I I believe it's the only way to build nowadays to be honest so they have their own tokens to write so we can invest correct exchange exchange I will have to check it out because if you if you tell about the companies like Louis Vuitton or Nike or something like big giants of international giants international companies also it's good is good to invest in projects such as does just the process we are making so when you clients and when you have behind yes of course people don't realize how many applications that last blockchain have and how many new people will invent in the future I think blockchain is another Internet and it will be everywhere of course it doesn't it isn't a solution for every problem in the world but but it's new technology and I dare to say that it's it's it's another just like I said it's another Internet is a revolution right now let's be honest when you you know the money supply being controlled from one central entity it doesn't have any future and neo think know that so this is very very important but I don't want to take everyone down the rabbit hole and my conspiracy theories but I do believe that the end of centralization is yeah I I agree I think I think even Baxter's know that their time is up and they will be gone in many in I don't know 5 10 maybe 20 years there is need for a new financial system somewhere so people won't lose their money and banks won't want steal their money because because I don't know how it is in the United States but in Poland if you have something like more than one hundred thousand euros when bank collapses you don't get anything about 100 thousand like a No so so we have it's just the power should be are pretty much at the end of their life cycle at this to mean just because it's the nature of box and I think – maybe not destroy it but to make the change so we are not relying and the weaving and centralized system or controlling all the money supplies of course of course I agree Bitcoin can die but blockchain will stay so so that's why I always I always encourage people to try to create their own projects or their own businesses using blockchain because it's the future is the future it's here now and it will be with us in the next 10 20 30 years so so so it's a good time to start now when it when it it starts not when it's everywhere all right so when we have mentioned investments I wanted to ask you do you invest in crypto yourself do you buy I do I'm mostly at this time of hosting invested in Bitcoin there's couple little little projects that I invest in I always been a huge fan of engine which is a platform pretty much for for gamers I do believe that the gaming world will have their own currency in a sense and I do believe in teams that work really hard it's you know I you know do a little bit of day trading and I sometimes find a coin that I can make I believe I can make quicker money on so obviously I have a pool of money to use to do that but I'm still learning so it's not something extremely good so yeah so I think you have failed few times just like everyone or you do are just genius and you always no one no one knows everything okay next question is what do you think about a crypto or block train events do you participate in events conferences on do you travel a lot do you try to meet new people I enjoy it very much it was very there's always new things that you regularly bases on the regular day that you're you know looking at research it's very nice to meet people I am a little bit of an introvert so it's a little hard for me to do have a small talk and to start it's just in my nature there I'm a little bit reserved but it's definitely a good good way to break down these walls for me so I do enjoy them and I'm planning on being the Vegas conference or my advice a glass of wine can help in relations of course of course we in Poland drink more more powerful stuff all right all right so an expression is womaning – well because I think you agreed that most of of the of the blockchain world of crypto is men I think the statistics say that about I don't know 95 percent of this world is from the from the very beginning I used to work with men and I believe that I kind of think like them so it's actually really easy for me I'm not interested in in dramatic events that women do tend to create some time but the CEOs of the you know crypto companies and doing these crypto offends you actually see really smart women so so going back to your question I feel very okay I actually find crypto target market very intriguing very much into e-commerce about eight different crypto stores and and I run those for almost six years now and I believe that the target market which is men in crypto is a very interesting target market it likes very good products and it will only buy products there are high quality so it's actually very easy if you want to make it in the e-commerce or crypto you provide good products they are very well made the men will actually buy it so it's very different than the woman's market and that's what I've been exploring as far as intrigues me to see how men react to certain products yeah I think men are pretty simple Sam wanna have told me or I have just watched it somewhere so many three things one is sex another is food and the third is to be left alone women are much more complicated than that it's very interesting men buy into I think it's it's because when men go shopping they they usually buy the first thing they they find find fittings it's like me I go to shop I check one two or three things I buy one and I am happy and when my woman goes shopping she will have to check everything and then check and recheck and recheck recheck again but to be to be honest and they do I enjoy that question I don't really see any difference between inter reacting with men or women I do believe that we are all equal if we think you know we're not trying to create divides and I think there's a smart man and we all should complement each other and and work together I think that's the only solution to the solution only way to make this yes of course I agree I think blockchain or Bitcoin doesn't care about your gender it doesn't care if you are a man or a woman or something else in this modern world it's just if you are an expert in your area or you are just someone someone who doesn't doesn't know anything but I want to ask you one more thing so did you have any bad experiences because we hear a lot about behavior or Fieger maybe that's a little bit too much but when you have the old mindset I think other people react to you as you as you vibe so if your vibe is very positive but also very strong nobody's gonna you know treat you differently because you're a woman so so then you know that's going back to your question and and I think that's where the whole wolf idea comes from and I feel very empowered when I when I can actually put it on the paper when I create this it's just different type of magic behind it but that's because I almost tried to feel like oh you you do have to you know the whole crypto world is a little bit like we're always fighting for something because I believe that that's the whole idea so having that mindset yeah I think I think crypto world is a bit different than other areas but I think the general idea is that you need to have confidence confidence in yourself confidence in your abilities and if you have confidence no one can use you and that's very important because some people are too easily offended and then it's very difficult to talk to them because you always trying to try to find if you have offended them or not or okay okay one more question I have for you about your clients about your future do you have any future plans or projects you want to over new paintings good crypto art artists I do not want to close myself and just create crypto art but I would love to be maybe at some point recognized and and have my creations to be you know even more salable so to speak but that's what I'm striving to become but overall I would like to work on a lot of projects that I do believe have good applications and useful applications I'm definitely excited about the partnership work curate that is one project that I'm very excited about and I would like for my water unfortunately I know I know what are you talking about I think it said because it's true I thought it was a joke but then I did a little research and I found out that she she is posting very brave pictures I think she could she could use some size like red to perform happy yeah of course and as far as I know Twitter doesn't doesn't do censorship so you can you can post nude pictures on on Twitter and I think I have seen one crypto girl and she started even following me all right you cannot forget what you have seen they can use their looks they are cuteness their presence to to certainly bring attention I do believe that if it's done in a very classy way and in a very tasteful way it actually can work in your advantage but when when it starts to break everyone has different boundaries but I do believe that the universal countries are I said somewhere where you have the feeling is it's a little over that but all you know all power to the women who are using their looks but I do believe it has to be together with a little bit of the knowledge yeah there is sustaining in Poland maybe it's international if I had if I had breasts I will get further in life everything is tasteful within the brackets of good taste I think it's it's it's something that should be allowed to be out there and Twitter is a little bit you know it's a platform to express yourself in a way but there's other ways to promote yourself and to become yeah I think I think people have two ways men have two ways one to do something wise or like Express knowledge try to educate people or do stupid things like like all those failures or time and they will get much more popular and woman women have two ways also one way is to be wise and maybe use the body a bit or just post bikini pictures or even I don't know if you have heard but there is something going around Twitter about posting in crypto Twitter about posting bikini pictures so I really have no idea all right okay I wanted to test one thing because I have one special block trade decentralized application it has never been used before I have never tried it because it's called universal translator it might sound amazing but it really translates in English to polish or other other languages in the real time so so I will start talking to you and polish and I think you should hear me in English and then you will talk to me in English and I will hear in Polish so it for our viewers it will sound like we are talking polish let's write okay okay I think I let's let's try it it may be something funny okay okay now I will try its universal translator yeah it's like in Star Trek they have those little little communication devices to to speak to Elian races so okay okay let's write okay just wish me Emmy Rossum is super know if you see a movie that you a purple school a suicide she betters poeple school no applicati idea but a pastor a fella thing it tells Muslim is a big fella stuck in Menasha same features 20 attack dogs Amish Maupassant ConAgra Olivia to Paul school too much tak tak tak tak tak them to Nashville to esta cat estava applicati actor understand Modena goes the spoke he only th e Digital Java in fact opinion too much against the Polsky language if trashy TV stem know about yahwah not a super no to super top are so fine yeah Bardot fine yeah a fashion extreme she's up attached so Cassie technicon yet Chiaki : obras plumber yes malawach pasta got savvy important then is control Naja started optional chest reach moving or sudden or celeriac them now stem pleasure tree among yet new sneakers to permanence anxious neutron star in Australian in an oven shabby tristan study was through the block train katsu Guru Gita Benji Fudo block technique Iraqis to Toyota the cultural elite War II – big that he should be ions is shared with Justin star system beyond sort of inviting some super Apophis piano good phenomena phonetic ego Brazil is the try we are Nigel SuperSpeed who yet personally so much European sheets now what's even form Archer if those of you know Miyoko Whitney appreciate whose Nairobi bars and a bit computer swamped and its retail puts table of a caloric correct usage to depend on niver G we don't yet but I have to be okra but ago she said he appeared on a hej yep how it going so good haha so no thank you later Sammy table refused thought yes Robbie tags you want a Tom applicati a terrible job of Cisco fania is posted Nami she's Vidya me tax returns your Papa Veej tinium Angie's dolly sous-chef on girls qualify Java mando mando tests was a fiasco alright okay I have turned off the application so it works perfectly so I think it's time to say goodbye to our viewers yeah that's amazing I think it's amazing because it's you read who looks like in Star Trek and it's fiction and now it works I heard you in Polish it was but it was a bit like Russian accent so yeah of course of course of course but but it works perfectly so so I will I will said say good job to the team all right all right so you can say I don't know you can say goodbye and I will of course publish in the you have thank you so much for your for your kind words thanks so much for your time and of course I would like to encourage every every woman in crypto or blockchain or fin tech because I know it's called high heels of Bitcoin but we can talk about anything basically so encourage every woman to contact me via email you can find my email in the video description and we can hope we can work something out so so once again thanks so much for your time and I hope I will see you in the future.